Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /

HA      7       GRINGO                  THE SHORES                      LP      06.2017

        01.     SOMETIMES
        02.     ARIZONA
        03.     DOWN SOUTH
        04.     IN THE VALLEY
        05.     WHO DO YOU LOVE
        06.     PARDON ME
        07.     LITTLE SPIDER
        08.     SUNSHINE |
        09.     HOUSE OF CARDS
        10.     THE SHORES

The Northern Californian garage rock outfit is the brainchild of San Diego native
Ryan Gillespie, who has spent his time to date between Redding and his birthplace
embracing those ideals. Before he could even swim, Gillespie was hanging ten from
the front of his uncles surfboard and has since grown into the embodiment of his
easy going, fun loving home state. Gringos ten-track debut is a collection of
stories from the last year and a half of his life on the west coast.
HALP    11      NORMAN                  BUZZ AND FADE                   LP      11.2019
HA      11      NORMAN                  BUZZ AND FADE                   CD      11.2019

        01.     CRYSTAL MEMORY
        02.     ALREADY GONE
        03.     THE WORLD AND YOU
        04.     NOTHING I COULD DO
        05.     BINDMENDER
        06.     EASY TO LOVE
        07.     MY OLD EARS
        08.     HALOS
        09.     HELL YOU ARE
        10.     SECOND DAY OF SPRING

Longstanding indie rock band, Norman, question the usefulness of memory on their
fourth studio album, Buzz and Fade. The new release of 10 original songs are carried
by a renewed energy. The sweeping synthesizers and anthemic guitars that have defined
Norman for over a decade shine through on these energetic songs, and the band
characteristically hints at different eras of rock and different eras of their own
musical past while taking them in a new direction entirely.