Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : punk /

HERLP   001     TAU CROSS               TAU CROSS                       2LP     01.2022

Side A  1/Lazarus 2/ Fire In The Sky 3/ Stonecracker 
Side B  1/Midsummer 2/Hangmans Hyll 3/We Control The Fear 
Side C  1/You People 2/Prison 3/Sons Of The Soil 
Side D  1/The Lie 2/Our Day 3/The Devil Knows His Own 4/ Arise !

Established by Rob Miller of crust punk veterans Amebix in 2013, Tau Cross released
their critically adored eponymous debut album in 2015. Building in elements of
British post-punk, industrial and even prog rock, ‘Tau Cross’ is now reissued on
Heretical Music as a double album with three additional tracks, and given new
artwork from Cavan Bligh.