Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
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Here To Hell is an Australian label project conceived by The Presets' Kim Moyes, and
Revolver resident DJ Mike Callander.

HTH     001     THE DRONES              BOREDOM REMIXES                 12"     03.2018

        1       Boredom (K.I.M Remix)
        2       Boredom (K.I.M Dub)
        3       Boredom (Zero Percent Remix)
        4       Boredom (Zero Percent Dub)

Australian rock dudes The Drones here serve up their track Boredom for remix and
reimagination by two artists: Zero Percent (the pairing of Kim Moyes from The Presets
and DJ Mike Callander) and disco producer K.I.M.. Much more dancetastic than the
original, both versions are also presented in a dub version.

Here To Hell is an Australian label by The Presets' Kim Moyes, and Revolver resident
Mike Callander that celebrates the pointlessness of everything. Kim and Mike also
record and remix as Zero Percent. The label's first release sees legendary Aussie band
The Drones being remixed for the first time. Their song "Boredom" from Feelin' Kinda
Free (2016) is twisted into two dancefloor interpretations (with a dub of each):
K.I.M takes the original's Aussie rock to disco, and HTH label bosses Zero Percent's
first official published work explores the darkness of the original instrumentation
that underpins Gareth Liddiard's exceptional vocals.
HTH     002     ZERO PERCENT            VOLUMES                         12"     04.2018

        01.     Volumes
        02.     Volumes (The Mole's MMD Mix)

The second release on the label is their first original work as Zero Percent. Volumes
is raw and tough, focused on groove and aimed squarely at late night dancefloor
hypnosis. The Mole to delivers his own version of dancefloor hypnosis on the flip.
HTH     003     RAMBL                   DOSS                            12"     06.2018