Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

HH      005 LP  CELLAR DOORS            CELLAR DOORS                    LP      03.2019
HH      005 CD  CELLAR DOORS            CELLAR DOORS                    CD      03.2019

        1.      City Girl
        2.      Silhouette
        3.      In A Dream
        4.      Prism
        5.      Hollow
        6.      Sirens
        7.      Frost
        8.      Heroine
        9.      Pale Blue
        10.     Wild Heart

Cellar Doors from San Francisco are leading exponents of the Third Wave of Psychedelia,
and are blowing up fast on the West Coast. They have been coaxed out of their thriving
undergound scene for support slots by invitation by the likes of Black Cycle Motorcycle
Club, Roky Erickson, Allah-Las and more.