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Distr.  : SP -
          UK - Piccadilly
Style   : garage rock / UK garage / speed garage / alt.country / folk rock /
          folk pop / psych. pop / baroque pop / indie pop / country & western
          / r&r /

HPR     001     COLIN HARE              MARCH HERE                      LP        .2005
HPR     001     COLIN HARE              MARCH HERE                      CD        .2005

        A1      Get Up the Road
        A2      Bloodshot Eyes
        A3      For Where Have You Been
        A4      Find Me
        A5      Underground Girl
        A6      To My Maker
        B1      Alice
        B2      Nothing to Write Home About
        B3      New Day
        B4      Cowboy Joe (Saga)
        B5      Just Like Me
        B6      Charlie Brown's Time

LP      Penny Farthing          PELS 516        1971    UK
HPR     002     PETE DELLO & FRIENDS    INTO YOUR EARS                  CD        .2005

        1       Pete Dello And Friends : It's What You've Got
        2       Pete Dello And Friends : There Is Nothing I Can Do For You
        3       Pete Dello And Friends : I'm A Gambler
        4       Pete Dello And Friends : Harry The Earwig
        5       Pete Dello And Friends : Do I Still Figure In Your Life
        6       Pete Dello And Friends : Uptight Basil
        7       Pete Dello And Friends : Taking The Heart Out Of Love
        8       Pete Dello And Friends : On A Time Said Sylvie
        9       Pete Dello And Friends : A Good Song
        10      Pete Dello And Friends : It's The Way
        11      Pete Dello And Friends : Go Away
        12      Pete Dello And Friends : Arise Sir Henry
        13      Magic Valley            Uptight Basil
        14      Magic Valley            Taking The Heart Out Of Love
        15      Magenta                 I'm A Gambler
        16      Lace                    Go Away
        17      Red Herring             Working Class Man
        18      Magenta                 Tattered Robe
        19      Lace                    I'm A Gambler
        20      Pete Dello And Friends : Delighted To See You (Demo)
        21      Pete Dello And Friends : Hold Up, Fold Up
        22      Pete Dello And Friends : Texas Candy
HPR     003     COLIN HARE              MARCH HERE                      LP+7"     .2005

        A1      Get Up the Road
        A2      Bloodshot Eyes
        A3      For Where Have You Been
        A4      Find Me
        A5      Underground Girl
        A6      To My Maker
        B1      Alice
        B2      Nothing to Write Home About
        B3      New Day
        B4      Cowboy Joe (Saga)
        B5      Just Like Me
        B6      Charlie Brown's Time

                Bonus 7" EP
        A1      Didn't I Tell You
        A2      Seek Not in the Wide World
        B1      Grannie Grannie
        B2      Fighting for Peace 
                (Note : ex. Honeybus member)

LP      Penny Farthing          PELS 516        1971    UK      stereo
HP      004     PETE DELLO & FRIENDS    INTO YOUR EARS                  2LP       .2006

        A1      It's What You've Got
        A2      There's Nothing That I Can Do for You
        A3      I'm a Gambler
        A4      Harry the Earwig
        A5      Do I Still Figure in Your Life
        A6      Uptight Basil
        B1      Taking the Heart Out of Love
        B2      On a Time Said Sylvie
        B3      A Good Song
        B4      It's the Way
        B5      Go Away
        B6      Arise Sir Henry

LP 2    C1      Uptight Basil [As Magic Valley]
        C2      Taking the Heart Out of Love [As Magic Valley]
        C3      I'm a Gambler [As Magenta]
        C4      Go Away [As Lace]
        C5      Working Class Man [As Red Herring]
        D1      Tattered Robe [As Magenta]
        D2      I'm a Gambler [As Lace]
        D3      Delighted to See You [previously unreleased demo]
        D4      Hold Up, Fold Up [previously unreleased]
        D5      Texas Candy [previously unreleased]

LP      Nepentha                6437001         1971    UK      stereo
HPR     005     ANDREW SANDOVAL         33: THE BEST OF ANDREW          CD        .2006

        1       Dream About You (Remix)
        2       Where I Want To Be
        3       High Tower
        4       What DoYou See In Me?
        5       Unrequited Life
        6       I Wish You Would
        7       The Man Who Would Be King
        8       I Can't Be Lonely (Without You)
        9       Friend Of Mine
        10      We'll Dream
        11      He Can Fly
        12      Round Going Round
        13      Magic Harpsichord
        14      Greener Days
        15      Till I Met You
        16      Heading For A Fall
        17      I Don't Nee It Anymore
        18      That's Not Me (Live)
        19      Sad And Lonely Life
        20      Happy To Be Here (Remix)
HPR     006     ALAN TYLER & THE LOST SONS OF LITTLEFIELD               CD      07.2007

        1       Cross Eyed Country
        2       Guns
        3       Little Big Man
        4       Middle Saxon Town (Intro.)
        5       Middle Saxon Town
        6       Favourite Child
        7       I'm Never Gonna Sing That Song Anymore
        8       Hat In The Road
        9       The Meaning Of Love
        10      Ghost Riders In The Sky
        11      I'm Still Here
        12      Ladder Of Years
        13      Love Her Like A Demon
                EN LA CARA DEL DJ

        A 1     Runaway Lover
        A 2     Johnny Ramone
        B 1     Canta El Rock En La Cara Del Dj
        B 1     Rocker
HPR     008     COLIN HARE              DOWN FROM PITSWOOD              CDEP      .2007

        1       Follow The Plan
        2       The Man In The Office
        3       Incredibly Bad
        4       Down From Pitswood
HPR     009     JOHN HOWARD             BAREFOOT WITH ANGELS            CD      10.2007

        1       The Exquisites
        2       The Dance
        3       Who’s Listening (For Kenneth Williams)
        4       Unrequited
        5       (If You’ll Be My) Car Port
        6       Magdalena Merrywidow (For April Ashley)
        7       In The Bliss Of A Stolen Moment
        8       Take The Weight
        9       Last Stand
        10      The Promise
        11      Barefoot With Angels
        12      That’s All

        1       If I Needed You
        2       Luckenbach Texas
        3       Honky Tonkin
        4       A Thing Called Love
        5       Standing At The Doorstep Of Love
        6       In The Pines
        7       Gradually Learning
        8       Everybody Lives With Us
        9       I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
        10      Sweet Dream Woman
        11      The Blue Man
        12      Scarborough Fair
        13      Roll On Forever
        14      Two Girls
        15      There's A Place In My Heart I Call Texas
        16      What You'll Do When I Am Gone
        17      Drifting
        18      In Tall Buldings

        1       Rambling Girl
        2       The Man That I Am
        3       Something That You Haven't Told Me
        4       Fool Around
        5       Time To Pay
        6       I'm A Gambler
        7       The Fields Beneath
        8       When You Get Back From New York City
        9       Cowboys Don't Cry
        10      Feel Better
        11      O'er The Hill And Far Away
HPR     012     V / A                   A BOB DYLAN TRIBUTE             CD        .2009
                [SO HAPPY JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE]

        1       The High Holas          You Angel You
        2       The Nu Niles            When The Ship Comes In
        3       Bryan Estepa            I Trew It All Away
        4       The Suitcase Brothers : Rainy Day Women
        5       Sugar Mountain          I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
        6       Maika Makovski          Love Sick
        7       Colin Hare              Motorpsycho Nightmare
        8       The Tamales             Romance In Durango
        9       Tim Easton              Spanish Harlem Incident
        10      17th Street Band        Subterranean Homestick Blues
        11      Guillem Tornado & Damita Segura : Girl From The North Country
        12      Amigos Imaginarios      My Back Pages
        13      Hoey & The Mussels      Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
        14      Rubia                   Most Likely You Go Away
        15      Ted Russell Kamp        Dignity
        16      Carlitos Ordax (Bisontes) : You Ain't Going Nowhere
        17      Sidonie                 Visions Of Johanna
        18      CosmopolitANTS          Mr. Tambourine Man
        19      The Midnight Travellers : I Dreamed I Saw St. Agustine
        20      Melussa                 Just Like A Woman
        21      RC Brothers             To Ramona
        22      Los Hijos Bastardos De Henry Chinaski : To Be Alone
HPR     013     KEVIN JUNIOR (OF THE CHAMBER STRINGS) : RUINS           CD        .2009
                [A Collection Of Rarities, B-sides & Outtakes]

        1       The Rosehips            Common At Noon
        2       The Chamber Strings     It's Not Worth Fighting
        3       The Rosehips            Whiskey In The Jar
        4       Kevin Junior            Gorgeous Nowhere
        5       The Chamber Strings     Baby, It's You
        6       The Chamber Strings     Dead Endings
        7       Kevin Junior            Thank My Lucky Stars
        8       The Chamber Strings     Beautiful You
        9       The Chamber Strings     I Pray For Rain
        10      Kevin Junior            Kevin Junior
        11      Kevin Junior            Dead Man's Poise
        12      The Rosehips            Ragdoll
        13      Mystery Girls           Contact High
        14      The Chamber Strings     Last Lovers
        15      Kevin Junior            It's Not Enough
        16      The Chamber Strings     Telegram (Where's My Horn?)
        17      The Chamber Strings     No More Songs
        18      The Chamber Strings : Beautiful Mothers & Somebody's Wife
        19      Kevin Junior            Sleepy Night
HPR     014     COSECHA ROJA : UN PAR DE COSAS (1991-2000)              CD        .2009

        1       Vacaciones permanentes
        2       Maldito
        3       El asiento de atrás
        4       Corazoncito
        5       Seis días
        6       Despedida
        7       Violines y campanas
        8       Un millón de besos
        9       Nuevos caminos
        10      Cicatrices
        11      Se puede decir
        12      Aquellos maravillosos anos
        13      Nido de serpientes
        14      Nada más
        15      Un par de cosas
        16      Recordarte o morir
        17      Se acabó
        18      Un millón de Km
        19      Demasiado tarde
        20      No puede ser verdad
        21      Pierdo el tiempo
        22      Entre tus brazos
HPR     015     [JOHN PERRY : EXILE ON MAIN STREET, ROLLING STONES]     book      .2010

ISBN: 978-84-614-2509-9
Encuadernación: Rústica con solapas
Formato: 14,5x22
Páginas: 170
Idiomas: Castellano
HPR     016     JOHN KILLIGREW          KILLIGREW                       LP        .2011

        A1      Just a Line                                     2:54
        A2      Brand New World                                 3:32
        A3      Nothing's Impossible                            3:18
        A4      Hold on Baby                                    1:56
        A5      Yesterday and You                               3:46
        A6      Roverman                                        2:19
        B1      John Dupree                                     2:25
        B2      Got Your Number                                 3:03
        B3      You Don't Know What You've Got                  2:34
        B4      Hey Mocking Bird                                2:30
        B5      Do I Love You                                   2:54
        B6      Just the Way You Are                            2:48

LP      Penny Farthing          PELS 513        1971    UK      stereo
HPR     017

        1       Runaway Lover
        2       La Chica De Mis Suenos
        3       Flequillón
        4       Tabardillo Twist
        5       Como Yo Te Miro A Tí
        6       El Twist Del Pisotón
        7       Juan De Pablos
        8       Flequillo Feliz
        9       Berlín
        10      Johnny Ramone
        11      Pop Star
        12      Loco Twist
        13      Jonathan
        14      Amante Escurridizo
        15      Anita
hpr     019     SANTIAGO DELGADO Y LOS RUNAWAY LOVERS : PLANTADO EN     12"       .2012
                EL JUKEBOX

        A1      6 Jerseys 6
        A2      A Bailar El Twist
        A3      Billy Rockabilly
        A4      Que Bien!! La Playa
        B1      Es Por Ti
        B2      Plantado En El Jukebox
`       B3      La Balada Del Runaway Lover
HPR     020     MABEL JOY               WISH I WAS                      CD        .2013

        1       You Don't Know
        2       Always Late
        3       Pilot Ship
        4       Best Friend
        5       Sylvan Road
        6       Scatterbrain Face
        7       Buzzin' Fly
        8       Scraps of Me
        9       Ship Sets Its Sail
        10      Do You Know How to Wonder
        11      Words on the Floor
        12      First Train

LP      Bam Caruso              KIRI 111        1993    UK
HPR     021     BAND OF OUTSIDERS       SOUND BEACH TIME                CD      10.2017

        01.     GONE FOR GOOD
        02.     LOST AND FOUND
        03.     RED EYE BLUES
        04.     ONES LIFE NOT ENOUGH
        05.     GODS OF HAPPENSTANCE
        06.     THE GRAVEYARD
        07.     YOUR PLEASURE IS MINE
        08.     WHY WOULD YOU
        09.     TRICKLE OF LOVE
        10.     TIME AND AGAIN
        11.     AS ITS WRITTEN
        12.     DEAD RECKONING

The full album runs over one hour, comprising a dozen songs, including eight new
tracks plus the four released last year as SOUND BEACH QUARTET. These songs run the
gamut of the band's influences: from 60's British Invasion, psychedelia and folk rock;
to 70's hard rock, glam, and punk; to 80's underground (post-punk to paisley); to
90's Americana. All produced by David Lee at his Sound Beach studio. The CD includes
a booklet with lyrics and recording notes, photography by Andrew Gardner and cover
art by Valentina Elise.

        1       Déjame Cantar
        2       18 Tatuajes
        3       Voy De Negro
        4       Lulubelle
        5       Verano Sin Fin
        6       El Invierno
        7       No Me Pises Los Boogies
        8       Ramones
        9       Nick Curran
        10      Que Se Mueran Los Feos
        11      Mi Amor
        12      Le Notti Lunghe
HPR     023     SANTIAGO DELGADO Y LOS RUNAWAY LOVERS:Gabba Gabba Twist 7"+CD     .2016

        1.      Gabba Gabba Twist
        2.      Tú, solo Tú
        3.      Boogaloo
        4.      Johnny Cash

        1       Ya Llegó La Navidad
        2       iiHey, Olentzero!!
        3       El Bailón De Charlestón
        4       iiQuiero Un Amplificador!!
        5       Tú No Faltarás
        6       La Dimisión De Santa Claus
        7       Ocurrió En Navidad
        8       Oro, Incienso Y Twist
        9       Baltasar
        10      iiRegresa Navidad!!
HPR     025     LEE PERK                ALL IN                          LP        .2016

        A1      Cadillacs, Buicks
        A2      I Want You Around
        A3      Y Si No Hay Manana
        A4      Peggy Sue
        A5      One Good Reason
        A6      Alma Vieja
        B1      Tras La Publicidad
        B2      Prayin' To Somebody Else's God
        B3      Please Take Care
        B4      If You Love Me Baby
        B5      Philosopher Stone
HPR     026     ERIK VOEKS : SO THE WIND WON'T BLOW IT ALL AWAY         CD      10.2017

        01.     GML2C
        02.     SHE LOVED HER JANGLE POP
        03.     DELIVERING ROCKS
        04.     BEING IN LOVE WITH YOU
        05.     YOUR CONDITION
        06.     GREY RAIN TOWN
        07.     TIRED OF FEELIN ALONE
        08.     SHE WAS DOOMED
        09.     MONDRIAN
        10.     REMEMBER YOU
        11.     REASONS
        12.     BLUE WATER
        13.     ENDING OF THE ENDING

Though he only just released a few singles (on legendary indie labels Bus Stop &
Parasol), and the classic 1993 album "Sandbox" (recorded with a cast of friends that
included Adam Schmitt, Patrick Hawley, Jay Bennett, Steve Scariano and Nick Rudd),
Erik Voeks' music has resonated deep with a small but dedicated group of powerpop
aficionados throughout the world. "Lost treasure", "hidden gem" are expressions often
used to describe "Sandbox", which was rereleased digitally in 2013. For years he kept
a low profile, but he never gave up music recording home demos, playing with a few
friends as The Octopus Frontier, or even touring in the U.S. and Europe with Jon Dee
Graham. In late 2012 Spring Records released on vinyl a 4-song EP titled "Free Range",
that received rave reviews. Since then Erik has kept himself busy putting out more
new recordings through his bandcamp page, playing shows and touring Spain a couple
of times. "So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away" gathers a series of digital only singles
Erik released monthly earlier this year (from April to September), and two new
recordings. Thirteen new songs of pure unadultered POP. Every bit as good as good,
if not better, as his much remembered and revered "Sandbox".
HPR     027     MADBIL                  NO HAY VALOR                    DL        .2017

        1       No Hay Valor
HPR     028     THE THOMAS GROUP : HOLLYWOODLAND 1966-1969              CD (m)  05.2017

        1       Penny Arcade
        2       Ordinary Girl (You're Everything To Me)
        3       Autumn
        4       Don't Start Me Talking About My Baby
        5       I've Got No More To Say
        6       Then It Begins
        7       Is Happy This Way
        8       Raindrops, Raindrops
        9       Is It Any Wonder
        10      Someone (Dunhill version)
        11      Capricorn Colors
        12      I'm Gone
        13      Woman Of Seven Sins
        14      Is It Over
        15      (It's So Nice) In The Sunshine
        16      Unwanted Man
        17      Hold My Hand
        18      New People
        19      Together
        20      Little Girl (You're A Woman To Me)
        21      Someone
        22      Penny Arcade (original Mono Mix)
        23      Ordinary Girl (original Mono Mix)
        24      Autumn (original Mono Mix)
        25      Don't Start Me Talking About My Baby (original Mono Mix)
        26      I've Got No More To Say (original Mono Mix)
        27      Then It Begins (original Mono Mix)
        28      Is Happy This Way (original Mono Mix)
                (Note : CD , 500 copies + 20 p. booklet)

CD 1    1-1     The Bootheels           Got Me On My Knees
        1-2     The Bootheels           Interstate 68 Blues
        1-3     Luther Russell          I Got A Woman
        1-4     Luther Russell          I'll Keep Away
        1-5     Luther Russell          Thursday Girl
        1-6     Luther Russell          The Man Hurts You
        1-7     The Freewheelers        Don't Cry
        1-8     The Freewheelers        One Heart's Gonna Break
        1-9     The Freewheelers        Little Miss Fortune
        1-10    The Freewheelers        Too Dark In Your House
        1-11    The Freewheelers        Kill Me
        1-12    The Freewheelers        Desdemona
        1-13    The Freewheelers        Let The Music Bring A Smile
        1-14    Luther Russell          Princess Washed The Dishes
        1-15    Luther Russell          I'm A Stranger (#1)
        1-16    Luther Russell          Don't Talk To Strangers
        1-17    Luther Russell          Seven
        1-18    Luther Russell          Back To Me
        1-19    Luther Russell          Friend Song

CD 2    2-1     Federale                Smoke Signals
        2-2     Luther Russell          Anymore, Anyway
        2-3     Luther Russell          Lonely Planet Song
        2-4     Luther Russell          Fried Bananas
        2-5     Luther Russell          Keohen's Theme
        2-6     Luther Russell          Arthur Lee
        2-7     Luther Russell          Tell Me If My Love's Too Late
        2-8     Luther Russell          Brownwyn
        2-9     Luther Russell          Empty Taxis
        2-10    Luther Russell          So Sad
        2-11    Luther Russell          Somehow Or Another
        2-12    Luther Russell          Kurt
        2-13    Luther Russell          Just Short Of Winning
        2-14    Luther Russell          Everybody Falls
        2-15    Luther Russell          Black Leather Coat
        2-16    Luther Russell          Your One Big Lie
        2-17    Luther Russell          The Look In Your Eye
        2-18    Luther Russell          Everything You Do
        2-19    Luther Russell          Motorbike
        2-20    Luther Russell          The Sunnyland
        2-21    Luther Russell          Yer So Bad
        2-22    Luther Russell          The Sound Of Rock & Roll
                (Note : double CD + 24 p. booklet)

CD 1    1-1     Safer
        1-2     City Of Gold
        1-3     Silver Thread
        1-4     Wind Brushed Soft
        1-5     Return To You
        1-6     See You Fall
        1-7     Watch Rome Burn
        1-8     If He Should Blame Him
        1-9     Hell Games
        1-10    Bitter Seal
        1-11    Unknowing
                Bonus Track
        1-12    A Siren Serene

CD2             Travelling Outwards
        2-1     Bright Island
        2-2     Carrickfergus
        2-3     If You See Her
        2-4     No Regrets
        2-5     Northern Sky
        2-6     Reason To Believe
        2-7     Weightless Crown
        2-8     So Simple
        2-9     Lost
        2-10    Books
        2-11    The Way Home
        2-12    Wish I Was
        2-13    Never Sleep
        2-14    Catherine
        2-15    Theory Of Everything
                (Note : double CD , 500 copies + booklet)

LP      Bam Caruso              KIRI 058        1987    UK      [CD1 tracks 1-11]
HPR     031     MADBIL                  VENUS O MARTE                   DL        .2017

        1       Venus O Marte
HPR     032     THE DAVE RAVE GROUP     VALENTINO'S PIRATES             LP+CD   12.2017