Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/Action/
Style   : folk / blues / country /

HPY     005 CD  DAN WILSON              ALL LOOVE IS BLIND              CD      09.2015

        1       All Love is Blind
        2       Five Nights Long
        3       The Waves
        4       Love Was Calling Me
        5       Lonely Drunk
        6       Deny You This Kiss
        7       Loved But One Woman
        8       The Rain
        9       So Long My Sweet World
        10      Where Did All The Love Go?
        11      I Tried To Reach You
HPY     006 CD  THE CUBICAL             BLOOD MOON                      CD      05.2017

        1       All Ain't Well
        2       I Believe It When I Love You
        3       Blood Moon
        4       I Want Money
        5       In Your Eyes
        6       Con Man 512
        7       In The Darkest Corners
        8       Whilst Judas Sleeps
        9       Shipwrecked 737

Operating out of the psychedelic-friendly musical micro-climate of Liverpool, The
Cubical have been working on their fourth studio album. Blood Moon has the raw blues
-rock power of your favourite seventies act, as well as gnarly lead-vocals from Dan
Wilson, who sounds like hes charging down the same pathway as Captain Beefheart.
Down and dirty garage business, released on Halfpenny Records.