Distr.  : UK - Norman
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HPJP    11 LP   DANIEL KNOX : WON'T YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU                LP      03.2021

        1.      King Of The Ball 
        2.      Vinegar Hill 
        3.      Fall Apart 
        4.      Fool In The Heart 
        5.      Girl From Carbondale 
        6.      Look At Me 
        7.      I Saw Someone Alone 
        8.      Lights Out 
        9.      No Horizon
                (Note : LP , burgundy coloured vinyl)

Chicago songwriter Daniel Knox has used places - both in his hometown and beyond
- for inspiration on 'Won't You Take Me With You', his fifth album. This is a story
driven album with something of a filmic quality. It's all led by Daniel's rich
baritone, which floats amongst beds of synths on an LP which frequently references
sections of his growing back catalogue.