Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/Piccadilly/
Style   : reissue / lo-fi / beats / hip hop /

GYPT    001     SHAWTY PIMP             STILL COMIN' REAL               LP      08.2018
GYPT    001     SHAWTY PIMP             STILL COMIN' REAL               LP      03.2019
GYPT    001 MC  SHAWTY PIMP             STILL COMIN' REAL               CS      11.2018

        1.      Big Boys Intro
        2.      1 Mean Stang (feat Reddog)
        3.      Come On Wit Me Baby (alternate mix)
        4.      Style Like Mine (feat Euphoria Click & Lil West)
        5.      For Them Busta (feat MC Spade)
        6.      You Tell Me (Lil West & MC Spade)
        7.      Pimpin' Still Goin' On
        8.      My 9 Glock (feat MC Spade)
        9.      Ain't To Be Played Wit (feat Mista K)
        10.     Gots To Make Some Money (alternate mix)
        11.     Can't Play No Playa (feat Reddog)
        12.     Dedications
        13.     Street Sense (MC Spade)
        14.     Revised Dedications

Thanks to European label Gyptology Records, we can now lay our hands on a first-time
vinyl edition of Shawty Pimp's cult 1995 cassette 'Still Comin' Real'. This limited
edition LP showcases 11 raw rap cuts from the Memphis, Tennessee hotbed of hip-hop in
the '90s. A gloriously lo-fi album showcasing Pimp's unique vocal delivery.
GYPT    002     SHAWTY PIMP             LAC MUSIC                       7"      12.2018

        A       Lac Music
        B       Lac Music (instr.)
                (Note : 7" , hand-numb. ed.)