Owner   : Peggy Gou
Distr.  : UK - Norman/Bleep/Piccadilly/Boomkat/
Style   : house /

GUDU    1       PEGGY GOU               MOMENT EP                       12"     04.2019

        A1.     Starry Night                                    06:38
        B1.     Han Pan                                         06:41

The enterprising Peggy Gou kick-starts her new Gudu Records label with a two-track
release. This Moment EP immediately locks into the style that is rapidly becoming
Gouís signature sound. Crisp, buoyant house rhythms ala West End Records, chunky
pianos and Gouís dreamy vocals are the order of the day once more. Expect Momentís
title track to be one of the songs of Summer 2019.