Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : beat / garage rock / psychedelic / punk / lo-fi /

GREY    1       VANCOOTHS               ARE GONE WITH A BANG            LP      05.2020

The final VanCooths effort is entitled 'The VanCooths Are Gone With A Bang'.
It's a 12-inch with only 4 songs but it splatters through punk, noise, psychedelic
ventures and garage punk as if it's the most natural thing in the world. 4 monstruous
tunes that will warble your brains for weeks, months, even years... And "You Said No"
might easily become a giant psychedelic clubhit. Limited to 300 copies.
GREY    2       JO KUSY  SIXTEEN WIERD & WILD HITS                      LP      05.2020

Philadelphia lo-fi rocker Jo Kusy knows how to stay busy. A prolific DIY psych-pop
artist, this collection of tracks includes nearly a decade of demented bubblegum laced
with spaztic, other-worldly irreverence. Kusy is a reverb-lovin' renegade, completely
unafraid of letting it all hang out with the panache of vintage glam. Limited to
300 copies.

Eric Geevers has unintentionally but unmistakenly become a bit of a legend in garage
land over the years, both with his own bands (the Ace-Tones, the Flying Tygrrs, and
others) and teaming up with the likes of Link Wray, the Fuzztones, or (recently at
a gig at Vera, Groningen) with Toody of Dead Moon. Few people realized Eric has always
been recording solo stuff as well. Some songs would end up on his bands' setlists,
some surface here for the first time. Recorded on dictaphones or in a 24-track studio
(and everything inbetween), all this comes straight from the Electric Anytime
Playground, where other rules apply, where u-boats grow fins, a girl may very well
have tiger stripes, and the darkness radiates a strange glow that spreads a whiff
of incense... or is it sulphur? It all depends. It's not just beauty that's in the
eye of the beholder. Limited to 300 copies.
GREY    4       JELLEPHANT              DULL PLANET/ROTTEN WAVES        LP      05.2020

2020 album. Arnhem-based Jellephant draws inspiration from genres from neo-psychedelia
to surf and garage to shoegaze. Even though his album 'Skeletons' was recorded in a
damp basement, it has an absolutely fresh '60s psychedelic feel, with Bo Diddley
grooves, mesmerising jams and pounding garagefolk. For fans of Ty Segall, The Brian
Jonestown Massacre a.o. Limited to 300 copies.
GREY    5       FOUR ONE & ONLY'S       STICKER                         LP      06.2020

First ever vinyl release of a CD only 1993 release by prolific Dutch indie band the
Four One & Only's, crossing the borders of garage, indie, psych, folk, punk, anarchy
and weirdness in a still unique way. The LP comes in a gatefold sleeve with insert
and gimmick sticker. The music was produced by Joseph James Foster and Stephen Parfitt
in Rugby, UK. The sleeve art is by Berend Vonk. In the liners you can read about the
disastrous trip to the UK, the band destruction sleeping in a 24 hour party people
house, the destruction of the master tape in the mastering facility, the disappearance
of the bass-player, the CD which was mastered from a cheap copy cassette and which
sounded like totall shit... breathtaking. All sounds are re-edited at Studio 195 with
Patrick Delabie. Now these cleared sounds show a band escaping the UK and US infl.
and creating a sound of their own. Indie, underground and very Dutch. In 1993 it must
have been the unhippest record of the year as it stood outside everything happening
those days. But now it just might fall in the right place and time. Very danceable
tunes mixed with weird rhythms. Punky, garagey, folkey, psychedelic. Songs about
seals and Armageddon. A classic. 300 copies.
GREY    6       THE GARRYS              SURF MANITOU                    LP      12.2020

Official reissue on Grey Productions of this classic dark surfadelic record by The
Garrys a girlband from Saskatoon, Canada. Originally released in 2017 on the small run
Grey Records label also from Saskatoon. Only 300 copies made, so be fast!