Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly
Style   : reissue / acid blues / avant-sludge /

GREV    001     THE SUNSET STRIP        STONE LAZY                      LP+DLc  09.2015

(Note : LP comes with a DL code to link to a heap of unreleased bonus tracks. LP and CD
        both have exhaustive "Sunset Strip" sleeve notes written by Andy and Warwick.
        LP ed. of 250)

CD      Agitated        AGIT 039 CD     2015    UK

GREV    003     THE SUNSET STRIP        THE ENDLESS SEA                 LP+DLc  02.2018

Side A  1       The Ascension Into The Endless Sea              19:18
Side B  1       Song Of Love                                    2:52
        2       The Vanishing Nothing                           1:48
        3       The Pilgrim / Dogs Of War                       9:51
        4       The Light                                       1:45
        5       Blue Star                                       0:47
        6       The Disappearing Distance Between Us            2:46
                (Note : LP , 200 copies on blue vinyl)

The Sunset Strip returns in 2018 to the psych instrumentals that dotted the band's
earlier releases. Billed as "Soundtracks from unreleased films.' Take a pinch of
moog-mellotron moodscape, a dash of Can-influenced Krautrock and a soupcon of Set
The Controls freak out and you have the psychedelic gumbo that is The Endless Sea.
Melbourne/Geelong elders the Sunet Strip soar out into the stratosphere with this
album, blissful and as siked as you want.