Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /

GLR     5       THE HAND                DAD                             LP      03.2019

        01.     WAIT
        02.     NEVER SATISFIED
        03.     KNEES
        04.     NEVER BE AGAIN
        05.     DAD
        06.     FIGHT OR FLIGHT
        07.     COULDN'T KNOW
        08.     I'D RATHER BE

The Hand is three piece from Boise, Idaho featuring Scott Schmaljohn (Treepeople,
Stuntman, State of Confusion) on guitar and vocals, James Johnson (Trigger Itch) on
bass, and Cody Roy on drums. This is The Hands' third release after two self-released
CDs throughout the last 10 years, and their first release on vinyl. Scott continues
to play as he did since Treepeople/Stuntman broke up and, with the off and on reunion
of Treepeople (with Doug Martsch/Treepeople/Built to Spill), it has sparked a new
flame in his songwriting and creativity. Dad is eight songs in just over thirty minutes
that continue with the jangly somewhat indie/punk guitar play surrounded by melodic
bass lines and Scott's unique voice. His style embodies the word 'electric' in
'electric guitar'; notes bend and stretch like live electric wires, throwing you,
because the playing is so non-traditional and original, similar to (though sounding
very different from) the way Greg Ginn of Black Flag plays (and since Black Flag were
early heroes of ours, it makes sense). As always, this record continues where all
their other releases have left off and still remains fresh to listeners' ears.