GRAUTAG RECORDS                         GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          UK - Norman/
Style   : experimental / lo-fi / krautrock / new wave / psychedelic / leftfield

LP      001     BADER MOTOR             GRAUTAG                         2LP     07.2010

LP 1    A       Ich Bin Keine Gemüse + Teufelsberg
        B       Azuria + Die Rote Fabrik

LP 2    C       Bader Sontag + Nietzsche By Night
        D       Khomeny Twist + Hier Ein Beispiel
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)

LP 1    A1      The Wave (Bright Side Of The Sun)
        A2      Taste Of Love
        A3      Android Love
        A4      The Orb
        B1      Rorschach
        B2      Futurability
        B3      Psychic Landscape
        B4      Intercode

LP 2    C1      Walking Distance
        C2      Patience
        C3      Alpha-3-M-6
        C4      New Lands
        D1      Twisted Fairlight
        D2      Nothing's Happened
        D3      1st Floor: Exit
        D4      The Screen Game
GTR#    003     PHAROAH CHROMIUM        ELECTRIC CREMATION              2LP     12.2011

LP 1            ATOMIC                                          17:15
        A.1     Rude Awakening
        A.2     L'Age Atomique, Suite Et Fin
        A.3     Ecocide
        A.4     Post-contamination
        A.5     Tangerine Nightmare
                FERAL                                           20:20
        B.1     Ferro Chromium
        B.2     Nicolas Encule Hegel
        B.3     No-stop City
        B.4     Counter Clock World
        B.5     Zen & Napalm

LP 2            GHOST                                           18:55
        C.1     Tim Pan Alley
        C.2     The Embryo Hunts In Secret
        C.3     Techno-thriller
        C.4     The Continuous Profile Of The Headless Dervish
        C.5     The Electric Cremation Of Phoolan Devi
                ARABIC                                          20:34
        D.1     Youm El Deen
        D.1.A   Prayer
        D.1.B   Speech
        D.1.C   Song

LP 1            Lowering The Mediterranean A
        A1      Morning Sodium Azuramuezz
        A2      Walter Hamid Ventilaspasm Antonov 242
        A3      Landing At Sourakdim Kim
                Lowering The Mediterranean B
        B1      Tanger Coast Mansoudae Ghosts
        B2      Can Of Nefertitea At Watertank Souk
        B3      Lowering The Mediterranean
        B4      Gnawa Airport

LP 2            Irrigating The Sahara A
        C1      Sidi Ayoub
        C2      Evaporated Hopes Of Gibraltar Dam
        C3      Spraying Dasein At Ryugyong Amenhotel Amenhotep
        C4      Irrigating The Sahara
                Irrigating The Sahara B
        D1      Tankertrain Intro
        D2      Central Tchad Datch Heat Wave
        D3      Omarirail Azuratrans
        D4      Hunting Shipwreck Along Sublimed Lakes
        D5      Invocation Of My Terminal Beach Brothers
GTR#    005     RAVI SHARDJA            GRUN IST GRAU                   2LP     03.2013

LP 1    A       Bombay Boobies Battle                           16:56
        B       Curry Nelli Occhi Un'Acromatopsia Momentanea    15:20
LP 2    C       Attaque Sournoise Du Kopassus A Wamena          16:40
        D       Gartenfest Fessenheim Abgesagt                  16:41
GTR#    006     CAVERN OF ANTI-MATTER   BLOOD DRUMS                     2LP     04.2014

LP 1    A1      You're An Art Soul
        A2      Solar Diamond
        A3      Invocation Melodie In C
        A4      Hot Electric Insect
        B1      Irridated Dream Mouth
        B2      Silver Dust
        B3      Sound-Magic's Death Ray Destroys The Vortex And Has Union
                With Infinity
        B4      Rotation And Particle Density In D
        B5      Blood-Drums Machine

LP 2    C1      Adventures In One Octave
        C2      Movin' On Static
        C3      Dystopian Shopping Mall
        C4      Strawberry Dust
        D1      Acid Death Picnic
        D2      Kool Boy Narcosis
        D3      Lament For Cement