Found   : Simon Joyner & Ba Da Bing Rec, head Ben Goldberg
Distr.  : US - Midheaven
          UK - Norman/Volcanic Tongue/
Style   : post punk / acoustic / experimental / folk rock / psychedelic /
          noise /


LP 1            Turd Goes Back: Essential Tracks From Secret Secret 
                Sourpuss And Big Tussie
        A1      Lambchop                The Fish Fry
        A2      Lambchop                Daktari
        A3      Lambchop                My Cliché
        A4      Lambchop                They Were Made For Each Other
        A5      Lambchop                Que Sera Sera
        A6      Lambchop                Came Home Late
        A7      Lambchop                I Megalomaniac
        A8      Lambchop                Old Dog Blue
        B1      Lambchop                Soaky In The Pooper
        B2      Lambchop                Music City Shits
        B3      Lambchop                All Over The World
        B4      Lambchop                Oh Nooooooo
        B5      Lambchop                Fa-Q

LP 2            Long White Cloud
        C1      Richard Youngs          Mountains Into Inner Space
        C2      Richard Youngs          Mercury Lane
        C3      Richard Youngs          Big Waves Of An Actual Sea
        D1      Richard Youngs          Rotor-Manga-Papa-Maru
        D2      Richard Youngs          Mountains Into Outer Space

LP 3            Calendar Work
        E1      Lonnie Methe            Bleak Street
        E2      Lonnie Methe            Summer Knowledge
        E3      Lonnie Methe            Pale Plums
        E4      Lonnie Methe            Learning From Las Vegas
        E5      Lonnie Methe            Twisted Roots
        E6      Lonnie Methe            Calendar Work
        F1      Lonnie Methe            Mudslide Rocking Chair
        F2      Lonnie Methe            My Love, My Labour
        F3      Lonnie Methe            The Fool And His Rake
        F4      Lonnie Methe            Poor Ol' Johnny
        F5      Lonnie Methe            Two For The Road
        F6      Lonnie Methe            Winter Victory

LP 4            Holyoke
        G1      200 Years               Forms Are The Oil
        G2      200 Years               To Remember
        G3      200 Years               Erred
        G4      200 Years               Pretty Thing
        G5      200 Years               He/Not He
        H1      200 Years               Rented Life
        H2      200 Years               Remedy
        H3      200 Years               Partial Light
        H4      200 Years               Jennifer

7"      I1      Alastair Galbraith      Untitled 1
        I2      Alastair Galbraith      Untitled 2
        I3      Alastair Galbraith      Untitled 3
        J1      William Tyler           A Portrait Of Sarah
                (Note : boxset , 178 copies)
GY      1.2     RICHARD YOUNGS          LONG WHITE CLOUD                LP        .2011

                Long White Cloud
        A1      Richard Youngs          Mountains Into Inner Space
        A2      Richard Youngs          Mercury Lane
        A3      Richard Youngs          Big Waves Of An Actual Sea
        B1      Richard Youngs          Rotor-Manga-Papa-Maru
        B2      Richard Youngs          Mountains Into Outer Space
                (Note : LP , 323 numbered copies)
GY      1.3     L EUGENE METHE          CALENDAR WORK                   LP        .2011

        A1      Bleak Street
        A2      Summer Knowledge
        A3      Pale Plums
        A4      Learning From Las Vegas
        A5      Twisted Roots
        A6      Calendar Work
        B1      Mudslide Rocking Chair
        B2      My Love, My Labor
        B3      The Fool And His Rake
        B4      Poor Ol' Johnny
        B5      Two For The Road
        B6      Winter Victory
                (Note : LP , 325 numbered copies)
GY      1.4     200 YEARS               HOLYOKE                         LP        .2011

        A1      Forms Are The Oil
        A2      To Remember
        A3      Erred
        A4      Pretty Thing
        A5      He/Not He
        B1      Rented Life
        B2      Remedy
        B3      Partial Light
        B4      Jennifer
                (Note : LP , 321 numbered copies)
GY      1.5     ALASTAIR GALBRAITH/WILLIAM TYLER : UNTITLED 1-3         7"        .2011
                /PORTRAIT OF SARAH

        A:1     Alastair Galbraith      Untitled 1
        A:2     Alastair Galbraith      Untitled 2
        A:3     Alastair Galbraith      Untitled 3
        B       William Tyler           A Portrait Of Sarah
                (Note : 7" , 178 copies)
GY      2.1     RUSSELL, BRUCE & ROY MONTGOMERY : SPLIT                 LP        .2012

        A       Roy Montgomery          Tarkovsky Tone Poem     20:51
        B       Bruce Russell : Mistah Chilton, He Dead         19:58
                (Note : LP , 307 hand-numb. copies)
GY      2.2     THE BAIRD SISTERS       UNTIL YOU FIND YOUR GREEN       LP        .2012

        A1      On And On
        A2      Until You Find Your Green
        A3      Looking At Things Up Close
        A4      Towpath Drill
        B1      Where The Waters Flow
        B2      After The Work Is Done
        B3      Tracks
        B4      Until The Bottle Is Dry
        B5      A Soldier Being Tired
        B6      Going West With Secrets
                (Note : LP , 315 hand-numb. copies)

        A1      Prepared Bowed 1
        A2      Prepared Bowed 2
        A3      The Sentimental Moves
        B1      Prepared Bowed 3
        B2      Prepared Bowed 4
        B3      The Mouthstagger
                (Note : LP , 304 hand-numb. copies)
GY      2.4     DUMP                    SILENT TREATMENT                LP        .2012

        A1      The Silent Treatment                            0:48
        A2      Grasshopper                                     4:45
        A3      Bob & Ray                                       3:20
        A4      Gladee                                          3:13
        A5      I Don't Mind                                    5:04
        B1      Super Xtasis                                    5:10
        B2      Yo Yo Bye Bye                                   3:30
        B3      You Say You Don't Love Me                       3:53
        B4      Nessa                                           6:55
                (Note : LP , 315 hand-numb. copies)
GY      3.1     DAVID KENNETH NANCE     ACTOR'S DIARY                   LP      09.2013

        A1      Last Night's Testament
        A2      Excerpt From An Actor's Diary
        A3      One Must Succumb
        A4      Too Many Words
        A5      Glittering Lies
        A6      Carpet
        B1      Pedestrian Exodus
        B2      Accept Nothing
        B3      Maria Walks Down Leavenworth
        B4      The Widow
        B5      Hospital Blues
                (Note : LP , 330 hand-numb. copies)
GY      3.2     RENDERIZORS             VIVID CLOUD/LUCKY DIN           LP      09.2013

        A1-a    Tuanjiehu 1
        A1-b    Sleeping Entrance
        A1-c    Tuanjiehu 2
        A1-d    A City Of Dust And Light
        A1-e    Dust
        A1-f    It Falls As It Must
        A1-g    Tuanjiehu 3
        B1-a    Timeless
        B1-b    Memories Of Drowning
        B1-c    Light
        B2      Chinese Seas
                (Note : LP , 300 hand-numb. copies)
GY      3.3     BILL DIREEN & THE HAT   THE FLAVOUR OF THE MEAT         LP        .2013

        A1      Colder Than Death                               1:49
        A2      Colder Improv                                   3:07
        A3      Mortals And Mice                                2:22
        A4      Mortals Improv                                  4:09
        A5      Vidal                                           2:49
        A6      Vidal Improv                                    2:46
        B1      Question                                        3:14
        B2      Dark Does Not Live By Water Or Air              8:12
        B3      Finger Painting                                 2:32
        B4      Finger Improv                                   2:07
        B5      Lion's Tooth                                    1:36
        B6      Outro                                           0:39
                (Note : LP , 330 hand-numb. copies)

        A1      The Battle Hymn Of The Republic
        A2      Hard Times Come Again No More
        A3      Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
        A4      Bella Ciao
        A5      Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
        A6      Just A Closer Walk With Thee
        B1      Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
        B2      Farther Along
        B3      Will The Circle Be Unbroken
        B4      Pretty Polly
        B5      Uncloudy Day
        B6      When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
                (Note : LP , 440 hand-numb. copies)
GY      4.1     THE DEAD C              THE TWELFTH SPECTACLE           4LP     08.2014

LP 1            Record One: Arena
        A       Arena Part 1                                    20:55
        B       Arena Part 2                                    19:46

LP 2            Record Two: Permanent LSD
        C       Permanent LSD Part 1                            18:01
        D       Permanent LSD Part 2                            19:56

LP 3            Record Three: This Century Sucks
        E       This Century Sucks Part 1                       19:28
        F       This Century Sucks Part 2                       19:02

LP 4            Record Four: Year Of The Rat
        G       Year Of The Rat Part 1                          19:07
        H       Year Of The Rat Part 2                          22:52
                (Note : 4LP , 85 numb. copies)
GY      6.1     BUILDERS                BEATIN HEARTS                   LP      08.2016
GY      6.2     THE GARBAGE & THE FLOWERS : THE DEEP NICHE              LP      08.2016
GY      6.2 CD  THE GARBAGE & THE FLOWERS : THE DEEP NICHE              CD      08.2016
GY      6.3     ROY MONTGOMERY          R:TROPIC OF ANODYNE             LP      11.2016

        1.      Tropic of Anodyne                               06:03
        2.      Dear Future Loser                               05:58
        3.      You Always Get What You Deserve                 04:41
        4.      I Was a Distant Star                            05:30
        5.      Seven Faded Dreams                              04:40
        6.      If and Only If                                  05:14
        7.      Hanging Melody                                  06:01
        8.      As the Sun Sets                                 05:27
GY      6.4     ROY MONTGOMERY          M:DARKMOTIF DANCEHALL           LP      11.2016

        1.      Rough take-off                                  01:49
        2.      10538 Overdrive                                 06:53
        3.      Little Big Star                                 04:55
        4.      Dazed Pig Dreamhome Slide                       07:27
        5.      At the Gogol Au Go Go (for Natstya Terekhova)   04:10
        6.      Six guitar salute to Peter Gutteridge           06:01
        7.      Making love in a blast furnace                  05:29
        8.      Slow heroes                                     06:08
        9.      Rough landing                                   01:06
GY      6.5     ROY MONTGOMERY          H:BENDER                        LP      11.2016

        1.      Ten Beers with Five Bears at Two Guns, Arizona  03:04
        2.      I O U Otto                                      06:12
        3.      Pipeline                                        05:54
        4.      And later we looked up at the stars             05:19
        5.      A Guitar called Boomslang                       03:15
        6.      Another David Lynch thanks, no ice              07:35
        7.      Chasing Monica Vitti                            05:12
        8.      Cocktails with Can                              06:24
GY      6.6     ROY MONTGOMERY          Q.TRANSIENT GLOBAL AMNESIA      LP      11.2016

        1.      Otherness                                       04:02
        2.      Riding                                          10:48
        3.      Last Alarm (for Brad Fletcher)                  04:09
        4.      Unshore                                         04:11
        5.      Weathering Mortality (feat Emma Johnston)       20:03
GY     6.8 BBX  ROY MONTGOMERY          R.M.H.Q.: HEADQUARTERS          4LP     10.2016
GY     6.8 BXCD ROY MONTGOMERY          R.M.H.Q.: HEADQUARTERS          4CD     10.2016

                R: Tropic of Anodyne Tracklist
        1.      Tropic of Anodyne
        2.      Dear Future Loser
        3.      You Always Get What You Deserve
        4.      I Was A Distant Star
        5.      Seven Faded Dreams
        6.      If And Only If
        7.      Hanging Melody
        8.      As The Sun Sets

                M: Darkmotif Dancehall Tracklist
        1.      Rough Take-Off
        2.      10538 Overdrive
        3.      Little Big Star
        4.      Dazed Pig Dreamhome Slide
        5.      At The Gogol Au Go Go (for Natstya Terekhova)
        6.      Six Guitar Salute To Peter Gutteridge
        7.      Making Love In A Blast Furnace
        8.      Slow Heroes
        9.      Rough Landing

                H: Bender Tracklist
        1.      Ten Beers With Five Beers At Two Guns, Arizona
        2.      I.O.U. Otto
        3.      Pipeline
        4.      And Later We Looked Up At The Stars
        5.      A Guitar Called Boomslang
        6.      Another David Lynch Thanks, No Ice
        7.      Chasing Monica Vitti
        8.      Cocktails With Can

                Q: Transient Global Amnesia Tracklist
        1.      Otherness
        2.      Riding
        3.      Last Alarm (for Brad Fletcher)
        4.      Unshore
        5.      Weathering Mortality (feat. Emma Johnston)

GY      7-1     SIMON JOYNER & DAVID NANCE : GOAST HEAD SOUP            LP+DLc  05.2017

        1.      Fanfare / Dancing With Mr. D
        2.      100 Years Ago
        3.      Coming Down Again
        4.      Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
        5.      Angie
        6.      Silver Train
        7.      Hid Your Love
        8.      Winter
        9.      Can You Hear The Music
        10.     Star Star
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

This is a limited pressing of 500. Includes download card and cease and desist letter.
Album art re-imagined by beloved friend and artist, Christine Stormberg.
GY      7-2
GY      7-3     PAT AMENT               SONGS                           LP+CD   02.2018
GY      7-4     PAT AMENT               SONGS                           CD      06.2018

Reissued on vinyl and including a free CD (with different tracks!), this is a highly
rated US private press delivery from 1971. The album is sparse and moody, conjuring
a space not unlike the one that 'Songs Of Leonard Cohen occupies'. Featuring Pat Ament
on Wurlitzer with a jazz drummer and a guitarist alternating between acoustic and
electric, the songs are dark and at times forlorn. This is ideal long-night-of-the-soul
music, with lyrics that evoke Dylan, Cohen, Tim Hardin and Bill Fay.
The INCLUDED FREE CD is a compilation of rare recordings, selected by the man himself.
GTY     8-1     ROY MONTGOMERY          SUFFUSE                         LP      08.2018
GTY     8-1 CD  ROY MONTGOMERY          SUFFUSE                         CD      08.2018
GTY     8-1     ROY MONTGOMERY          SUFFUSE                         DL      08.2018

        1.      Apparition (w/ Haley Fohr)                        6:48
        2.      Rainbird (w/ She Keeps Bees)                      8:10
        3.      Outsider Love Ballad No 1 (w/ Katie Von Schleicher)6:12
        4.      Mirage (w/ Purple Pilgrims)                       6:08
        5.      Sigma Octantis (w/ Julianna Barwick)              8:00
        6.      Landfall (w/ Liz Harris)                          6:00