Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : psychedelic / progressive /

GRA     1       HEROIN IN TAHITI        REMORIA                         LP      04.2017

Heroin In Tahiti is a psychedelic death surf duo from Rome, Italy, comprising Valerio
Mattioli and Francesco de Figuereido.
GRA     2       GOLDEN CUP              FUTURA                          LP      04.2017

Luca Massolin is an active figure from the young generation of outsider musicians. His
sound, focusing on string instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin), voice and analogue
electronics, is mainly influenced by the first electronic music pioneers, early '70s
guitar rock and cosmic improvisation, minimalism, and free jazz.
GRA     03      SQUADRA OMEGA           METARIA OSCURA                  LP      07.2017

Side A: A1      Massa mancante
        A2      Mondo-Brana
Side B: B1      Le oscillazioni dell’Universo giovane

Squadra Omega are an Italian band who take freely from all the varied musics that
interest them (jazz-rock, kraut-prog, psychedelic art-rock etc.) and give back a
heady brew of wild Omega music, which is frantic and infectious in its jam session
energy. And somehow, it all works! Materia Oscura is out on the Grandangolo label.
GRA     004     STEFANO PILIA & MASSIMO PUPILLO : KENOSIS               LP      07.2018
GRA     005     SANDRO MUSSIDA          EEEOOOSSS                       LP      05.2019

Sandro Mussida presents EEEOOOSSS, music on three tuning systems, for electric
guitar, bass clarinet and cello samples. Personnel: Alessandra Novaga - electric
guitar (e-bow), tuning: twelve true fifths (*renold I); Edgardo Barlassina - bass
clarinet, tuning: hypodorian aulos; Sandro Mussida - cello, tuning: just intonation
(*II partials). Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Edition of 300.