GranDetroit Records                     USA

Distr.  : US -
Style   : garage rock /

GDR     001     V / A                   PATHETIC SOUND OF DETROIT       LP        .2013

        A1      The Ashleys             Blonde Anita
        A2      The ILL Itches          Hallelujah
        A3      The Boy Wonders         Living In France
        A4      Citizen Smile           People I've Done Wrong
        A5      The HandGrenades        Hey Eyes
        B1      Nam Kook & The Typhoon : Don't Think Less Of Me
        B2      The Bad Mics            I Feel Good
        B3      Hit Society             She Said
        B4      White Shag              Not Me
        B5      Patrick Davy & The Ghosts : It's Never Easy
        B6      Emily Rose              Funfair
                (Note : LP , 300 black/100 red copies)
GDR     002     THE PIZZA UNDERGROUND   PU DEMOS                        7"      04.2015

        A       Medley 1
        B       Medley 2

7"      Jett Plastic            JPR 009         2015    US
GDR     003     THE ILL ITCHES          THE ILL ITCHES                  LP        .2016

        A1      Hallelujah
        A2      Lucille
        A3      I Feel Good
        A4      Michigan Ave Meltdown
        A5      Bubble Tape
        A6      Al Serpico
        B1      Revolving Door
        B2      Rai Rai Rai
        B3      My Sister's Possessed
        B4      Give It Up
        B5      No Way
        B6      Heather

lp      Jett Plastic            JPR 025         2016    US