GOOD LAND RECORDS                       1030Lake Shore Rd.
*****************                       Grafton, WI 53024


Owner   : Jon Phillip/Andrew Wieland
Distr.  : US -
Style   : power pop / indie / emo / garage rock / punk / 

GLR     001     TIM SCHWEIGER & THE MIDDLEMEN : THE BIG LET DOWN        LP      01.2011

        A1      I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend (I Wish Our Friendship Would End)
        A2      Waitin' on Allison
        A3      Drunk Drivin'
        A4      Back in Those Days
        A5      D'Jango Fett
        B1      I Don't Know
        B2      If You Want Me (You Can't Have Me)
        B3      Up on Talking
        B4      Sister
        B5      These Days

CD      Duck On Monkey  DOM 004         2010    US
GLR     002     JETTY BOYS/DIRECT HIT!  SPLIT                           7"        .2011

        A1      Jetty Boys              Rope
        A2      Jetty Boys              Tim
        B1      Direct Hit! : Through The Windshield, Holding Hands
        B2      Direct Hit!             Say Whatever
GLR     003
GLR     004     MIDNIGHT RERUNS         CENTRAL TIME                    CDEP    12.2011

        1       Too Tall                                        03:14
        2       Looks Alright To You                            03:25
        3       Bobby                                           02:41
        4       Long Way To Go                                  02:51
        5       Blue Ridge Girl                                 03:24
        6       Central Time                                    02:46
        7       Don't It Feel Fine                              03:20
GLR     005     ARCHIE POWELL & THE EXPORTS : SKIP WORK                 LP        .2011

        1       Milkman Blues                                   1:35
        2       Enough About Me                                 2:27
        3       Fighting Words                                  2:34
        4       Moving To The City                              3:07
        5       All Tuckered Out                                2:16
        6       Piggy Bank Blues                                3:01
        7       Skip Work                                       3:00
        8       Loose Change                                    2:59
        9       Follow Through                                  3:40
        10      Mattson Is A Flake                              2:55
        11      Down & Out                                      3:28
        12      The Darndest Things                             3:56
GLR     006     PETE DONNELLY           WHEN YOU COME HOME              LP      12.2011
BMI     01      PETE DONNELLY           WHEN YOU COME HOME              CD      12.2011

        A1      So Fine
        A2      22nd St.
        A3      Original Wonder
        A4      When You Come Home
        A5      Careful
        A6      The Keeping
        A7      Saratoga
        B1      The Only One
        B2      Can't Talk At All
        B3      Far Away Angel
        B4      Tommy's Piano
        B5      If They Can't Get It Right
        B6      Break Through The Silence
        B7      This Way The Back Door

        A1      So Fine
        A2      22nd St.
        A3      Original Wonder
        A4      When You Come Home
        A5      Careful
        A6      The Keeping
        A7      Saratoga
        B1      The Only One
        B2      Can't Talk At All
        B3      Far Away Angel
        B4      Tommy's Piano
        B5      If They Can't Get It Right
        B6      Break Through The Silence
        B7      This Way The Back Door
GLR     009     MIKE GENT : THE NAME OF THIS ALBUM IS MIKE GENT         LP        .2011

        A1      Leave My Capo Alone
        A2      (Romantic Needs Led To) False Alarms
        A3      Paper Knives
        A4      He's In The Bag
        A5      Haste & Wrath
        B1      Buried Me Alive
        B2      Alice The Goon
        B3      Little Yellow Eyes
        B4      Feeling Sound Yet
        B5      Stations Fading

CD      Stomper         06              2011    US
GLR     010     THE FIGGS               SLOW CHARM                      LP        .2012

        A1      Back To Being
        A2      Sit And Shake
        A3      There Are Never Two Alike
        A4      Soon
        A5      Public Transportation
        A6      Static
        B1      Metal Detector
        B2      Lose The Pain
        B3      The Trench
        B4      Protocol
        B5      Slow Charm
        B6      Are You Still Mine?

LP      Stomper         013             2013    US
GLR     011     V / A : GOOD LAND RECORDS AND FRIENDS                   CD        .2012

        1       Archie Powell & The Exports : Crazy Pills
        2       Tim Schweiger and the Middlemen : Waiting on Allison
        3       Trapper Schoepp         Pins and Needles
        4       Jetty Boys              Rope
        5       Midnight Reruns         Blue Ridge Girl
        6       Archie Powell & The Exports : Skip Work
        7       Pete Donnelly           Can't Talk at All
        8       Mike Gent               Paper Knives
        9       The Figgs               The Trench
        10      Direct Hit!             Whatever
        11      Smoking Popes           Writing a Letter
        12      Tommy Stinson           It's a Drag
        13      Quinn Scharber and the . . . : Somthing Better
        14      The Obsoletes           Trouble in Paradise
        15      Snowbirds (Wisconsin)   First in Line
        16      Hugh Bob & The Hustle   Blame Me
        17      Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers : I Won't Let You Down
        18      The Etiquette           Free Headache
GLR     012     THE FIGGS               THREE FOR THE PRICE OF THERE    3LP     06.2013

LP 1            Slow Charm (Limited Edition White Vinyl!)
        A1      The Figgs               Back To Being
        A2      The Figgs               Sit And Shake
        A3      The Figgs               There Are Never Two Alike
        A4      The Figgs               Soon
        A5      The Figgs               Public Transportation
        A6      The Figgs               Static
        B1      The Figgs               Metal Detector
        B2      The Figgs               Lose The Pain
        B3      The Figgs               The Trench
        B4      The Figgs               Protocol
        B5      The Figgs               Slow Charm
        B6      The Figgs               Are You Still Mine?

LP 2            The Name Of This Record Is Mike Gent
        C1      Mike Gent               Leave My Capo Alone
        C2      Mike Gent               (Romantic Needs Led To) False Alarms
        C3      Mike Gent               Paper Knives
        C4      Mike Gent               He's In The Bag
        C5      Mike Gent               Haste & Wrath
        D1      Mike Gent               Buried Me Alive
        D2      Mike Gent               Alice The Goon
        D3      Mike Gent               Little Yellow Eyes
        D4      Mike Gent               Feeling Sound Yet
        D5      Mike Gent               Stations Fading

LP 3            When You Come Home
        E1      Pete Donnelly           So Fine
        E2      Pete Donnelly           22nd St.
        E3      Pete Donnelly           Original Wonder
        E4      Pete Donnelly           When You Come Home
        E5      Pete Donnelly           Careful
        E6      Pete Donnelly           The Keeping
        E7      Pete Donnelly           Saratoga
        F1      Pete Donnelly           The Only One
        F2      Pete Donnelly           Can't Talk At All
        F3      Pete Donnelly           Far Away Angle
        F4      Pete Donnelly           Tommy's Piano
        F5      Pete Donnelly           If They Can't Get It Right
        F6      Pete Donnelly           Break Through The Silence
        F7      Pete Donnelly           This Way The Back Door
                (Note : 3LP boxset , 100 copies)
GLR     013 1   JOSH BERWANGER          STRANGE STAINS                  LP      10.2013

        A1      Bullets Of Change                               1:57
        A2      Enemies                                         2:17
        A3      Baby Loses Her Mind                             2:48
        A4      Time Traveler                                   1:52
        A5      Gypsy Girl And The Tombs Of Atuan               3:23
        B1      Mary                                            1:56
        B2      I Can Feel The Moon                             3:06
        B3      All Night Long                                  1:48
        B4      Spirit World                                    3:43
        B5      Sweet Little Girl                               3:41
        B6      Everybody Knows                                 2:55
GLR     014     MIDNIGHT RERUNS         MIDNIGHT RERUNS                 LP      11.2013
GLR     014     MIDNIGHT RERUNS         MIDNIGHT RERUNS                 CD      11.2013

        1       Going Nowhere                                   03:20
        2       King Of Pop                                     03:45
        3       Chewing Ice                                     04:08
        4       T.V.Z.                                          04:40
        5       Grand Slam                                      03:39
        6       Stop Lyin' Down                                 03:53
        7       *                                               01:00
        8       Pharmacy Eyes                                   01:30
        9       Summer Smoker                                   03:11
        10      Signals From The Blue                           02:51
        11      Basement Guy                                    04:45
GLR     015     PETE DONNELLY           FACE THE BIRD                   LP      03.2014

        A1      Face The Bird
        A2      Always Something
        A3      Delicate Elocution
        A4      Got Caught Up
        A5      A Thing Or Two
        A6      Going On This Way
        B1      Hunger Like
        B2      Toodle-Oo
        B3      Hear It From Me First
        B4      Low Flying Planes
        B5      Something's In The Cupboard
        B6      In The Familiar
        B7      Yet To Be Made
                A GIRLFRIEND

        A       Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend
        B       Population: Us
GLR     017     THE BENJAMINS           BACK ON TRACK                   CDEP      .2014

        1       Wunder Years
        2       Corvette Summer
        3       Ephedrine Kings
        4       Anything Can Happen
        5       3,720 To 1
GLR     018     V / A : GOOD LAND RECORDS & FRIENDS-SPRING 2014         CD        .2014

        1       Midnight Reruns         Going Nowhere           3:21
        2       Direct Hit!             Buried Alive            3:01
        3       Archie Powell & The Exports : Everything's
                Fucked                                          2:10
        4       Brett Newski            Dirt                    2:17
        5       The Figgs               Let's Go Back To Chelsea2:26
        6       Pete Donnelly           Hunger Like             4:00
        7       Limbeck                 Already Gone            2:48
        8       The Benjamins           Corvette Summer         3:25
        9       Josh Berwanger          Baby Loses Her Mind     2:42
        10      Dr. Frank & The Bye Bye Blackbirds
                : Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend                  2:35
        11      Mike Gent               Arriving In A Drum      3:43
        12      Reubens Accomplice : Underneath The Golden Grain3:15
        13      Two Cow Garage : The Death Of The Self
                -Preservation Society                           3:31
        14      Brett Newski            The Maths               3:05
        15      Carter Hulsey           Somethings              3:52
        16      The Ferris Wheel        The Championship        3:09
        17      Frankie Lee             Times Like This         4:21
        18      The Obsoletes           Believe Me              3:24
        19      Chris DeMay             Wounded                 3:48
        20      Joseph Huber            Hello, Milwaukee        4:56
GLR     019     DWIGHT TWILLEY          Shooting Stars                  7"+DLc  03.2015
                JOSH BERWANGER          Some Other Guy
                (Note : 7" , opaque-blue vinyl)
GLR     020     BRETT NEWSKI            AMERICAN FOLK ARMAGEDDON        LP        .2014
GLR     020     BRETT NEWSKI            AMERICAN FOLK ARMAGEDDON        LP+CD     .2014
GLR     020     BRETT NEWSKI            AMERICAN FOLK ARMAGEDDON        CD        .2014

        A1      Dirt
        A2      Vs THe World
        A3      Sooner Than Now
        A4      No Anchor
        A5      Hell Will Be Better If We're In It Together
        B1      Santa Maria
        B2      The Maths
        B3      I Want My Best Friend Back
        B4      Lose Before We Gain
        B5      We Are All Fucked

        1       Big Apple, Small Heart
        2       Lost Sun
        3       Underneath The Golden Grain
        4       All Chorus
        5       Leave The City
        6       This Town
        7       It Is What It Is
        8       Tonight We Drink
        9       In And Out Of Key
        10      Act On (Feeling Alone)
        11      America You Look Good
        12      What You Want Gets You
        13      Life Is Easy

Press info:     1st     300     purple-orange-transl.white
                        100     gold
                        100     black

CD      Western Thread  WT 003          2004    US

On vinyl for the first time! Limited edition colored vinyl. Includes download code.
"If the desperate, chord-crunching "Big Apple, Small Heart" launches The Bull, the
Balloon, and the Family with a bit of Guided By Voices-derived abandon, it's an
exercise in deception. The music of the Phoenix-reared principals in Reubens
Accomplice is far closer to the dusty achievements of the Meat Puppets and Giant
Sand on glistening, Americana balladry like "Lost Sun" (replete with xylophone) and
the pensive "Leave the City." But the buoyant, autobiographical "Underneath the
Golden Grain" and the shit-talking, locals-only feel of "This Town" are where you'll
find Chris Corak and Jeff Bufano really hitting their stride. Even when they drift off
into some sluggish abyss early into "It Is What It Is," they soon sucker punch you
with an undeniable, sun-baked chorus. The Bull was produced with emo-peddler Jim
Adkins (who co-owns the band's label, Western Tread) and while Corak and Bufano are
light years away from Jimmy Eat World, this outing proves they are just as reliable.
Perhaps they should consider altering their handle to Reubens Accomplished." 

CD      Western Tread           WT 003          2004    US
GLR     022     DWIGHT TWILLEY          ALWAYS                          LP      03.2015

A.      01.     ALWAYS
        02.     A MILLION MILES WIDE
        03.     LOVERS
        04.     INTO THE FLAME
        05.     EVERYDAY
        07.     HAPPY BIRTHDAY
        08.     I SEE IT IN YOUR EYES
        09.     FOOLS LIKE ME
        10.     TOMORROW

Fire" (1975), "Girls" (1984) and the classic ballad "Why You Wanna Break My Heart"
featured in the motion picture Wayne's World (1992). He released the critically
acclaimed "Green Blimp" in 2010 and "Soundtrack" followed in October 2011. In the
summer 2013 his song "Lookin' For the Magic" was prominently featured in the horror
film "You're Next." Limited edition colored vinyl. Includes download card. Dwight
Twilley is back with Always, a 10-track collection of sharp rock and pop. Following
the passing of his longtime musical partner Bill Pitcock IV, Twilley enlisted a broad
cast of guests for the record, 'pals and friends' like Steve Allen and Ron Flynt of
20/20, Susan Cowsill, Mitch Easter, Tommy Keene, Roger Linn, Leland Sklar, and Ken
GLR     023
GLR     024     JOSEPH HUBER            TONGUES OF FIRE                 LP      09.2015
GLR     024     JOSEPH HUBER            TONGUES OF FIRE                 10MP3   09.2015

        A1      Fell Off The Wagon
        A2      Where The Shadows Shiver To Sleep
        A3      Drop In The Bucket
        A4      Tongues Of Fire
        A5      Hello Milwaukee
        B1      Iron Rail
        B2      An Old Mountain Tune
        B3      Walkin' Fine
        B4      Burden On The Wind
        B5      Dance Around The Daggers
                (Note : LP , transp.-green vinyl)
GLR     025
GLR     026     THE PUKES               THE REVENGE OF THE PUKES        LP+DLc  12.2016
GLR     026     THE PUKES               THE REVENGE OF THE PUKES        CDR     12.2016

        A1      Do What Diddy
        A2      Gum In Your Hair
        A3      What Should I Do?
        A4      Murder
        A5      They'll Never Find You
        A6      Intermission
        B1      My Fault
        B2      Execution
        B3      Ketchup
        B4      Gravestones
        B5      Donkey Song
        B6      Credits
                (Note : LP , pink vinyl)

CD      1       Do What Diddy                                   2:11
        2       Gum In Your Hair                                3:02
        3       What Should I Do?                               3:38
        4       Murder                                          3:00
        5       They'll Never Find You                          3:12
        6       Intermission                                    1:33
        7       My Fault                                        3:25
        8       Execution                                       2:31
        9       Ketchup                                         4:03
        10      Gravestones                                     3:37
        11      Donkey Song                                     2:00
        12      Credits                                         5:08

CD      Tire Fire Records       TF 3            2016    US
GLR     027     EASY HABITS             PARTY KING                      7"+DLc  03.2017

        01.     PARTY KING
        02.     WHITE BREAD

Easy Habits are a band from the south side of Chicago, IL who like playin' tight when
the feelin's right. They keep listeners on their toes with a killer blend of catchy
melodies and heavy grooves that fuse into an perennial style that will get those
booties shakin and the earth a-quakin.
GLR     028     BOTTOMFEEDERS           BOTTOMFEEDERS                   LP+DLc  08.2017

A.      01.     JUNGLE JUIS
        02.     OUT OF FOCUS
        03.     CRUST FUND
        04.     ISOLATION
        05.     CALIGULA
B.      06.     DETECHT
        07.     RARE APPEAL
        08.     MASS SELECTION
        09.     SEX DESERT
        10.     OUT OF MIND

BOTTOMFEEDERS new record is everything you want out of young punks from New Orleans
playing psych-rock. It's scuzzy, dirty, surfy, and chalked full of great melodies
that will keep you continuously flipping the record, causing this record to not leave
your turntable for days at a time. Energetic garage rock that's  reminiscent of Ty
Segall and Mikal Cronin. Black vinyl LP comes with digital download card of entire
GLR     029     THE OBLEEKS             THE OBLEEKS                     LP      09.2017

        02.     AFTER THE SUNRISE
        04.     I DON'T CRY
        05.     BRAND NEW
B.      06.     I'LL WAIT
        07.     LOVELY HILL
        08.     POISONED WELL
        09.     FEEL YOU

Insanely great power-pop from Chicago, that has figments reminiscent of Big Star and
Wilco. Produced By Amos Pitsch from Tenement at Crutch of Memory in Appleton, WI.
GLR     030     BERWANGER & THE STAR INVADERS : S/T                     LP      10.2017
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
GLR     030     BERWANGER & THE STAR INVADERS : S/T                     LP      10.2017
                (Note : LP , orange vinyl)
GLR     030     BERWANGER & THE STAR INVADERS : S/T                     CD      10.2017

A.      01.     THE STAR INVADERS
        02.     I'M A LOSER
        03.     HORROR SHOW
        04.     BROKEN MOON
        05.     STOP BELIEVING
B.      06.     NEVER LEFT HOME
        07.     CHEAP THRILLS
        08.     THE ASTRONAUT
        09.     SHE STILL LIVES IN ME

Solo project by Justin Berwanger formerly of the Vagrant Records band the Anniversary.
This record features musicians from The Anniversary, Pink, Cher, Limbeck, the Flaming
Lips, & Broncho. Josh wrote the songs for this record after witnessing UFO's on family
vacation 2 years ago. The songs for this record can almost make a trilogy collection
including his 2 previous records, and bridge the gap nicely between his earlier bands,
The Anniversary and The Only Children. LP comes with amazing gatefold artwork and full
color insert.
GLR     031     MINI MELTDOWNS          MINI MELTDOWNS                  7"      04.2018

A.      01.     NUMBER ON ME
        02.     HOSPITAL
B.      03.     WHY CAN'T I BE
        04.     KNIFE

This self-titled, 4-song debut EP is packed with pure punk rock power pop. Melodic,
catchy, bratty, and a bit aggressive, the songs are short and to the point, and will
leave you wanting more. Jon Phillip (Limbeck, Tommy Stinson, Ben Weasel) comes out
from behind the drum kit to play guitar and sing lead vocals for the first time.
Michelle Sullivan sings the other songs and has a knack for writing catchy songs that
will undoubtedly stay in your head all day. Scott Schoenbeck (Dashboard Confessional,
Promise Ring) ties everything together with his melodic bass playing. Mixed by Phillip
Broussard Jr., who was Rick Rubin's right hand man on all the Johnny Cash American
Recordings and has engineered records from everyone from Adele to Bad Religion.
GLR     032     TELETHON                THE GRAND SPONTANEAN            2LP+7"  06.2018

Milwaukee band Telethon's wonderfully ambitious, 90-minute, 30-track indie-punk rock
opera "The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told In Five Acts" is being released as a deluxe,
triple-disc (two 12" + 7") colored vinyl release on June 29th through a collaboration
between Good Land Records and Halloween Records. Produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven,
Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor, The Smith Street Band) and featuring guest spots from
Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren, Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady), Roger Lima (Less Than
Jake), and more, "The Grand Spontanean" is a cosmic trip of punk rock filtered through
straight up rock n' roll a la Thin Lizzy, Weezer's anthemic power pop and every other
style in which they could meld their sound into. It resulted in a true blue rock opera
about a self-centered, internet addicted twenty-something realizing the world's about
to end in a storm of noise and chaos.










BMI     01      PETE DONNELLY           WHEN YOU COME HOME              CD      12.2011
GLR     006                                                             LP      12.2011