GOOD FLAVOR TAPES                       USA

Distr.  : US - Dischord
Style   :

GFT     01
GFT     02
GFT     03      CLEAR CHANNEL           HOT FRUIT                       CS        .2020

        1       Hello?
        2       Hot Fruit
        3       My Only Complaint (Mousey Mix)
        4       Baltimore Blitz
        5       Mira (Rapido)
        6       Smoke-O
        7       V Continental (Ft. KAG)
        8       M.O.C.
        9       German BB
        10      B.B.I.
        11      Sports

The debut EP by Washington, D.C.'s Clear Channel, who are Awad Bilal (Too Free), Mary
Regalado (Downtown Boys, Gauche), Carson Cox (Merchandise), and Don Godwin. Cassettes
out via Good Flavor Tapes in 2019. Songs from the frontline of urban survival,
amplifying the everyday struggles of identity and existence, channeling everything
from Maximum Joy to Rare Essence and ESG.