Distr.  : UK - Norman/Bleep/
Style   : soul / funk / r+b /

GFR     001     SUPER WINGS             MY LOVE IS FOR YOU              LP      01.2019

        1       Someone Will Show Me The Way
        2       Papa Was So Good
        3       My Own People
        4       Something (Love)'s Missing
        5       Sexy Girl
        6       My Love Is For You
        7       Unique Love
        8       She Is A Looser
        9       Holy

‘70s Nigerian rock band, Super Wings, have a history that is blessed by the wonderful
names of band members and scarred by tragedy. They were led by Spud Nathan who was
killed in car crash in 1974. The car was driven by guitarist Manford Best, who the
fans blamed as his previous actions had caused the car to have ‘bad juju’. Their
second album, My Love Is For You, is one of those records that time has turned into
a classic.  Good Find have lovingly reissued this relatively obscure album for it
to evaluated once again. LP, limited to 250 copies.
GFR     002     HOODOO FUSHIMI          KUSAYA                          LP      01.2019

        1       Minna Soudesho!
        2       Baiben Ondo
        3       Takara No Shima
        4       Kinokogumo Ga Mieruhimade
        5       Hera Hera
        6       Poi Poi Bushi
        7       Rettou Ningen
        8       Shinsekai Chitsujo No Otetsudai
        9       Jimoto No Kouho
        10      Sokushi Wa Shinai Doku
        11      Motto Itte
        12      Datsuannyuou Kansei
        13      Minna Soudesho! (part 2)
        14      Encore

Rare recording with a cult following. Limited edition of 250 copies.

Released in 1992 this recording is a unique and beautifully crafted album combining
hip hop, funk and synth elements with a pulsating Japanese sensibility Hoodoo
Fushimi’s masterpiece recording has stood the test of time gaining a cult following
along the way and we’re honoured to be reissuing this important recording in the
Japanese musical lexicon.