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          US - Forced Exposure
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FBK     001     MARIE ET LES GARCONS : MERIE ET LES GARCONS             LP      07.2015

Originally released by Ze Records in 1980, the sole album by Marie et les Garçons is
not really what one might call an album. It collects tracks from two singles from 1977
and 1978, live recordings from 1977, and modernist songs that the band recorded in 1979
in New York. It took only three years for the band to switch their style from early
punk to something more aligned with new wave. The A-side of Marie et les Garçons traces
this transition, from the opening riff of "Rien a Dire"; through the band's biggest
hit, "Rebop," produced by John Cale; to the discoid "P 4 No 2." The B-side includes
live recordings of the band playing their Velvets-esque art-punk in 1977. Marie et les
Garçons was one of the most exciting late '70s French bands, especially because of
Patrick Vidal's twisted and repetitive French lyrics, in a unique style that many
songwriters would later imitate. With so many bands citing Marie et les Garçons as a
significant influence, this first-ever reissue is long overdue. RIYL Television, The
Velvet Underground, Wire, PiL, Teenage Jesus and The Jerks.
FBK     002     BESOMBES RIZET          POLE                            LP      07.2015

        A1.     Haute Pression                                  11:01
        A2.     Armature Double                                 11:56
        B1.     Evelyse                                         7:27
        B2.     Lundi Matin                                     5:45
        B3.     Montelimar                                      7:44

This French psychedelic masterpiece by Philippe Besombes and Jean-Louis Rizet,
originally released by Pôle Records in 1975, is a stunning piece of work created with
synths of various kinds (VCS 3 AKS, Synthorchestra Farfisa, Mellotron 400, etc.),
occasionally backed up by drums and other sounds. Lauded by artists like Julian Cope
and Etienne Jaumet (Zombie Zombie) and diggers around the world,Pôle takes the listener
on a trip like the gods of psychedelic music intended, from IRCAM's laboratories to
German krautrock; from Faust to Cluster & Eno. The original double LP release is
reissued here as a single LP (including download code for original album track "Synthi
Soit-Il," absent from this LP). Pôle is ideal for a thorough shamanic journey without
any new age namby-pamby. After previewing the opening track ("Haute Pression"),
listeners might choose to enjoy the album while tripping, rediscovering that dark and
fuzzy side of unknown '70s French avant-garde music.
FBK     003     BESOMBES/RIZET          POLE                            LP+DLc  12.2015

        1.      Haute Pression
        2.      Armature double (edit)
        3.      Evelyse
        4.      Lundi matin
        5.      Montelimar

Killer reissue of this amazing 1975 obscurity. Includes download code


FBK     006     JACNO                   TANT DE TEMPS                   2LP     05.2016
FBK     007     GEORGE GRUNBLATT        K-PRISS                         LP      03.2018

        01.     Variana
        02.     Vent D'ether
        03.     Wobberlee Walk
        04.     Loopie De Loop
        05.     Far Out

Gonzai Records present a reissue of George Grnblatt's K-Priss, originally released
in 1980. Following the 2016 reissue of P“le, the 1975 album from Besombes & Rizet
(FBK 003LP, 2016), Gonzai Records goes on with r‚habilitation of French weird-but-great
bands. Next step is K-Priss by George Grnblatt, co-founder of the cult band Heldon,
author of a solo LP inspired by Philip K. Dick, recorded in 1977 then published in



NFS     001     STEEPLE REMOVE          POSITION NORMAL                 LP      07.2015

Steeple Remove, founded in 1997, follows its 2008 album Electric Suite with Position
Normal, a sound movie that evokes THX 1138 (1971), if George Lucas had swapped his 35mm
camera for a Moog. Position Normal is the Rouen, France-based band's fourth album,
following a 1997 album on seminal French label Sordide Sentimental (Throbbing Gristle,
Joy Division) and two krautrock-oriented albums on 3rd Side Records; Position Normal,
in turn, draws its inspiration from post-punk. Three of the album's nine songs can be
heard in the first season of Les Revenants (The Returned), the French supernatural
drama TV series that won an International Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2013. RIYL
Psychic TV, Spacemen 3, The Oscillation, The Soft Moon, Suuns.

NFS     004     SAN CAROL               HUMAIN TROP HUMAIN              LP      07.2015

What if Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head (2001) met Amon Düül II's Yeti (1970)?
That's what a deep listening session of French band San Carol's second album suggests;
it's nothing less than a punch in the face for exhausted indie fans bored by too much
softness in pop music. Composed as an unexpected blend of FM tunes and krautrock, it's
also a contemporary trip into madness, where the listener will discover a few guilty
pleasures (the '80s, Bono as a synthpop icon, commercial radio, etc.) resurrected on
songs like "Venture," "Le Graal ardent," and "Oxyon 777," three hits bigger than
whatever you've been listening to. Sweaty and groovy, Humain Trop Humain is an
uninhibited album where you'll also meet Gary Numan, Bobby Gillespie, and James Murphy
dancing like David Bowie with Mick Jagger in the unforgettable-but-forgotten 85 version
of "Dancing in the Street." Stadium krautrock for dummies.
NFS     006     DR(DR)ONE               LYREBIRD                        LP      09.2015
NFSR    007     THE LOVED DRONES        GOOD LUCK UNIVERSE!             LP      03.2016
NFS     008     POINTE DU LAC           POINTE DU LAC                   LP      05.2016
NFS     012     TONY TRUANT             WITH PLEASURE                   10"     07.2016

        01      James Trussart (Tout L'or du Monde Pour Sa
                Guitare en Fer)                                 03 :24
        02      Allons Danser le Lafa-Sete (âde Au Lbog)        03 :12
        03      Quand L'‚t‚ Revient                             04 :28
        04      Dans Les Bras de Papa                           03 :50
        05      Esprits de Suspicion                            03 :39
        06      Tous Mes Amis Sont Morts                        04 :10

NFS     014     BLACKMAIL               AMORE SYNTHETIQUE               LP      03.2018

        01.     BLACKMAIL               Un Caf‚ Pour Antonio
        02.     BLACKMAIL               Scooter Kebab
        03.     BLACKMAIL               Je Ne T'ai Jamais Autant Aim‚
        04.     BLACKMAIL               Amore Synth‚tique
        05.     BLACKMAIL               La Baignoire
        06.     BLACKMAIL               Premier Contact
        07.     BLACKMAIL               Scooter Rond-Point
        08.     BLACKMAIL               Cl“ture
        09.     BLACKMAIL               Pointe Rouge
        10.     BLACKMAIL               Salade Tomates Oignons
        11.     BLACKMAIL               Scooter Plage
        12.     BLACKMAIL               Apr‚s L'amour
        13.     BLACKMAIL               J'appelle Les Flics
        14.     BLACKMAIL               Scooter H“tel

Succeeding Bones (2012) and Dur Au Mal (2015), the French band Blackmail present their
third LP, Amore Synth‚tique, the original sound track for a film shot by Marcia Romano
and Benoit Sabatier (2016).
NFS     015     DOMOTIC                 SMALLVILLE TAPES                LP      03.2018

        01.     DOMOTIC                 Repos Forc‚
        02.     DOMOTIC                 Fr‚quence Fuzz
        03.     DOMOTIC                 Terrain Vague
        04.     DOMOTIC                 Cinquieme tage
        05.     DOMOTIC                 Luminosit‚ Variable
        06.     DOMOTIC                 D‚partement Inconnu
        07.     DOMOTIC                 Rite De Passage
        08.     DOMOTIC                 Cocktail trange
        09.     DOMOTIC                 Investigation Pr‚liminaire
        10.     DOMOTIC                 Pierre Angulaire
        11.     DOMOTIC                 Injection
FCK     003     THE MARRIED MONK        THE BELGIAN KICK                2LP     05.2016
[All notes taken from  http://www.forcedexposure.com/new/newindx.html]