Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative / blues / latin / flamenco /

GMR     9       TORI SPARKS             WAIT NO MORE                    2CD     04.2019

DISC #1 01.     WAIT NO MORE
        02.     EVERYBODY KNOWS
        03.     COLD WAR
        04.     BITTER SEEDS
        05.     LITTLE WARS
        06.     LA LLORONA
        07.     VERDE
        08.     UNTIL MORNING
        09.     SINNER'S SHOES
        10.     LA FLOR DE ESTAMBUL

DISC #2 01.     LA HUERTA
        02.     ON MY MIND
        03.     LA LEYENDA DEL TIEMPO
        04.     QUIZAS QUIZAS QUIZAS
        05.     EL MAR
        06.     OUT OF THE VOID
        07.     VEINTE ANOS TO
        08.     MAMA
        09.     INTERLUDE
        10.     KASHMIR

Tori Sparks-American singer now based in Barcelona, called by Rolling Stone magazine
"an adventurer, always pushing the envelope"-brings us her 7th release, and her 3rd
with Spanish flamenco fusion band Calamento. Wait No More is Sparks first live album,
a double disc that mixes rock, blues, and flamenco fusion in a dynamic recording laced
with flamenco and electric guitars, driving percussion, and bass. From fun, danceable
tracks like "On My Mind," to heartbreakingly beautiful "La Huerta" and title track
"Wait No More" featuring guest artist Alba Bioque, this bilingual album is the
culmination of years of touring condensed into one explosive experience, recorded
with a crack live band.