GRASS MODERN                            UK

Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue /

GLAM    001 CD  THE VENUS FLY TRAP      ICON                            CD      07.2018

        01.     Icon
        02.     Vitesse
        03.     Voodoo Voodo
        04.     Flashback
        05.     Deadly Nightshade
        06.     Return Of Sidewinder
        07.     The Genesis Of The Daleks
        08.     Puppet
        09.     In The Moonlight

Icon from The Venus Fly Trap follows on from Nemesis which came out in 2008 and
a limited red vinyl best of Metamorphosis in 2016. Is there life on Mars? Venus and
Mars... Men are from.... Mythology has been part of VFT's psyche alongside space and
science fiction. Screen idols and goddesses, the celluloid pantheon... immortality
guaranteed... Music created for imaginary films for your mind. Legend, iconic, over
-used, TV celebrities, famous for being famous... Film noir via Tarantino-female
heroines with edge... "Vitesse" built for speed, streamlined structure, fast and
furious... propulsion, eyeliner eyes... like a beam of headlights.
Personnel: Alex Novak - vocals & Andrew Denton - guitar/programming.

GLAM    3       DAVID J : CROCODILE TEARS AND THE VELVET COSH           LP      09.2018

Between the end of Bauhaus and the beginning of Love & Rockets, David J recorded five
singles, and an LP for Glass Records, and played on two albums by The Jazz Butcher.
"Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh" (1985) was and remains one of the crowning
glories of the original Glass label. This reissue comes with remastered sound an
a printed inner bag featuring lyrics.
GLAM    004     VELVET CRUSH : IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATNESS             LP      10.2018
                (Note : LP , turquoise vinyl)

I was a bit of a Ric Menck, Paulie Chastain fan boy back in the early 90's. I loved
their twee pop bands Choo Choo Train, and the Springfields (amongst others). Velvet
Crush was the moment when they stopped messing about in flowerbeds and decided to
rock. Therefore my younger self was a bit horrified but if you like Big Star and
Teenage Fanclub there's much to enjoy here.
GLAM    005     DUENTE WITH DAVID J     ORACLE OF THE HORIZONTAL        LP      10.2018
GLAM    005     DUENTE WITH DAVID J     ORACLE OF THE HORIZONTAL        CD      10.2018

        01.     Duende With David J : Out Of My Dreams
        02.     Duende With David J : Motor City Squeeze
        03.     Duende With David J : In The Shadow of 45
        04.     Duende With David J : Queen Moon And The Brazen Bull
        05.     Duende With David J : Alice Through The Windscreen
        06.     Duende With David J : Oracle

LP version. 180 gram vinyl; Gatefold sleeve. A collaboration by David J (Bauhaus,
Love & Rockets) and Detroit's psych prog garage rock n' rollers Duende. CD version
comes in a six-panel card sleeve.
                STRIKES PRIMITIV

        1.      Klangfarbenmelodie.& The Colorist Strikes Primitiv Pt. I
        2.      Klangfarbenmelodie.& The Colorist Strikes Primitiv Pt. II
        3.      Phase II

Glass Modern present the first vinyl issue of Thurston Moore and Tom Surgal's
Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv. Originally released on
CD in 1995 only in New Zealand by the Dead C's Bruce Russell on his Corpus Hermeticum
label. Edited by Bruce Russell for this Glass Modern release. New liner notes by
Bruce Russell. 180 gram, white vinyl.
GLAM    007     RICHARD YOUNGS          DISSIDENT                       LP      02.2019

A       1.      Filling My Mind With Stars
        2.      Just A Monotone
        3.      Lonely Suburban Eyes
        4.      North Sea Song
        5.      (Searching For A) Dead Language
B       1.      Paradise Begun
        2.      Assymetry
        3.      Unseeing
        4.      I Would Rather Fall Into Your Head
        5.      We Are Going Outside
        6.      High Low Vertigo
        7.      Caravans
GLAM    008 LP  PROLAPSE                BACKSATURDAY                    LP      04.2019

Glass Modern present a reissue of the Prolapse's second album Backsaturday, originally
released in 1995. Backsaturday saw them experimenting with both repetitive grooves and
ambient soundscapes, krautrock, and kitchen sink drama. They feature dueling vocalists
Mick Derrick and Linda Steelyard, who play out an intense soap opera over a ferocious
triple guitar assault and pummeling rhythm section. The classic 15-minute track "Flex",
has been remixed by current bass player and former Julian Cope associate, Donald Ross
Skinner. 180 gram vinyl; Duck egg blue vinyl.
GLAM    009
GLAM    010
GLAM    011     FRANCES MCKEE           SUNNY MOON                      LP      04.2019

Glass Modern present a reissue of the debut solo LP from 2006, by Vaselines founding
member Frances McKee, originally only released in Japan on CD in 2004. Following a
post-Vaselines break, she began making music with Vaselines bass player James Seenan,
writing material of a more-mellow flavor. These songs were released under the name
Suckle, initially coming out on 4AD offshoot Detox Artefacts. The Vaselines of course
reformed in 2008, tour regularly and have released two albums on Sub Pop. Frances
features in the 2017 documentary Teenage Superstars. All songs by Frances McKee except
by "You Know Who I Am" by Leonard Cohen. Remastered. 180 gram vinyl; blue vinyl.

GLAM    013     MATTHEW SWEET : KIMI GA SUKI * RAIFU                    LP      08.2019

        1.      Dead Smile                                      (5:01)
        2.      Morning Song                                    (4:15)
        3.      The Ocean In-Between                            (2:51)
        4.      I Love You                                      (1:41)
        5.      I Don’t Want To Know                            (3:46)
        6.      Warning                                         (4:04)
        7.      Spiral                                          (1:50)
        8.      Love Is Gone                                    (3:27)
        9.      Hear This                                       (3:22)
        10.     Wait                                            (2:38)
        11.     Tonight We Ride                                 (2:44)
        12.     Through Your Eyes                               (7:13)
                (Note : LP , green vinyl)

Originally released on CD in Japan in 2003, as a love letter & thank you to his
Japanese fans. Recorded at home, produced, engineered & mixed by Matthew Sweet (bass,
guitars & vocals) with the classic ‘Girlfriend’ era lineup of Ric Menck (drums), Greg
Leisz (guitars) and the genius electric lead guitar of Television’s Richard Lloyd.
The sleeve art is by renowned artist Yoshimoto Nara.

GLAM    015     FUTURE PILOT AKA        ORKESTRA DIGITALIS              LP      09.2019

SIDE 1  1.      Morning Prayers / Ashes at My Guru's Feet
        2.      The Art Of Good Breathing (ft. Emma Pollock/Ron Sexsmith)
        3.      Tutti Shruti (featuring Robert Wyatt)
        4.      hetookherhand / Intuition Told Me Pt.1
        5.      Holy Water (featuring RM Hubbert)
        6.      The Sound of Jura
SIDE 2  1.      Music Like A Vitamin
        2.      Jai Gopala
        3.      Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai
        4.      Slaves Lament (featuring Mairi Campbell)
        5.      Mingus Take Your Bow And Paint My Heartstrings With Sunshine
                (featuring Mulatu Astatke)
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
GLAM    016     THE VENUS FLY TRAP      MARS                            CD      06.2019

        01.     Shadows Whisper Mecca
        02.     (I Get) Flowers
        03.     Morphine
        04.     Ruby Red
        05.     Desolation Railway
        06.     Hazy Future
        07.     Catalyst
        08.     How The Mighty
        09.     Violins and Violence
        10.     Up There

A reissue of Mars, the debut album by The Venus Fly Trap from 1988.
Personnel:      Alex Novak - vocals
                Tony Booker - guitar
                Dave Freak - percussion and vocals
                Chris Evans - bass
                John Novak - guitar
                Tim Perkins - violin, guitar, and keyboard.

Formed in Northampton, UK (famous for Bauhaus and Alan Moore) after parting company
with electronic outfit Attrition in the late 1980s. Early releases came out via French
label Danceteria that led to tours of France, Belgium, Germany. European interest has
always been strong, leading to further albums being released by Azyl (Czech Republic),
Spectre (Germany), Soundbuster (Germany), and SPV(Germany/Poland). There have been
many tours taking in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia,
Italy, Hungary, Austria, Poland, and Finland. Remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition
at The Cage, 2019.