GLACIAL MOVEMENTS                       ITALY

Found   : Alessandro Tedeschi
Distr.  : IT -
          UK - Kudos/Boomkat/Bleep/Norman/
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
          US - Darla
Style   : ambient / dark ambient / minimal / drone /

GM      001     V / A                   CRYOSPHERE                      CDR     07.2006

                CLOSING THE ETERNITY    Pulse Of Iceilence
                NORTHAUT                Crocker Land
                THO-SO-AA               Cryotesk
                LIGHTWAVE               Proxima Thule
                TUU                     Silent Writing
                TROUM                   Giascei
                AIDAN BAKER             Beneath The Ice
                NETHERWORLD             Kryos
                OOPHOI                  Cold Sun
                (Note : CDR , 300 copies)
GM      002     NETHERWORLD             MORKEDIT                        CD      04.2009

Dreaming Arctic Expanses / New Horizons / Morketid / Jokul / North Pole / Virgin Lands
GM      004     LULL                    LIKE A SLOW RIVER               CD      04.2009

Whiteout / The Sheet / Like A Slow River / Treeless Grounds / Illusion Of Unbroken
GM      005     SKARE                   SOLSTICE CITY                   CD      04.2009

To The Other Shore / Trough Wind And Broken Ice / The Snow Angel Factory
GM      006     AQUADORSA               CLOUDLANDS                      CD      06.2009
A Pillow Of Clouds / Daylight Fading Into Evening Silence/ The Pond Reflected Her Smile
Zero Gravity / Syhan / Alone In The Rising Fog / Night Of Trembling Stars
GM      007     FRANCISCO LOPEZ         AMAROK                          CD      02.2010

Amarok (64:07)
GM      008     bvdub                   THE ART OF DYING ALONE          CD      07.2010

Descent To The End / Nothing From No One / To Finally Forget It All / No More Reasons
Not To Fall / No One Will Ever Find You Here / The Art Of Dying Alone
GM      009     NETHERWORLD             OVER THE SUMMIT                 CD      02.2011

Over The Summit / Aurora Performs Its Last Show / Iceblink (Aurora Borealis mix) /
Crystallized Words / Thoughts Locked In The Ice / Iperborea
GM      010     LOSCIL                  COAST/RANGE/ARC                 CD      05.2011

Black Tusk / Fromme / Stave Peak / Neve / Brohm Ridge / Goat Mountain
GM      011     BVDUB (TRANSLATION OF M'RKETID) : I REMEMBER            CD      07.2011

This Place Has Only Known Sadness / We Said Forever / The Promise (reprise) feat.David
Williams / Would It Be The Same / There Was Nothing But Beauty In My Heart / A Taste Of
Your Own Medicine
GM      012     STORMLOOP               SNOWBOUND                       CD      11.2011

Snowbound / Cold Winds / A Blizzard / A Clam Reflection / Melt / Dense Fog / Drifting-
Decent / Losing Sleep / Space Station J / Cygnus
GM      013     PJUSK                   TELE                            CD      02.2012

Fnugg / Gneis / Flint / Skifer / Krystall / Granitt / Kram / Bre / Polar
GM      014     RETINA.IT               DESCENDING INTO CREVASSE        CD      06.2012

Synth On Axis Ft.Heidseck / Freezing The Fourth String / Moonshine / Attrazione Magne-
tica / - 32 F.Porcelain , Metal & Ice / Descending Into Crevasse
GM      015     CELER : WITHOUT RETROSPECT, THE MORNING                 CD      11.2012

Holdings Of Electronic Lifts / A Small Rush Into Exile / Dry And Disconsolate /
Variourum Of Hierophany / A Landscape Once Uniformloy White / Distance And Mortality /
With Some Effort, The Sunset
GMDG    016     YUYA OTA                ARCTIC APRIL MOTHER             9DL     01.2013

        1       Knife                                           2:51
        2       Silver Rain                                     6:22
        3       Lágrima                                         7:07
        4       Maria                                           4:41
        5       Seven Sisters Cliff                             5:37
        6       Parfum                                          4:13
        7       Dispersus                                       6:10
        8       Tokyo                                           6:03
        9       Viento                                          6:21
GM      017     AIDAN BAKER             ANEIRA                          CD      03.2013

Aneira (47:33)
GM      018     NETHERWORLD             ALCHEMY OF ICE                  CD      05.2013

Alchemy Of Snow / Polo Nord Dell'Inaccessibilities / Icepulse / White Silence /
85 50's 65 47's / Hymns To A malancholic Sunset
GMDG    019     FROZEN THOUGHTS         CALM BEFORE THE STORM           5DL     07.2013

        1       Reflections Of Dead Maidens                     12:54
        2       Eternity Without Time                           10:30
        3       Godlight                                        11:02
        4       We Are Not Alone                                09:54
        5       Calm Before The Storm                           09:26
GM      020     Bvdub & LOSCIL          EREBUS                          CD      10.2013

Aether (13:30) / Hespiredes (14:24) / Hypnos (24:19) / Moirai (16:32) / Thanados (8:40)
GM      021     YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN     NORTHERRN GULFS                 CD      02.2014

        1.      Sunken Anchor
        2.      Khaypudyr Bay
        3.      High Tide
        4.      Low Tide
        5.      Kara Sea
        6.      Home Port
GM      022     MACHINEFABRIEK          STILLNESS SOUNDTRACKS           CD      06.2014

        1.      (Chinstrap)
        2.      Stillness #1 (The FRAM, Greenland)
        3.      Stillness #2 (Ilulissat, Greenland)
        4.      Stillness #3 (The Protector, Antarctica)
        5.      (Chinstrap)
        6.      Stillness #4 (Yalour Islands, Antarctica)
        7.      Stillness #5 (Lemair Channel, Antarctica)

        1       Kulde
        2       Uvaer
        3       Fryst
        4       Hvit
GM      024     RAPOON : SONGS FROM THE END OF THE WORLD                CD      03.2016

        1       We Travelled in Waves
        2       A Listening Ice
        3       A Sky Beckons Down
        4       Call of Tongues
        5       A Prophecy Lies Under
        6       Call of Deliverance
        7       An Answer in Ice
        8       Ancestors Talk in Lands of Darkness
        9       The Sky Dances in Green
GM      025     PHILIPPE PETIT          YOU ONLY LIVE ICE               CD      06.2016

        01.     YOU ONLY LIVE ICE                               43:03
GM      026     ARIA ROSTAMI & DANIEL BLOMQUIST : WANDERING EYE         CD      06.2016

        1       Dome A 80.37° S 77.53° E 4083m
        2       Dome C 75.06° S 123.23° E 3233m
        3       Dome F 77.19° S 39.42° E 3810m
        4       Ridge B ~76° S ~94.75° E ~3750m
        5       Dome B 79.0° S 93.6° E 3809m
        6       Ridge A 81.5° S 73.5° E 4053m
GM      027     JOHANNES MALFATTI       SURGE                           CD      12.2016
GM      028     AWARE                   THE BOOK OF WIND                CD      04.2017

        01.     SO HE GOT UP AND ATE AND DRANK
        04.     THERE HE WENT INTO A CAVE
        05.     AND SPENT THE NIGHT
        07.     BUT GOD WAS NOT IN THE STORM
        11.     BUT GOD WAS NOT IN THE FIRE
        14.     AND WENT OUT

Aware is the alias of Alexander Glueck, born 1983, who studied philosophy and physics
in Vienna, where he currently lives. Apart from music, he writes monographs in the
field of philosophy, which revolve around Christian mysticism, Buddhism and the poetics
of modern cosmology, recently Poesie des Kosmos (2016). The Book of Wind is a coll. of
short essays which never reach their goal, but vanish into nothing, to which they
GM      029     BVDUB : EPILOGUES FOR THE END OF THE SKY                CD      04.2017

        1.      On Deaf Hearts Your Prayers They Fall           10:29
        2.      With Broken Wings and Giants Tall               09:14
        3.      Sparkling Legions Turn to Black                 11:27
        4.      Your Painted Armor Aches to Crack               08:32
        5.      Clouds Besiege What You Remain                  09:57
        6.      Footsteps Fade If Not Your Pain                 10:06
        7.      Love Is Never Asking Why                        08:42
        8.      It All Ends with the Coming Sky                 07:06

bvdub is Brock Van Wey, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Devoting his life to
the SF rave scene in the late 80's, he began to DJ and promote his own deep house and
ambient events in 1991, rising 10 years before a self-imposed exile to China in 2001
to escape the state of a scene he could no longer accept. He began to produce his own
music in 2006, first releasing in 2007 on Night Drive Music. Soon after, his overtly
emotional sound spread to Styrax, Millions of Moments, Southern Outpost, and Meanwhile,
before a natural and gradual shift to his trademark ambient onslaughts saw him call
n5MD, Glacial Movements, AY, Darla, echospace [detroit], Kompakt, his own Quietus
Recordings, and many more home. Now returned to his hometown, he has continued his
prolific output, with a string of self-released CD and digital-only releases, a
monolithic rework of Vortexual [element seven] for echopace [detroit], and his newest,
most wistful and hypnotic work yet - his return to Glacial Movements, with Epilogues
for the End of the Sky. Brock has also released numerous ambient projects under his
given name, deep house as Earth House Hold, and drum & bass as East Of Oceans.
GMCD    030     SCANNER                 THE GREAT CRATER                CD      09.2017

        1.      Cast to the Bottom                              02:36
        2.      Exposure, Collapse                              06:05
        3.      Katabatic Wind                                  06:01
        4.      Forming Circuits                                04:08
        5.      The Scar                                        09:37
        6.      Deep Water Channel                              03:50
        7.      Lakes Under Lakes                               03:58
        8.      Underwater Lake                                 04:43
        9.      Strange Circles                                 03:31
        10.     Moving Forwards                                 03:44

Robin Rimbaud, alias Scanner (1964, London, UK) is a composer whose work traverses
the experimental terrain between sound, space and image, creating absorbing,
multilayered sound pieces that twist technology in unconventional ways, connecting
a bewilderingly diverse array of genres. Since 1991 he has been intensely active in
sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings, the albums Mass
Observation (1994), Delivery (1997), and The Garden is Full of Metal (1998) hailed
by critics as innovative and inspirational works of contemporary electronic music.
Committed to working with cutting edge practitioners he has collaborated on projects
with Bryan Ferry, Wayne MacGregor, Merce Cunningham, Mike Kelley, Miroslaw Balka,
Torres, Michael Nyman, Carsten Nicolai, Steve McQueen, Stella McCartney, Laurie
Anderson and Hussein Chalayan, amongst others.
GM      031     HAVENAIRE               RABOT                           CD      01.2018

Havenaire is John Roger Olsson, a composer, musician and producer based in Stockholm.
After many years performing as the melancholic pop act The Grand Opening, John Roger
launched his new ambient electronic alias Havenaire early 2016. The debut album
'Tremolo' was released on the US label Constellation Tatsu.

GMCD    033     PAUL SCHUTZE            THE SKY TORN APART              CD      05.2018

        01.     THE SKY TORN APART                              (56:39)

Paul Schutze has worked for over thirty years as an artist in the fields of,
photography, video, sound and installation. He was a founding member of Australian
experimental band Laughing Hands and of Phantom City: an international collective
of musicians working both live and virtually from points across the globe. He has
performed with sound & film works in over a dozen countries and released over thirty
albums of original music. His works have been exhibited in numerous international
galleries and museums (V&A, The Hayward, Reina Sofia, IVAM, British Museum). His
photographic work is held in both public and private collections including The
British Museum, Pallant House and the Speed Museum. He has collaborated with major
international artists including James Turrell, Josiah McElheny & Isaac Julien and
musicians including Bill Laswell, Lol Coxhill, Toshinori Kondo, Raoul Bjorkenheim,
Clive Bell, Dirk Wachtaeler, Max Eastley, Jah Wobble, Robert Hamson and David Toop.
Paul runs the online sensory archive Dressing The Air and in 2014 introduced olfactory
elements into his artwork. In 2016 He launched fragrance house Paul Schutze Perfume
with partner Chris Rickwood. This work is a reflection on the uncanny parralells found
in our anthropogenic environmental transformation and the Nordic myths of Ragnarok in
which the earth is subsumed by water as a consequence of divine conflict. In the myth,
the world emerges from the waters reborn and purged. The sky tore apart and the sun
curdled like a diseased eye. Below, where once a continent of ice spanned the horizon,
there lay nothing but a vast expanding mirror, implacable and silent. For days, clouds
of flying creatures scoured its surface for purchase before falling exhausted into
their own reflections.
GMCD    034     TROPIC OF COLDNESS      FRAMED WAVES                    CD      07.2018

        02.     THE PRIDE OF OUR SAILS
        03.     TWO AND A HALF STONES
        05.     FRAMED WAVES

"Tropic of Coldness" is a duo formed by David and Giovanni, who met by chance, or maybe
not, in Brussels, Belgium, during the autumn of 2011. David is a guitarist, synth and
sample player, already active on the Brussels scene with his electro / experimental
project "Drawing Virtual Gardens" with several releases on Time Released Sound, Flaming
Pines, Shimmering Moods and Krysalisound. Giovanni played guitar, voice and samples for
the North-East Italian band "Fuji Apple Worship", involved in a melting pot of drones,
field recordings and minimal sound sculptures. Since its beginning in November 2011,
Tropic of Coldness focused on drones / ambient / electroacoustics originated from
improvised session, with layers of processed guitars and synths, surrounded and
filtrated by field recordings in a sort of acoustic archaeology. The sound research
permeates every single note and the harmonic pattern is oriented towards both instr.
and compositional exploration, in a combination of ambient and electronic elements.
The imaginary recalled refers to a concrete reality made present from time to time by
field recordings or track titles created with the intention to establish ideally an
immediate connection between listener and physical space. Tropic of Coldness have
performed live in Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna as well as touring in other
cities of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Italian-American duo Tropic Of Coldness release their latest drone opus via Glacial
Movements (bvdub & Loscil, Scanner). It’s a fittingly-named label for an LP such as
Framed Waves. This is an album of slow beauty built on sonic microshifts rather than
abrupt changes. Hums, whirrs and groans drift over one another across these five
lengthy entries, with the occasional spool of electric guitar added for extra
GMCD    35      MURCOF                  LOST IN TIME                    CD      09.2018

        01.     INTRODUCTION
        02.     CHAPITRE I
        03.     CHAPITRE II
        04.     CHAPITRE III
        05.     CHAPITRE IV
        06.     CHAPITRE V
        07.     CHAPITRE VI
        08.     CHAPITRE VII
        09.     CHAPITRE VIII
        10.     CHAPITRE IX
        11.     CHAPITRE X
        12.     CHAPITRE XI
        13.     EPILOGUE
        14.     CHAPITRE N

Fernando Corona is Murcof, a Mexican electronica artist who has gradually scaled
back the beats in favour of samples and inspiration taken from modern classical
music. Lost In Time intersects with the film of the same name, and uses aspects of
the Goldberg Variations in order to create a deep and powerful new work. Released
by Glacial Movements.
GMCD    36      FRAME                   THE JOURNEY                     CD      01.2019

        01.     MERCURY
        02.     VENUS
        03.     EARTH
        04.     MARS
        05.     JUPITER
        06.     SATURN
        07.     URANUS
        08.     NEPTUNE
        09.     PLUTO AND CHARON
        10.     THE ARRIVAL
GMCD    37      EQUAL STONES            BELOW ZERO                      CD      04.2019

        01.     PRESENCE                                        7:03
        02.     TERRETORIAL DOMINION                            8:28
        03.     HOWLING FJORD                                   7:10
        04.     A FIRE LONG EXTINGUISHED                        9:54
        05.     FRAGMENTED ICE                                  16:31

The latest release from Equal Stones - a.k.a. Dutch electronic artist Amandus Schaap
-Below Zero evokes the endless frozen wilderness of the permafrost, with thick heavy
textures moving almost imperceptibly slowly. Italian ambient label Glacial Movements
makes a perfect home for Schaap’s new music.
GMCD    38      LINE SPECTRUM           BRUMA                           CD      07.2019

        01.     A SET OF EVENTS AT THE SHORE
        02.     FABRIC MERGE
        03.     WAYS
        04.     FLUIDITY
        05.     QUIETNESS

Line Spectrum is the new project by Oleg Puzan from Ukraine, who also released some
excellent works on the Cryo Chamber label as Dronny Darko. Line Spectrum is a sound
art project that is created to expand sonic boundaries through sound manipulations,
often in a form of severe minimalism using a vast palette of microscopic sounds forming
an immersive auditory monsoon. Slowly evolving textures mixed with field recordings
and synthesized particles suits as a perfect perception environment for a listener.
His works often reflect the state of tranquility through blending together deep
ambiences, musique concrete, avant-garde elements and silence.Line Spectrums
compositions require focused listening and is often best experienced on using hight
quality headphones. Bruma is an album of exploration. Somewhere cold and safe. Where
nature is pure and expands as far as the eyes can see. Immersive drones combined with
textured particles and field recording pieces create a place to dissolve in.





WSGM    001     OOPHOI                  WURM SERIES 1                   CD      04.2009

An Aerieal View (65:09)

(Note : CD , 750 copies)
ICEBERG 1       HETHERWORLD             ZASTRUGI                        CD      04.2015

        1.      Mapsuk
        2.      Bergie Seltzer
        3.      Sérac
        4.      Dry Andes
        5.      Uikka
ICEBERG 2       ARKTIKA                 COUNCIL ESTATE ELECTRONICS      CD      11.2016

        1       Urals
        2       567 Foot 33,500 Ton
        3       Type LK-60YA
        4       Rosatom
        5       50 Let Pobody
        6       Polar Star
        7       Liquified Natural Gas
        8       60 Megawatts
ICEBERG 3       ERALDO BERNOCCHI & NETHERWORLD : HIMURO                 CD      06.2017

        01.     HYOZAN (ICEBERG)
        02.     RYUHYO (DRIFT ICE)
        03.     HYOKAI (ICY WATERS)
        04.     HISAME (FROZEN RAIN)
        05.     HYOSETSU (ICE AND SNOW)
        06.     HIMURO (ICE HOUSE)