GIVE PRAISE RECORDS                     P.O.Box 494
*******************                     Barnstable, MA 02630-0494


Distr.  : US - Very Distr.
          CA - Scratch
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : thrash / punk / metallic punk / hardcore / grindcore / death metal
          / goregrind / brutal death metal / ambient noise / dark metal / harsh
          / doom dark metal /

GPR     01      FRANK CASTLE GONNA BREAK YOUR NECK! : s/t               7"        .2004

        A1      Join The Frank Castle's Army!
        A2      Everybody Is A Cop
        A3      Get Out Of The Spot
        A4      Storm The Streets
        A5      Destroy The Hippie Culture
        B1      F.C.G.B.Y.N.!
        B2      Fuck Your Flag!
        B3      Vandalism Is Our Resistance
        B4      Not For You
GPR     1.5     V / A                   THRASH BEFORE YOU DIE           CS        .2006

                Side Deth
        A1      The Anorexics           4 Wheels Are Greater Than 8
        A2      The Anorexics           Armageddon Shmarmageddon
        A3      Badeatinghabits         Deny Everything
        A4      Badeatinghabits         Syphilis
        A5      Fieldtrip               Chuff Enough
        A6      Fieldtrip               Fieldtrip
        A7      Forced March            150 mg
        A8      Forced March            Legacy Of Shit And Failure
        A9      HeadXTrauma             Head Trauma
        A10     HeadXTrauma             Two Faced
        A11     HeadXTrauma             Croquet
                Side Dead
        B1      Here 2 Thrash           Here2thrash
        B2      Here 2 Thrash           Tricycle
        B3      Knuckles And Nipples    Tough as shit
        B4      Knuckles And Nipples    Tsunami Dreams
        B5      Mountains Of Coke       Mindless
        B6      Mountains Of Coke       Chronic Thrash Brah
        B7      Mountains Of Coke       Sweet Iron Maiden Riff Dude Part II
        B8      Nut-Slap-Sex            Bruce Lee Vs Mr Miagi
        B9      Nut-Slap-Sex            Skate Drunk
        B10     Small Talk Death        Flip Flop
        B11     Small Talk Death        Open Your Eyes
        B12     Snorklepuss             360 Flip Frontside
        B13     Snorklepuss             Pro Earth Anti People
        B14     Snorklepuss             Liar Liar
        B15     Stop 'N 'Go             Arbitri
        B16     Stop 'N 'Go             Cardinale
GPR     02      KILLED IN ACTION        SELF ABUSE EP                   7"        .2006

        A1      So Full Of Shit
        A2      Teethgrinder
        B1      War Profiteering Is Killing Us All, Unless You're The
                Suicide Machines Who Are Making A Killing Off Of Punk
                (Motor City)
        B2      Blood Of The Clerics
GPR     03      IN DEFENCE              TWIN CITIES CREW                7"        .2006

        A1      In Defence
        A2      Blank Slate
        A3      Be Yourself
        A4      Don't Need You
        A5      Diehard Hudson Hawk
        B1      Slam In The Pit
        B2      Twin Cities Crew
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
GPR     04      TRENDY BASTARD          TRENDY BASTARD                  7"        .2005

        A1      Smoke On The Walter
        A2      Slick Your Dyed Black Hair To The Side And Stick Your
                Disgusting Head In An Oven
        A3      Cheap Trick: A Band Named After My Mom
        A4      Metallica's Greatest Hit Was Black Ice
        A5      Bad To The Boner
        A6      Your Muscles Smell Like The Inside Of A Wolf's Vagina
                (Note : 7" , 350 copies on green vinyl)
GPR     005     V / A                   SKATE ATTACK ! - VOL.1          CS      06.2006

        A1      Killed In Action        Destroy Cleveland
        A2      Temper                  xFadesx
        A3      Street Sharks           Spiritus Sanctus
        A4      Street Sharks           Slummin' It
        A5      Makhlok Perosak         Revolution
        A6      ANS                     Skate Zombies Must Shred
        A7      ANS                     Thrash To Be Free
        A8      ANS                     The Deep End
        A9      ANS                     The Grip
        B1      Bail Out!               Dark Alley
        B2      Bail Out!               Dust.Wind.Dude
        B3      Concrete Evidence       White Belts
        B4      Common Enemy            Skate Of The Dead
        B5      Common Enemy            Let's Have Fun
        B6      Common Enemy            Park Scabs And Ramp Tramps
        B7      Badeatinghabits         Florida
        B8      Badeatinghabits         Too Many Problems
        B9      Media Circus            Media Circus
        B10     Media Circus            Been Nowhere Done Nothing
        B11     Media Circus            Hipster Holocaust
                (Note : cassette , 300 copies)
GPR     06      DEATH SENTENCE/CTHUWULF : SPLIT                         7"        .2006

        A1      Death Sentence          The Push
        A2      Death Sentence          Understand
        A3      Death Sentence          Anti Apartheid
        A4      Death Sentence          Sweet Thing Of Innocence
        A5      Death Sentence          Negative Attitude
        B1      Cthuwulf                Betruger (Deceiver)
        B2      Cthuwulf                Teufelmann (Devilman)
        B3      Cthuwulf                Squatter Riot
        B4      Cthuwulf : T.F.T./Ich Liebe Thrashcore (I Love Thrashcore)
        B5      Cthuwulf                The Kids Are Uptight
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , white vinyl)
GPR     07      NERVOUS BREAKDOWN       JOIN THE ARMY!                  7"        .2006

        A1      Join The Army
        A2      Open Your Eyes
        A3      Your Truth Must Be A Lie
        A4      Scene Police
        B1      My Life
        B2      Run
        B3      What Counts
GPR     008     IN DEFENCE/GUNS N'ROSA PARKS : SPLIT                    7"        .2006

        A1      Guns N' Rosa Parks      Tarred & Feathered
        A2      Guns N' Rosa Parks      How To Read Lips
        A3      Guns N' Rosa Parks      Frontier Mentality
        A4      Guns N' Rosa Parks      Can't Relate
        B1      In Defence              No Racist Attitude
        B2      In Defence              Stand Apart
        B3      In Defence              Reach Out (And Punch Somebody)
GPR     09      KIDS OF CARNAGE         KIDS OF CARNAGE                 7"        .2006

        A1      The Kids Of Carnage
        A2      Fall Off The Tracks
        A3      Snakes
        A4      Doofenbag
        B1      Feel The Wrath
        B2      Stand Tall
        B3      Wintercore
        B4      More Tattoos
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
GPR     10      HEADXTRAUMA!            TWO FACED EP                    7"        .2006

        A1      Head Trauma
        A2      Disgusted
        A3      ROTC
        B1      Fashion Sense
        B2      Two Faced
        B3      Croquet
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , clear vinyl)
GPR     11      SEVERE                  SNICTH SLAUGHTER EP             7"        .2006

        A1      Intro - Company Man
        A2      Christian Beater
        A3      Head Paunch
        A4      Shit Eater
        A5      Skull Thump AKA Obey The Dopeman
        B1      528-Cash
        B2      Decay
        B3      Baby I'm An Anarchist
        B4      Snitch Slaughter
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM)

7"      625 Thrashcore  625# 198        2006    US
                TO DRAIN YOUR POOL

        A1      Badeatinghabits         Skate And/Or Die
        A2      Badeatinghabits         Student
        A3      Badeatinghabits         Here's The Door, Now Fucking Use It
        A4      Badeatinghabits         Fucking Your Way To The Finish Line
        A5      Badeatinghabits         My God Rides A Skateboard
        A6      No Comply               Growing Up In..
        A7      No Comply               South Park Crew
        A8      No Comply               A.S.A.P. (A Song About Pigs)
        A9      No Comply               Prelude To Untitled
        A10     No Comply               Don't Forget
        A11     No Comply               Blinded Vision
        A12     No Comply : Brutal Female Torture Faceless Beatdown
        A13     No Comply               New Monster Pt. 2
        B1      A.N.S.                  Skate Zombies Must Shred
        B2      A.N.S.                  A Suit, A Tie, And A Gun
        B3      A.N.S.                  Try Try Again
        B4      A.N.S.                  Turn It Off
        B5      A.N.S.                  Beach Blanket Bongout
        B6      Rat Byte                Speed
        B7      Rat Byte                Frustration
        B8      Rat Byte                Break Yourself
        B9      Rat Byte                Fun
        B10     Rat Byte                No Mind
        B11     Rat Byte                Not For Me
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 red copies)

LP      To Live A Lie           TLAL 08         2006
LP      Appliance               AR 005          2006
LP      Wake Up And Live        WUL 03          2006
LP      Thrash Up Your Ass      TUYA 1          2006
GPR     13      TERMINAL YOUTH          TERMINAL YOUTH                  LP      12.2006

        A1      Nightmare
        A2      So Sincere
        A3      Varicose Vein, Poison Stomach
        A4      At A Loss
        A5      Coutervail
        A6      Lever
        A7      Left For Dead
        A8      Pound By Pound By Pound
        A9      Spoonful Of Dependency
        B1      Burnt Up
        B2      Pleasure To Serve
        B3      Bridge Game
        B4      Run Under
        B5      Dead Weight
        B6      Down Your Throat
        B7      Panic
        B8      Nervous Wreck
        B9      Dilemma

LP      To Live A Lie           TLAL 10         2006
LP      De Rok                  DDR-005         2006
GPR     014     BIRDS OF A FEATHER/IN DEFENCE : Split                   7"        .2006

        A1      Birds Of A Feather      Architect
        A2      Birds Of A Feather      Take The Change
        B1      In Defence              Hardcore Is Dead
        B2      In Defence              See It Through
GPR     015     FRANKIE HILL            Seven Ply Discography           CD      01.2007

        1       Intro
        2       Rags And Cab
        3       Intro
        4       Bow Down To Frankie
        5       Phuq. U
        6       Assboarder
        7       Too Emo To Skate
        8       Fascios Fora (Helmet Los)
        9       Some Time Ago You Could Say A Name Without Having To
                Make Sure You Were Talking About A Real Person Or His
                Pro-Model Shoes
        10      Too Emo To Skate
        11      Phuq. U
        12      Bow Down To Frankie
        13      Rags And Cab
        14      Assboarder
        15      Some Time Ago You Could Say A Name Without Having To
                Make Sure You Were Talking About A Real Person Or His
                Pro-Model Shoes
        16      Skate And (Be) Destroy(Ed)
        17      Head Against The Walls
        18      Fascios Fora (Helmet Los)
        19      I Didn't Know Phil Knight Was A Thrasher
GPR     016     ALARME                  Walk Together , Trash Together  7"      10.2007

        A1      Se Arrepender
        A2      Resistencia Unificada
        A3      O Que Voce Aprendeu ?
        A4      Produzir
        B1      Caes De Guerra
        B2      O Tempo Passa... Quem É Voce ?
        B3      Invisiveis
        B4      Don't Need
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , red or black vinyl)
GPR     017     GET IT TODAY/HELD HOSTAGE : Split                       7"        .2007

        A1      Held Hostage            House Divided Against Itself
        A2      Held Hostage            War Again
        A3      Held Hostage            Who Writes Your Rules?
        A4      Held Hostage            Battered Security
        A5      Held Hostage            Unpaved Roads
        B1      Get It Today            One For Unite
        B2      Get It Today            Untitled
        B3      Get It Today            Young Blood
        B4      Get It Today            Untill The End
        B5      Get It Today            D.I.Y (Doit Your Self)
                (Note : 7" , 45 RPM)
GPR     018     V / A                   TWIN CITIES HC 2007             7"      10.2007

                St. Paul Side
        A1      Pandamonium             Bring That Shit
        A2      Complete Waste          Put Up A Fight
        A3      Twenty Seven Shots      Last Drag
        A4      The Agenda              Shelf Life
                Minneapolis Side
        B1      Dios Mio                Lose Lose Situation
        B2      In Defence              Call More Dudes
        B3      Useless Wooden Toys     Sparks Bong
        B4      Question                Fucking Right
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , grey-swirl or yellow vinyl)
GPR     019     KIDS OF CARNAGE         First Two Years-Discography     CD      10.2007

        1       12GF
        2       BBQ Bandits
        3       No Hope
        4       Dirnot
        5       Emo Blood Bath
        6       Rescind Sucks
        7       Snapping Necks
        8       Infested
        9       Kids Of Carnage
        10      Fall Off The Tracks
        11      Snakes
        12      More Tattoos
        13      Doofenbag
        14      Feel The Wrath
        15      Stand Tall
        16      Wintercore
        17      Last Choice
        18      DCR
        19      Anthems
        20      Bad Luck 13
GPR     020     V / A                   TRAPPED IN A SCENE              LP        .2007
GPR     020     V / A                   TRAPPED IN A SCENE              CD        .2007

        A1      Hatred Surge            Pressures
        A2      Hatred Surge            Domestic
        A3      Brainiax                32%
        A4      Brainiax                No Refuge
        A5      Brainiax                Do Me A Favor
        A6      Brainiax                Tsunami
        A7      The Endless Blockade    Short, Bound + Drowned
        A8      The Endless Blockade    Death To Spies
        A9      The Endless Blockade    Tomorrow´s Ghettos
        A10     The Endless Blockade    The Endless Blockade
        A11     Insect Warfare          Law Of The Saw
        A12     Insect Warfare          After War Obliteration
        A13     Severe                  2006
        A14     Severe                  Security Deposit
        A15     Severe                  Organ Harvester
        A16     Severe                  Moloch
        A17     Severe                  Lifer
        A18     Threatener              WCBN Radio Promo
        A19     Threatener              Isolation (Live On WCBN)
        A20     Threatener              Voice Of Cotton (Live On WCBN)
        B1      In Disgust              Missing
        B2      In Disgust              Ruined
        B3      In Disgust              Empty Head
        B4      Iron Lung               White Flag
        B5      Iron Lung               Mob
        B6      Tumor Feast             Gutted
        B7      Tumor Feast             Troubled Sleep
        B8      Tumor Feast             Entrenched In Futility
        B9      Tumor Feast             Rotting Spine
        B10     Tumor Feast             Amannequinism
        B11     Knuckle Scraper         Road Rage
        B12     Knuckle Scraper         Crutch
        B13     Call The Cops           Easy To Break
        B14     Call The Cops           Yourspace
        B15     Call The Cops           You´ve Gotta Be Shitting Me
        B16     Call The Cops           Corpse-Carriers To The Guardhouse
        B17     Warzone Womyn           First Moments
        B18     Warzone Womyn           Sexual Tyrannosaur
        B19     Warzone Womyn           Cashin´ Em In Wholesale
        B20     Warzone Womyn           Waste Of Bullets
        B21     Warzone Womyn           Therapy Notes
        B22     Running For Cover       Left Behind
        B23     Running For Cover       Organism
        B24     Running For Cover       Consent
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP.CD   625 Thrashcore          625 199         2007    US
GPR     21      HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH    DIAGNOSIS: DELICIOUS            7"      08.2007

        A1      Where's The Fun?
        A2      It's All You
        A3      Bully Moshpit
        A4      Nothing's Hardcore About You
        A5      Pass The Effing Popcorn
        A6      Cut Through The Crap
        A7      Get Your Shit Done
        B1      Hope You Like Infest
        B2      Absolute
        B3      Works Both Ways
        B4      Here, You Throw This Away
        B5      Fuck Christmas
        B6      Stop Fighting
        B7      Flaccid
        B8      Stupid Bills
        B9      Black Is The New White
        B10     No Labels Here
        B11     Marriage Is For Suckers
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)

7"      625 Thrashcore          625 204         2007    US
7"      I Deal Records          IDR 07          2007    US
GPR     22      ALL GONE DEAD/BASTARDASS : Split                        7"      10.2007

        A1      Bastardass              West Coast Power Violence
        A2      Bastardass              Scenesters Out
        A3      Bastardass              King Blvd
        A4      Bastardass              Step Down
        A5      Bastardass              F-Zero
        A6      Bastardass              White Out
        A7      Bastardass              Mouth Full Of Shit
        B1      All Gone Dead           Boo Fucking Hoo
        B2      All Gone Dead           The Sound Of Maggots Vomiting
        B3      All Gone Dead           Practiced Hatred (Crossed Out)
        B4      All Gone Dead           And The Maggots Are Done Vomiting
        B5      All Gone Dead           Eating Baby Jesus For Breakfast
GPR     23      NAUTICAL HYPERBLAST/WEED STEELER                        7"        .2007

        A1      Escape From Dayton
        A2      Married To The Sea
        A3      Ghost Ride The Hearse
        B1      Weinland Park Area
        B2      Bike Messenge Deez Nuts
        B3      Untitled (About How Lame The Local Goth Scene Is)
        B4      Sex With Magic Johnson
        B5      Home Grown
        B6      Achtung! Surly Girl
        B7      Just A Suggestion
        B8      I Saw You Acting Like A Pussy
GPR     23.5    COMPLETE WASTE          COMPLETE WASTE                  7"        .2008

        A1      Sustain
        A2      Consequence
        A3      Why Do I Bother?
        B1      No Respect
        B2      Debris
        B3      Scumbag
GPR     24      RUN RIOT                BREAK MIRRORS                   7"        .2008

        A1      Slave
        A2      The Hard Times
        A3      I Don't Hate Religion (I Just Hate You)
        B1      Where Were You
        B2      Break Mirrors
GPR     25      THRAK                   THRAK                           7"        .2007

        A1      Skull Session
        A2      Raging Again
        A3      The Peeling
        A4      Pillory
        A5      Bellicose
        A6      Piglord
        A7      Gong Farmer
        A8      Scaphism
        A9      Slime Of Power
        B1      Worship
        B2      Thumbscrew
        B3      Product Agent
        B4      Swamplaw
        B5      Tamed Beast
        B6      Sludge Of Power
        B7      Drugtrade
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
GPR     26      TRUTH WE DEFEND         YOUTH ARMY                      CD        .2008

        1       Into One
        2       Catch The Time
        3       Every Moment Pt.2
        4       Crew Only
        5       Truth We Defend
        6       Fuck
GPR     27      FINAL DRAFT             FINAL DRAFT                     7"        .2008

        A1      Gun Slaughter
        A2      Broken
        A3      Life On A Respirator
        A4      Crucifying The Earth
        A5      My Westside Horizon
        B1      Socially Deceased
        B2      Road Kill
        B3      Drenched In Blood
        B4      Mark Your Words

7"      To Live A Lie           TLAL 18         2008
7"      625 Thrashcore          625 #210        2008
7"      Arcade Crazy            AC 1            2008
GPR     28      BLACK MARKET FETUS/IN DEFENCE                           7"        .2008

        A1      Black Market Fetus      Midwest Meltdown
        A2      Black Market Fetus      Eat Lead
        A3      Black Market Fetus      No!
        A4      Black Market Fetus      Rendezous Penetrado
        B1      In Defence              Sweet Underground Of Awesome Dudes
        B2      In Defence              Two Week Notice
        B3      In Defence              All Hail The Taco Avenger
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 300 black/300 red copies)

7"      Scenester Credentials   SC 017          2008    US
GPR     29      IN DEFENCE : DON'T KNOW HOW TO BREAK DANCE              LP        .2008

        A1      Bike Thieves Can Suck It!
        A2      Far-Go!
        A3      Boombox Crew
        A4      The Kids Will Still Have Their Say
        A5      No Wars But Star Wars
        B1      Down N' Out (in MPLS)
        B2      Fucked Up Kids
        B3      Call More Dudes Pt.2 (Call More Gay Dudes)
        B4      False Positive Youth
        B5      Get Mock!
        B6      Fuck Scene Politics Let's Mosh
        B7      Veronica Mars, Binger Of War

LP      Profane Existence       EXIT 125        2011    US
GPR     30      OPERATION EAT SHIT      OPERATION EAT SHIT              7"        .2008

        A1      I Just Happened To Find Those Holy Scriptures You Were
                Desperately Looking For, In My Anus
        A2      Freedom Fries Up Your Ass
        A3      Free Parties & Pocket Change
        A4      Buying Rebellion From Street Wear Shops
        B1      Love You Too Punkrock (Sometimes)
        B2      Pocket Goodfella
        B3      Bling Bling Power Violence
        B4      You Don't Listen, You Just Hear
        B5      Guestbook Fighting
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
GPR     31      FOR THE WORSE/KIDS OF CARNAGE : Split                   7"      09.2008

        A       For The Worse           Don't Bother To Call
        B1      Kids Of Carnage         BBQ Bandits
        B2      Kids Of Carnage         No Hope
                (Note : 7" , black or red vinyl)
GPR     32      WPI/DUKE NUKEN FOREVER  Split                           CDEP    09.2008

        1       WPI                     Dale
        2       WPI                     Beta
        3       WPI                     Bible Humping
        4       WPI                     Gnarkill
        5       WPI                     Ben Goes
        6       WPI                     Redheadedstepchild
        7       Duke Nukem Forever      BJ HJ Combo
        8       Duke Nukem Forever      Diarrhea Fondue
        9       Duke Nukem Forever      Dubey Is A Stupid Name For
                A Straight Edge Kid
        10      Duke Nukem Forever      Toast.... Yes
        11      Duke Nukem Forever      Tora Tora
        12      Duke Nukem Forever      3rd Degree Bernie Mac
GPR     33      I HATE THIS/RAW SEWAGE  Split                           7"      09.2008

        A1      I Hate This             IHT/We All Know
        A2      I Hate This             I Can't Scream Any Louder
        A3      I Hate This             VHEMT
        A4      I Hate This             Beloved
        B1      Raw Sewage              Ritual Thrashphemy
        B2      Raw Sewage              Evisceration Proclamation
        B3      Raw Sewage              Luciphobia
        B4      Raw Sewage              Accidents With Powertools

7"      Bullshit Propaganda     BSP 06          2008    US
GPR     34      STREETCLEANER           MOTHER CURSE EP                 7"      10.2008

        A1      Mind Control
        A2      Spotlight
        A3      Shield
        A4      Vice Grip Pt. 1
        B1      The End
        B2      Scotch Knight
        B3      Dead Skin
        B4      Mother Curse
GPR     35      NO MAN'S SLAVE          SIEGE MENTALITY                 7"        .2008

        A1      Curbing Homophobia
        A2      Clocking In
        A3      God's Traitor
        A4      Prescription Drugs
        A5      Some People Just Need Killing
        A6      Nothing Positive
        A7      Made Eunuch
        B1      Crossbreaker
        B2      General Crime
        B3      Diet Of Shit
        B4      Bastardization Of Self
        B5.a    State Education I
        B5.b    State Education II
        B6      Sally Kern
        B7      Pliant
                (Note : 7" , black, pink or white vinyl)
GPR     36      DEEP SHIT/HAVE FUN      SPLIT                           7"        .2008

        A1      Deep Shit               Thug Lunge
        A2      Deep Shit               Gamblor
        A3      Deep Shit               Kill Yourself W/ Yourself
        A4      Deep Shit               Dreadlocker
        A5      Deep Shit               Stabbed By A Punk
        A6      Deep Shit               Tranqs, Lobos And Zipheads
        A7      Deep Shit               Fight You!
        A8      Deep Shit               A/C Nation
        B1      Have Fun                C.R.E.A.M
        B2      Have Fun                Wizards VS. Warlocks
        B3      Have Fun                A Brothers Revenge
        B4      Have Fun                Bombtheart
        B5      Have Fun                Hard As (Go! Cover)
GPR     37      SPG                     SPECIAL PATROL GROUP            7"        .2009

        A1      Ignorant Assholes
        A2      No Less Than Death
        A3      Destroy
        B1      Rhetoric
        B2      Thought Control Machine
        B3      Never Give In

7"      American Waste          AWR 2           2009    US
GPR     038     NO MAN'S SLAVE/I RESIGN : SPLIT                         7"      06.2009

        A1      No Man's Slave          My Life As A Square Peg
        A2      No Man's Slave          Tooth Decay
        A3      No Man's Slave          Empty Skulls
        A4      No Man's Slave          Boys Fun
        A5      No Man's Slave          Culture Erased
        B1      I Resign                All Lasting Monuments
        B2      I Resign                Syntax Reformation
        B3      I Resign                Upbeat
        B4      I Resign                Existence
GPR     39
GPR     40      NERVOUS BREAKDOWN       NERVOUS BREAKDOWN               10"       .2009

        A1      As I Look Back
        A2      Frau Scholz
        A3      Scene Police
        A4      Cut Off
        A5      Live Your Life
        A6      Never Free
        A7      You Call The Cops
        A8      No Equality
        A9      The End Complete
        B1      Break Your Nose
        B2      That Was To Be Accepted
        B3      Three Monkeys
        B4      Doubt
        B5      The Guilty One
        B6      Development Aid
        B7      Jesus Raus (Team Jesus Is Loosing)
        B8      For Fear Of Freedom
        B9      Darf Ich Wagen
                /PUNCHING MOSES

        A1      Schnauzer               Facts Of Life           2:10
        A2      Schnauzer               Just Say Yes            1:12
        A3      Schnauzer               Attempted Third Track   3:18
        B1      Punching Moses          Visions                 3:40
        B2      Punching Moses          Wonderful Day           3:17
                (Note : 7" , black or purple vinyl)
GPR     42      DIOS MIO/BRING THAT SHIT! : SPLIT                       7"      11.2009

        A1      Bring That Shit!        Guilt Trip
        A2      Bring That Shit!        Babies On Spikes
        A3      Bring That Shit!        Take Out The Trash
        A4      Bring That Shit!        Slaves
        A5      Bring That Shit!        Wasted Away
        A6      Bring That Shit!        Everyone Gets Fucked
        A7      Bring That Shit!        Tear It Up
        A8      Bring That Shit!        Voices In My Head
        A9      Bring That Shit!        Bring It!
        B1      Dios Mio                God's Plan
        B2      Dios Mio                Lose Lose Situation
        B3      Dios Mio                Down The Drain
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , black or yellow vinyl)
GPR     43
GPR     44      GET DESTROYED           BURNT OFFERINGS                 7"      11.2009

        A1      Subtle Hate
        A2      What Is Best
        A3      Purge
        A4      Clearing Reason
        A5      Burnt Offerings
        B1      Second Guess
        B2      Trial
        B3      Act Exact
                (Note : 7" , 1030 copies)

7"      To Live A Lie           TLAL33          2009
7"      625 Thrashcore          625 #225        2009
7"      Vulgar Records          VR 17           2009
GPR     45      GUNS N'ROSA PARKS       ANTIFREEZE EP                   7"        .2010

        A1      Antifreeze
        A2      Live Up To Your Name
        A3      I Hate Assholes
        A4      Can't Relate
        A5      Fire Drill
        B1      Hungry Hungry Hippocrites
        B2      Secondary Deviance
        B3      720
        B4      Washed Up Cock
        B5      Fuck You, Dude
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/100 green copies)
GPR     46      FOR THE WORSE/THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES : SPLIT        7"        .2010

        A1      The Wednesday Night Heroes : No Control
        A2      The Wednesday Night Heroes : Civilization's Dying (Zero Boys)
        B1      For The Worse           Revenge
        B2      For The Worse           American Night (Bruisers)
                (Note : 7" , 300 black/100 blue/100 white copies)

7"      PATAC                   PATAC 005       2010    US
GPR     47      SHEEEP                  DOWN BY THE RIVER               CS        .2010

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
GPR     48      FlatOut                 WESTBAY FASTERCORE              7"        .2010

        A1      Feel Me?                                        0:55
        A2      Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are? Charles
                Bronson???                                      0:28
        A3      Collision                                       0:57
        A4      Chill The Fuck Out                              0:30
        A5      Life Alert                                      1:23
        A6      Amongst The Flock                               1:51
        B1      Operation Bongwater                             2:21
        B2      A Goddamn Infection                             1:04
        B3      Smooth Move                                     0:57
        B4      Battle Royale                                   0:57
        B5      P.B.T.R.                                        1:01
        B6      Sincere                                         1:14
        B7      Little Dick Power Trip                          5:10
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

7"      625 Thrashcore          625 #224        2010
7"      Unholy Thrash Records   UTR 009         2010
7"      Thrashmouth             ?               2010
GPR     49      DRUG MONEY              DEMO #1                         CS      03.2011

        A1      Reborn
        A2      Urge To Hurt
        A3      Fluids Release
        A4      Unchained
        A5      Disgust Reality
        B1      Reborn
        B2      Urge To Hurt
        B3      Fluids Release
        B4      Unchained
        B5      Disgust Reality
GPR     50      MURDER-SUICIDE PACT     DIE SCREAMING                   LP      09.2013

        A1      Invested
        A2      Everybody's Dead In There
        A3      Uncle Bobby
        A4      Sweat Stains
        A5      Galvanize
        A6      Weight Of Words
        A7      The Whole World Owes Me Lunch
        A8      So Wrong
        B1      Thick Skull/Blunt Object
        B2      Ephemeral
        B3      Hit Me In The Nuts
        B4      Weak Piss
        B5      New Ways To Fuck Up
        B6      Step Two
        B7      Wounded
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl + insert)

        A1      Social Network Of Retards
        A2      Drug Chares
        A3      Pig On Patrol
        A4      Mince Vaughn
        A5      What Teeth?
        A6      Old Crow
        A7      Blunticide
        B1      Social Network Of Retards
        B2      Parasite Hilton
        B3      Blunticide
        B4      Beaten Bloody
        B5      Swayze's Buried
GPR     52      UNHOLY GRAVE/NEON HOLE : DAWN OF UNHOLY INSANITY        7"        .2010
                /CEMENT GARDEN

                Dawn Of Unholy Insanity
        A1      Unholy Grave            Motorcharged
        A2      Unholy Grave            Morbid Dark Angels
        A3      Unholy Grave            Justice?
        A4      Unholy Grave            Marionette
                Cement Garden
        B1      Neon Hole               Cement Garden
        B2      Neon Hole               Breed
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

7"      Bullwhip                BULL 020        2010    US
GPR     53      APARTMENT 213/NOTHING IS OVER : SPLIT                   7"        .2010

        A1      Apartment 213           Creepy
        A2      Apartment 213           Apply Your Make-Up
        A3      Apartment 213           Blush
        A4      Apartment 213           Gross Sexual Imposition
        B1      Nothing Is Over         Bleed Me Dry
        B2      Nothing Is Over         Get Pissed / How Can You Be You?
        B3      Nothing Is Over         Everyday Hate
        B4      Nothing Is Over         Stare Back
        B5      Nothing Is Over         You're Cut Off
        B6      Nothing Is Over         Fake And Loving It
        B7      Nothing Is Over         Instrumental
                (Note : 7" , white vinyl)
GPR     54      LORD GREEN              HIGHER THAN GOD                 7"        .2010

        A       Flying
        B       Higher Than God
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , grey-swirl vinyl)
GPR     55      MURDER-SUICIDE PACT     DO IT OR DON'T                  7"      08.2010

        A1      Pretty Good/Pretty Bad                          1:48
        A2      Do It Or Don't                                  2:10
        A3      My Own Poison                                   1:35
        B1      Sharp Tongue, Cold Shoulder                     2:18
        B2      Pity Party                                      0:55
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , black or yellow vinyl + insert)
GPT     56      DEEP SHIT               CREEPIN' WHILE YOU SLEEPIN'     7"      02.2011

        1       Intro
        2       Roid Rage
        3       Freegan Idiot
        4       Game Over
        5       Creep Or Get Crept On
        6       Pose Hard
        7       Jenkem
        8       Too Drunk To Punk
        9       Bulldagger
GPR     57      MASOCHRIST              TWO-THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN      7"        .2011

        A1      Intro / Two-Thousand Years Of Pain
        A2      Demise Of Man
        A3      Wagemaster
        A4      God Of Wealth
        A5      Human Scum
        B1      America
        B2      Passion Of The Christ / Contro
        #58     SLAVE/MASS STERILIZATION : SPLIT                        7"      01.2011

        A1      Slave                   Fuck The Punks
        A2      Slave                   Ear Damage
        A3      Slave                   Free Eats
        B1      Mass Sterilization      Spray
        B2      Mass Sterilization      Repair
                (Note : 7" , black or blue vinyl)
GPR     59      THINK TWICE             NATIONAL SACRIFICE ZONE         7"        .2011

        A1      National Sacrifice Zone
        A2      Disrobe The System
        B1      No Disguise
        B2      Let Them Go Bankrupt
        B3      Wage Slave
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
GPR     60      CHOOSE YOUR POISON      CRAWL TO NOTHING                LP        .2010

        A1      Race To Blackout
        A2      Smoke Weed And Worship Nothing
        A3      Adding Up The Losses
        A4      Severed Cock Of Christ
        A5      Cured By Death
        B1      Last Stand
        B2      Bury The Hatched
        B3      Clocked Out For Life
        B4      Thrash N Burn
        B5      Crawl To Nothing
                (Note : LP , 300 black/100 green/100 marbled copies)

LP      Active Rebellion        ACT 015          2010   UK
LP      Bacon Towne Records     BACON TOWNE 009  2010   US
GPR     61      SCHEISSE MINNELLI/NERVOUS BREAKDOWN : SPLIT             LP        .2011

        A1      Scheisse Minnelli       Mindless
        A2      Scheisse Minnelli       Can't Remember
        A3      Scheisse Minnelli       Success N Life
        A4      Scheisse Minnelli       TJ Nights
        A5      Scheisse Minnelli       Horror News
        A6      Scheisse Minnelli       Sk8 Of The Art
        A7      Scheisse Minnelli       When Punk Rock Was A Crime
        A8      Scheisse Minnelli       Frustrating Times
        A9      Scheisse Minnelli       I Used To Care
        B1      Nervous Breakdown       Even More
        B2      Nervous Breakdown       Glassman
        B3      Nervous Breakdown       Fucksaw
        B4      Nervous Breakdown       This Fear
        B5      Nervous Breakdown       Fall Nicht
        B6      Nervous Breakdown       Der Rote Vino
        B7      Nervous Breakdown       Yellow Press
        B8      Nervous Breakdown       Hygiene
        B9      Nervous Breakdown       Kennzeichen D
GPR     62      DEAD RADICAL/REPUBLICORPSE : SPLIT                      7"      08.2010

        A1      Dead Radical            Vesicles                1:03
        A2      Dead Radical            Franco Harris           0:11
        A3      Dead Radical            Peasant Revolt          0:20
        A4      Dead Radical            Monomania               0:22
        A5      Dead Radical : The Concepts Of Time Travel      0:17
        A6      Dead Radical            Backseat Driver         0:24
        A7      Dead Radical            Myasthenia Gravis       1:13
        A8      Dead Radical            Indian Tribal Tongues   0:57
        B1      Republicorpse : If These Letters Were Anymore
                Arched They'd Have Eyebrows/Contrary To Popular
                Certainty                                       2:04
        B2      Republicorpse           Flood                   1:19
        B3      Republicorpse           Bohempus                1:45
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
GPR     63      BRODY'S MILITIA/BREATHILIZOR : SPLIT                    7"      05.2011

        A1      Brody's Militia         Corpses Of Tomorrow
        A2      Brody's Militia         The Devil In Miss Kentucky
        A3      Brody's Militia         No Desire To Continue Listening
        B1      Breathilizör            Dying Of Metal Means
        B2      Breathilizör            Red Of Rum
        B3      Breathilizör            Slam Dance Of Hell
        B4      Breathilizör            Bugareloves Of Gods
        B5      Breathilizör            Crucifixion Of Outer Space
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , black or orange vinyl)
GPR     64      HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH MEETS TITANARUM                    12"     09.2011

        A1      Hummingbird Of Death:You're In My Universe Now  6:35
        A2      Hummingbird Of Death : The World Needs This     5:40
        B1      Titanarum : Too Old To Live; Too Weak To Die    1:20
        B2      Titanarum : Mentally Ill In Prison              1:07
        B3      Titanarum               Everything Is Nothing   1:34
        B4      Titanarum               Jekyll And Hyde         1:29
        B5      Titanarum               Heads In The Sand       1:50
        B6      Titanarum               Why Is It               1:51
        B7      Titanarum : Chronic Pain And Brainwashed        1:51
        B8      Titanarum : Life Is So Pleasant (When You're
                On Top)                                         1:47
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 400 black/100 red copies)
GPR     65
GPR     66      BEER CORPSE             KEG NUTS                        7"      04.2011

        A1      Hangin' Brain
        A2      Chunder Cops
        A3      Blood Brew
        A4      King Brown
        A5      Pisshead
        B1      Rot Gut
        B2      Scruff
        B3      Maggot
        B4      Malt Shovel
        B5      Any Old How
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 500 black/100 clear-yellow copies + poster)
GPR     67      WAGES OF FEAR           WAGES OF FEAR                   CD      03.2011

        1       Train Wreck                                     1:13
        2       Strings And Webs                                0:53
        3       Knucklehead                                     1:10
        4       Hyperactive                                     0:30
        5       Broken System                                   1:00
        6       Drive-Thru Smackdown                            1:04
        7       Drudgery                                        1:48
        8       Trapped                                         0:10
        9       All For Your Gain                               0:56
        10      Poisoned From Within                            2:35
        11      Magnetized By Myspace                           1:03
        12      Limited Acceptance                              1:09
        13      Identity                                        1:59
        14      Information Overload                            1:01
        15      Intro                                           3:25
GPR     67.5    MERDA/MORTO PELA ESCOLA : SPLIT                         7"        .2011

        A1      Merda                   Maradona
        A2      Merda                   Xumaiker
        A3      Merda                   Sandrinho
        A4      Merda                   Quique Brown
        A5      Merda                   Andy Irons
        B1      Morto Pela Escola       Tudo Ou Nada
        B2      Morto Pela Escola       Quimica Acumulada
        B3      Morto Pela Escola       Vida Lenta (Marcel Duchamp)
GPR     68      WADGE/SOIL OF IGNORANCE : UNTITLED/DEVASTATE            7"        .2011

        A1      Wadge : Sir Gimply Biscuits Of Gibletshire III
        A2      Wadge                   Topsy's Curse
        A3      Wadge                   Maim To Please
        B1      Soil Of Ignorance       Asleep At The Wheel Of Progress
        B2      Soil Of Ignorance       Over Controlled
        B3      Soil Of Ignorance       Dead Mantale
        B4      Soil Of Ignorance       Devastate
        B5      Soil Of Ignorance       Combustion
        B6      Soil Of Ignorance       What You See Is...
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , black or orange vinyl)
GPR     68.5    ROSKOPP/DOUBLED OVER    SPLIT                           7"      05.2011

        A1      Roskopp                 The Barn
        A2      Roskopp                 Vague Survival
        A3      Roskopp                 Cuerno De Chivo
        A4      Roskopp                 Self Execution
        B1      Doubled Over            Swimming In Shit
        B2      Doubled Over            Bloated
        B3      Doubled Over            Sick To Death
        B4      Doubled Over            It Only Gets Worse
        B5      Doubled Over            Copout

7"      Nuclear Ass             GPR 68.5                2011
7"      Psychocontrol           PSYCHOCONTROL 011       2011
GPR     69
GPR     70.5    BACKSLIDER/NIMBUS TERRIFIX : SPLIT                      7"        .2011

        1       Backslider              Steady Diet Of Vitriol
        2       Backslider              Sadistic Sack Of Shit
        3       Backslider              Marrow Turns To Dust
        4       Backslider              Shallow Victory
        5       Backslider              Jerusalem Syndrome
        6       Nimbus Terrifix         Deadbeat
        7       Nimbus Terrifix         Roaches
        8       Nimbus Terrifix         Scranton Trinity
        9       Nimbus Terrifix         Broadcast Booth
GPR     70.5    SUFFERING MIND/NEON HOLE : SPLIT                        7"      06.2011

        A1      Suffering Mind          Przeczucie
        A2      Suffering Mind          Bombs
        A3      Suffering Mind          Zludzenia
        A4      Suffering Mind          Status Quo
        B1      Neon Hole               Submission
        B2      Neon Hole               Wicked Trails
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , 300 copies on mixed-blue vinyl)
GPR     71      THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN : PISSEDOGRAPHY                 CD      09.2011

        1       Good Morning Gentlemen                          1:50
        2       'Tache Thrash                                   0:53
        3       Boozejoogler                                    1:33
        4       Bus Fare Saviour                                1:06
        5       7 Deadly Tins                                   0:51
        6       Rusty Axe Through Aaron Turner's Head           1:22
        7       Be A Dick                                       0:40
        8       Mincegrind                                      0:49
        9       Know Harder                                     0:20
        10      S.M.B                                           1:16
        11      LS6 2                                           1:01
        12      Daily Grind                                     0:39
        13      Doley Denied                                    0:23
        14      Thrash Potato                                   0:33
        15      Fuck The 12 Step Plan                           0:34
        16      Wrongcock                                       0:14
        17      Roy The Bread Boy                               1:17
        18      Beer For Life                                   0:54
        19      Stupid Dickhead                                 1:58
        20      Piss Town                                       0:35
        21      Meths                                           0:11
        22      Have You Got 20p For A Cup Of Tea?              1:07
        23      Barthur And The Knife                           1:16
        24      White Cider Rampage                             0:18
        25      Docker Picker                                   0:53
        26      White String Vest/Spare Change                  0:59
        27      Daily Grind                                     0:43
        28      Hungry                                          0:30
        29      Thrash Potato                                   0:32
        30      Oily Groico's Back-Door Challenge               0:49
        31      You're Nothing                                  0:07
        32      Be A Dick                                       0:40
        33      LS6 3                                           0:14
        34      Roy The Bread Boy                               1:16
        35      Booze Has Been Spilled                          3:41
        36      Drunk By Lunchtime                              2:44
        37      If I Can't Have Anything I'll Have Nothing      5:20
        38      Slow And Unsteady (Always Lose The Race)        8:13
GPR     72      HELLCORE                DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD        CD        .2011

        1       Destruction                                     4:20
        2       Bangsa Bangsat                                  1:34
        3       Nyocot                                          0:37
        4       I Was Born To Kill                              1:33
        5       Sakit Jiwa Terinfeksi                           2:00
        6       Globalisasi Kehancuran                          1:39
        7       Terjebak Kemunafikan                            2:07
        8       Khayalan Adalah Awal Menuju Masa Depan          1:36
        9       Bangsat Atau Banci                              1:44
        10      Dendam Membara                                  2:08
        11      Humanity Is A Joke                              0:40
        12      Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh....                        0:11
        13      Tuhan Adalah Uang                               2:13
        14      Mati Sia-Sia                                    2:01
        15      Si Jahat                                        2:29
        16      Misantropi Apokaliptika                         2:03
        17      Why Do You Scare?                               3:38
GPR     73      FAILURE FACE            DISCOGRAPHY 1993-1996           LP+DL     .2012

                s/t 7" (1993)
        A1      Life
        A2      Punchline
        A3      Human Cancer
        A4      Broken Man
        A5      Morality Cops
        A6      Collapse
                All Pain No Gain 7" (1994)
        A7      Darwin
        A8      All Pain No Gain
        A9      I Won
        A10     Get To Know Me!
        A11     Crapshoot
        A12     Soulless
                Split 7" with Ulcer (1994)
        A13     Everytime
        A14     Suckass
        A15     Laws
        A16     Stayin' Alive
                Amnesia Comp. LP (1995)
        A17     Pure Entertainment
                Split LP with E.B.S. (1996)
        B1      Consumer Frenzy
        B2      Screaming
        B3      Holy Shit
        B4      User
        B5      Ballistic Penance
        B6      King Of Shit
        B7      Disobey
        B8      Numb
        B9      Mandatory Abortion
        B10     Tied Down
                (Note : LP , black or yellow vinyl)

CD      Burrito                 BURRITO 19      2003    US
GPR     74      THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN/CHIENS : SPLIT                  7"        .2012
GPR     74      THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN/CHIENS : SPLIT                  10DL      .2012

        A1      The Afternoon Gentlemen : F.T.T.
        A2      The Afternoon Gentlemen : Doins Head
        A3      The Afternoon Gentlemen : Bin Lurker
        A4      The Afternoon Gentlemen : Hungry
        A5      The Afternoon Gentlemen : Scum Of The Earth
        A6      The Afternoon Gentlemen : 4/4
        B1      Chiens : Pathetic Short Story Of Humanity
        B2      Chiens                  A House For Your Skull
        B3      Chiens                  Fallen
        B4      Chiens : 59 Seconds To Kill Them And You

7"      Tombs In The Valley Prod. TITV 013      2012    UK
7"      I Feel Good Records       ifg045        2012
7"      Dead Heroes Records       dEAd 24       2012
GPR     75      N.E.K.                  DEKAVERMES                      7"        .2011

        A1      Sinta Minha Faca
        A2      Passado De Dor
        A3      Desconfie Do Destino
        B1      Vida Podre
        B2      Dekavermes
        B3      Manipulado
                (Note : matrix/runout number is GPR 074A/GPR 074B)

7"      Too Circle Records      TCR-046
7"      Karasu Killer Records   KARASU 038
GPR     76      SUFFERING MIND          MESSIAH OF EXTERMINATION        LP      10.2014

        A1      Swiadomosc 	
        A2      Afs 	
        A3      Cykl 	
        A4      Parazyt 	
        A5      Mainstreamowe Kurwy 	
        A6      Ukrzyzowany Przez Rzeczywistosc 	
        A7      Wladza Precz 	
        A8      Duma 	
        A9      Zniszcyc Ludzkosc II 	
        A10     Czlowieczenstwo - Gowniany Przywilej 	
        A11     Ogien 	
        A12     Trumna Idealow 	
        A13     Ewangelia Zaglady 	
        A14     Stzezcie Sie 	
        A15     Bombokrazja 	
        A16     Milosierny 	
        A17     RS-20 	
        A18     W Bas Samych 	
        A19     Szturm 	
        A20     Down My Throat
                (Note : LP , 1-sided , 500 copies on black vinyl)

LP      Power It Up             P.I.U. 215      2014    GE
GPR     77      BACKSLIDER/CHAINSAW TO THE FACE : SPLIT                 7"      12.2011

        A1      Backslider              Nothing To Say
        A2      Backslider              Vigilante Justice
        A3      Backslider              Popeater
        A4      Backslider              Face Reality
        A5      Backslider              Blank Expression
        A6      Backslider              Illusion Of Sincerity
        A7      Backslider              What A Waste
        A8      Backslider              Can't Step
        A9      Backslider              Your Turn
        A10     Backslider              Jealousy And Resentment
        A11     Backslider              Total Disappointment
        A12     Backslider              Squatter Stomper
        B1      Chainsaw To The Face    Swallow Your Tongue
        B2      Chainsaw To The Face    Attrition
        B3      Chainsaw To The Face    Flies To Shit
        B4      Chainsaw To The Face    Poison Veins
        B5      Chainsaw To The Face    Invertebrate
        B6      Chainsaw To The Face    Gas Chamber
        B7      Chainsaw To The Face    Guilt Trip
        B8      Chainsaw To The Face    Treacherous Fucks
        B9      Chainsaw To The Face    Maggot Eaten Brains
        B10     Chainsaw To The Face    Deprivation
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , green-marbled vinyl)

7"      Psychocontrol Records   PSYCHOCONTROL 013       2011
GPR     78      BURIED AT BIRTH         FORCE/QUIT                      CD        .2011

        1       I Chased A Homeless Man Down The Street With An
                Exhaust Manifold                                1:35
        2       Junk DNA                                        0:52
        3       Boat Trash                                      1:20
        4       Owl                                             0:53
        5       How Much Do Clothes Cost In The Matrix?         1:09
        6       Vertical Snarl                                  1:19
        7       Salem Steamer                                   1:02
        8       Entitled Asshole                                0:45
        9       Ready Player One                                1:50
        10      Baseball Bat Meets Skull                        4:43
GPR     79      BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA : BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA         LP      01.2012

        A1      Myth Of Progress
        A2      Age Of Extinction
        A3      Truth Is Never Told
        A4      Total Collapse
        A5      Cirhossis
        B1      Genetic Control
        B2      No Turning Back
        B3      Nightmares
        B4      Educate
        B5      No Regrets
        B6      Arm The Hopeless
        B7      Vultures
                (Note : LP , 700 copies on black vinyl)

LP      I Feel Good             IFG 44          2012    US
GPR     80      DINOZAURAS              ECCE CRUOR!                     CD      01.2012

        1       Ecce Cruor!                                     3:28
        2       Tvinkčiojimas                                   2:11
        3       Besismaginanti Šlykstyne                        5:10
        4       Laboulbeniales-4                                3:06
        5       [pareigotas Maitoti                             2:03
        6       Debilokaustas                                   4:48
        7       Apkartęs Melynas Dangus                         5:52
        8       Nesšmoningas Žiaurumas                          2:56
                Lithuanian Grind Tribute:
        9       Pedofilu Klanas (ANALINIS ORATORIUS)            1:28
        10      Šiukšles (P.K.I.K.T.)                           1:21
        11      Buttrape (ORAL CLIMAX)                          0:43
        12      Vedarai (DISFORIJA)                             0:41
        13      Pontifikas (KARMA JAWLESS)                      4:32

        A1      Antiseen                Reconstruction
        A2      Antiseen                N.C. Royalty (Live)
        B1      Brody's Militia         Aversion Therapy
        B2      Brody's Militia         Ether-Soaked Rag
        B3      Brody's Militia         Punks On Golden Pond
                (Note : 7" , black or blue vinyl)
GPR     82      ORROR                   MONSTRO BLASILIS                CD        .2012

        1       Imune                                           2:49
        2       Letargia                                        0:25
        3       Brut                                            0:23
        4       Dengue                                          0:44
        5       Versus                                          1:32
        6       Santi                                           1:29
        7       Morto                                           0:08
        8       Cadáver                                         0:04
        9       Parasite                                        1:58
        10      Colheita                                        1:26
        11      Fantoche                                        2:13
        12      Emgov                                           1:33
        13      Escola                                          0:33

CD      Carnificina             CR 003          2012    BR
GPR     83      POWERCUP/PIZZAHIFIVE    SPLIT                           10"       .2012

        A1      Pizza Hi Five           Unleash The Pounds
        A2      Pizza Hi Five           Fuck Off Wit Yo Bad Self
        A3      Pizza Hi Five           Perpetual Petulance
        A4      Pizza Hi Five           Grindcore Gratitude
        A5      Pizza Hi Five           Chasebook
        A6      Pizza Hi Five           20 And Married
        A7      Pizza Hi Five           Relentlessly Ridiculous Ridicule
        A8      Pizza Hi Five           Real Cool Punky Fun Time
        A9      Pizza Hi Five           Upper Crusty Uppercut
        A10     Pizza Hi Five           Resin
        A11     Pizza Hi Five           Gastral Colostomy (Hemdale)
        A12     Pizza Hi Five           Extreme Letdown
        B1      Powercup                Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed
        B2      Powercup                Socket Head
        B3      Powercup                Nude Does Not Equal Safety
        B4      Powercup                From Enslavement To Renovation
        B5      Powercup                Tim Allen
        B6      Powercup                Minced Onions
        B7      Powercup                Lunch Break
        B8      Powercup                J'pas Un Moine (I'm Not A Monk)
        B9      Powercup                Renovanillation Ice
        B10     Powercup                Shredder Shred Shreddies
        B11     Powercup                Face Off (Renovate Your Face)
        B12     Powercup                Abraham Maslow
        B13     Powercup                Pablo Emilio Escobar
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM , 100 copies on mix-coloured vinyl)
GPR     84      NEEDFUL THINGS/ROSKOPP : SPLIT                          7"      05.2012

        A1      Needful Things          Chains
        A2      Needful Things          Firewall
        A3      Needful Things          Island Of Clones
        B1      Roskopp                 Breed Specific
        B2      Roskopp                 Brink Of Bleakness
        B3      Roskopp                 Self Indulgent
        B4      Roskopp                 Fuck Everything
        B5      Roskopp                 Mind Struggle
        B6      Roskopp                 Kim After Kim After Kim
        B7      Roskopp                 Outcome Unknown

 7"     Nuclear Ass Records     GPR84                   2012
 7"     Psychocontrol Records   PSYCHOCONTROL 015       2012
 7"     To Live A Lie           TLAL 76                 2012
GPR     85      ABERRANT/D.E.R.         SPLIT                           LP        .2012

        A1      D.E.R.                  A Vingança Dos Esquecidos
        A2      D.E.R.                  Agonize
        A3      D.E.R.                  Servo Desleal
        A4      D.E.R.                  Esprit D'escalier
        A5      D.E.R.                  Contrapátria
        A6      D.E.R.                  Os Covardes Em Suas Casas
        A7      D.E.R.                  Mar De Pequenas Cobras
        A8      D.E.R.                  Cada Coisa Em Seu Lugar
        A9      D.E.R.                  Sui Caedere
        A10     D.E.R.                  Nao Serei
        B1      Aberrant                Strategic Bombing Raids (Intro)
        B2      Aberrant                Genocide = Peace
        B3      Aberrant                Scorching Flesh
        B4      Aberrant                Bloodlust
        B5      Aberrant                Crusher Destroyer
        B6      Aberrant                Devoutly Patriotic
        B7      Aberrant                Miscalculated
        B8      Aberrant                Infect, Consume, Mutiply
        B9      Aberrant                Friendly Reminder
        B10     Aberrant                Strategic Bombing Raids (Outro)

LP      Criminal Attack         CAR 021         2012
LP      EveryDayHate            EDH 031         2012
LP      Karasu Killer           KARASU 048      2012
GPR     86      FUBAR                   LEAD US TO WAR                  LP        .2012

        A1      Everything Is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
        A2      The Demon Rose From Greed
        A3      Grief
        A4      I Scream Protest !
        A5      Beasts As They Ar
        A6      Requiem For Peace
        A7      Dysfunctional Parts Of The Machine
        A8      The Iron Cage Of Hope
        A9      Let Them Control
        A10     Communication Into Nothing
        A11     Lead Us To War
        B12     Worst Unfolding Tragedy
        B13     The Curse Is Upon Us
        B14     The Burden On The Back Of The Unknown Men
        B15     The Nail Facing Downwards
        B16     Flip The Coin
        B17     Doomsday Has Crossed The Horizon
        B18     Misplaced Faith
        B19     Damage Control
        B20     The Doom Tornado
        B21     Scaring The Monsters
        B22     The Sting Of Our Collective Conscience
                (Note : LP , ??? black/100 red/100 yellow)

LP      Power It Up             PIU #170        2014    US
CD      Hammerheart             HHR 2012.27     2012    NE
GPR     87      MERDA                   INDIO COCALERO                  LP        .2012

        A1      Indio Cocalero
        A2      3rd World Malandragem
        A3      Um Soco Na Sua Cara
        A4      Mi Capital Federal
        A5      Mayaku Mitsuyusen
        A6      Eles Nao Sabem Dizer O Que É
        A7      Argyreia Nervosa
        A8      Crudo Soy
        A9      Parabéns Pra Voce
        A10     Peteca
        A11     Frankito
        A12     Ayhuaska Is Not LSD
        B1      Piranha
        B2      Change My Way
        B3      Choripan
        B4      Fogo N’Água
        B5      Gangs Do Norte
        B6      Bullying Yourself
        B7      O Dinheiro É Meu
        B8      Takusan Nomitai
        B9      Nem Todo Brasileiro Que Gosta De Futebol, Gosta Do Neymar.
        B10     Excursion Para Punta Del Este
        B11     Jobson É Craque
        B12     Fechado
        B13     Evocando Xamas
GPR     88      BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA : 2007-2010                      CD      05.2012

        1.      ----- 	1:52
        2.      World Is Fading                                 0:20
        3.      Youth House                                     1:08
        4.      Corporate Disease                               1:19
        5.      Polluted                                        0:29
        6.      Under A Rug                                     1:21
        7.      -----                                           1:22
        8.      Black Hole Of Calcutta                          1:04
        9.      Coughing Up Blood                               0:51
        10.     College Kids                                    0:32
        11.     Warfare Fire                                    1:06
        12.     Untitled                                        0:55
        13.     Excess Pig (Infest)                             0:30
        14.     American Dreams Deep Fried                      0:53
        15.     Jenkem                                          1:54
        16.     Television Rot                                  1:05
        17.     Waiting For The End                             0:53
        18.     You Wont Rule Me                                0:15
        19.     Meth Mom                                        1:07
        20.     Store Bought Punk                               1:05
        21.     Graffiti Is Art                                 1:15
        22.     Daily Grind                                     0:58
        23.     For Our Rights                                  1:09
        24.     Pharmaceutical Emotions                         1:50
        25.     New Era                                         1:07
        26.     In God We Trust?                                1:42
        27.     Against The State                               1:01
        28.     Deforestation                                   1:51
        29.     Force Fed Lies                                  1:14
        30.     Pissed Off Fishermen                            1:57
        31.     8 Years Of War                                  1:50
        32      Ode To Taco Trucks                              0:13
        33.     Information Is Free (Nasum)                     1:21
        34.     Flag Of Imprisonment                            1:39
        35.     The Very Good Fight                             1:22
        36.     You're A Mistake                                1:11
        37.     Burn!                                           0:50
        38.     Lack Of Intellingence (Disrupt)                 1:07
        39.     Defeat                                          3:47
        40.     Human = Earth's Slow Death                      0:42
        41.     Decline                                         1:52
        42.     No Escape                                       2:11
        43.     Fucking Mess                                    3:58
GPR     89      MELLOW HARSHER          MELLOW HARSHER                  7"        .2012

        A1      Stinge
        A2      Ski-Mask
        A3      Wizard Burn
        A4      Lifepain
        A5      Altered
        B1      Meth Capital
        B2      Free Edge
        B3      Harsh Portal
        B4      MHXMH

7"      625 Thrashcore          625 #242        2012    US
7"+CS   625 Thrashcore          625 #242        2012    US
GPR     90      GRINDING HALT/SUFFERING QUOTA : SPLIT                   7"      04.2012

        A1      Grinding Halt           Kaaskoppen
        A2      Grinding Halt           Knuffelverzet
        A3      Grinding Halt           Bedrog
        B1      Suffering Quota         No Lust For Life
        B2      Suffering Quota         Becoming One With The Filth
        B3      Suffering Quota         Goodbye Self Awareness
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl)

7"      De Graanrepubliek       Graan #20       2012    NE
7"      Parade of Spectres      POS 19          2012    NE
GPR     91      SCHEISSE MINNELLI       EXIST TO GET PISS'T             LP        .2012

        A1      Sinning And Winning                             2:23
        A2      Umbringen                                       2:08
        A3      Exist To Get Piss't                             1:57
        A4      Scheisse Minnelli                               2:59
        A5      Henry, Hank, Simone                             2:02
        A6      Lucky 4 You                                     2:18
        A7      Trashland                                       2:09
        A8      Skateboard The Freeway                          2:30
        B1      12th And Campbell                               2:29
        B2      Hast Du Scheisse                                2:06
        B2      We're Socially Retarded                         1:51
        B4      Action Packed                                   2:38
        B5      One Across The Lip                              2:38
        B6      Wasted Body                                     2:22
        B7      Dirtville                                       2:00

LP      Disty Faces             DF 14/2012      2012    GE
CD      King Fign'r             KINGGINGR 002   2007    US

        A1      Robocop                 Psychic Transferal      2:12
        A2      Robocop                 Fed To The Wolves       0:38
        A3      Robocop                 Feminism Über Alles     1:10
        A4      Robocop                 Room 641A               1:27
        A5      Robocop                 Zapruder Frame 265      1:59
        A6      Robocop                 Word Virus              4:52
        B1      Detroit                 Pills                   0:50
        B2      Detroit                 Arizona                 0:34
        B3      Detroit                 Day After Day           2:20
        B4      Detroit                 Mules                   0:32
        B5      Detroit                 Wake Up                 1:02
        B6      Detroit                 Into You                1:49
        B7      Detroit                 Pusher                  1:02
GPR     93      BURIED AT BIRTH         BURIED AT BIRTH                 7"        .2012

        A1      Pink Mist
        A2      Wick Effect
        B1      Parallel Lines
        B2      Creature Cruiser
OPB     94      NEEDFUL THINGS          TENTACLES OF INFLUENCE          12"     08.2011

        A1      Intro
        A2      Tentacles Of Influence
        A3      Constricted
        A4      Fallen Into Darkness
        A5      Deprogrammed
        A6      Predator
        A7      Worshipper Of God
        A8      Money In God's Hands
        A9      Collateral Existence
        A10     Narrator
        B1      Corrupted
        B2      Decision Points
        B3      Party For Killers / Massive Killing
        B4      End Of Your Life
        B5      Remains Of Life
        B6      DNA Freak Number
        B7      One Day Hero
        B8      Mask Of Arrogance
        B9      Firewall
        B10     The Mass

12"     Obscene Productions     OBP 094         2011            Czech
12"     Psychocontrol Records   PSYCHO 012      2011            Czech
GPR     95      LYCANTHROPHY            LYCANTHROPHY                    LP        .2013

        A1      Tighten Your Belts
        A2      Born With Debts!
        A3      Don't Trust Them, Trust Yourself
        A4      Deep Below Zero
        A5      Machines Of Success
        A6      Emptiness
        A7      Vomit And Celebrities
        A8      PC@HC
        A9      Ironbound
        A10     Neverending Frustration
        B1      Only Words
        B2      The Mask Of Arrogance
        B3      Virtual Bliss
        B4      The Morning After
        B5      Primitive Game
        B6      The True Face
        B7      I Have To Hate
        B8      No Respect, No Remorse
        B9      At The End
        B10     Fuar Farms
        B11     Rape Theft Murder

LP      Power It Up             PIU #181        2014    US
GPR     96      BRODY'S MILITIA         CYCLE OF HATE                   7"        .2013

        A1      Drone Mob
        A2      Riding Out Of Hell
        B1      Hell Is For Christians
        B2      Inappropriate Romance
        B3      Bite The Bottle
        B4      I Love Katsuni
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , white vinyl)
GPR     97      DEATH TOLL 80K          HARSH REALITIES                 LP      01.2015

        A1      Nothing In Common
        A2      Control
        A3      Taught To Consume
        A4      No Escape
        A5      Modern-Day Slavery
        A6      Piss-stained Press
        A7      Purchased Happiness
        A8      Crippled And Dead
        A9      Cycle Of Misery
        A10     False Comfort
        A11     Shepherd
        B12     Collateral Murder
        B13     Drunk On Authority
        B14     Empty Pose
        B15     Traditions
        B16     Bleak
        B17     Commodities
        B18     Profiting On Fear
        B19     Maskmen
        B20     Sickened
        B21     Civilian Targets
        B22     Manipulated
        B23     Harsh Realities
GPR     98      JUNGLE JUICE            INVOLUNTARY CONVULSIONS         7"        .2013

                Side Prey
        A1      Prey
        A2      Consumed By Consumerism
        A3      Blind
        A4      H.M.N.B.N.G (Human Limits)
                Side Decay
        B1      Constant Decay
        B2      Three Days
        B3      Refractions
        B4      Womb Of Medusa
                (Note : transp.-yellow or clear vinyl)
GPR     99      ACCION MUTANTE          WORSE THAN A VIRUS              LP      01.2013
GPR     99      ACCION MUTANTE          WORSE THAN A VIRUS              CD      01.2013

        A1      Narcissism Of Mankind
        A2      Stop FGM
        A3      Misanthropolis
        A4      The First Stone
        A5      Der Erste Schnee
        A6      Kids
        A7      Bored
        A8      The Key
        B1      I Would Do It Again
        B2      Dusty The Dog
        B3      Prophecy
        B4      Feed Me
        B5      Zombie J
        B6      Elephant In The Snow
        B7      No
        B8      Evil Aliens
        B9      Kranenwald
                (Note : LP , black, white or red vinyl)

LP.CD   Power It Up             P.I.U. #160     2013    GE
GPR     100
GPR     101     WAKE/REHASHED           SPLIT                           7"        .2013

        A1      Wake                    Simian Bull
        A2      Wake                    Mouthbreeder
        A3      Wake                    Ambitions
        A4      Wake                    Contempt For Flesh
        B1      Rehashed                The Marrow
        B2      Rehashed                F.U.C.K.
        B3      Rehashed                Straight To The Hole
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 400 black/100 green copies)
GPR     102     AGE OF WOE              INHUMANFORM                     CD      05.2013

        1       Like Embers                                     5:37
        2       King Of Thieves                                 2:46
        3       The Antagonist                                  4:29
        4       Black Rain                                      6:42
        5       At First Sight                                  3:09
        6       Red Eyes                                        3:43
        7       Cold Cycle                                      6:15
        8       A Rite Of Passage                               5:50

LP      Suicide                 SR 013          2013    Sweden
GPR     103
GPR     104     OSK                     WE WILL NEVER CHANGE            10"       .2014

        A1      We Will Never Change
        A2      Somniphobia
        A3      Left Behind
        A4      Die Away From Me
        A5      No Fucking Shame
        A6      Burning Human
        A7      Rotted
        A8      Cross Canada
        A9      Cut And Paste
        B1      M.T.A.C.
        B2      Scientific Fraud
        B3      Cull The Herd
        B4      Borders
        B5      Serenity
        B6      Q:$5 A:$5
        B7      Keep It Short
        B8      Concrete
GPR     105     THE SHINING             RISE OF THE DEGENERATES         LP      02.2013

        A1      Degenerates
        A2      No Hammer Big Enough
        A3      Crucifiction
        A4      Never Sign Up
        A5      Managers
        A6      Rules
        B1      Chemical Prophet
        B2      Drug Money
        B3      Hounds Of War
        B4      Grown Up In Conflict
        B5      Firetrucks On Fire

LP      Pickup Records          PU010           2013
LP      Just 4 Fun              FUN-28          2013
LP      Flipped Up              F.U.R.013       2013
LP      Farce Attack            FAR 16          2013
LP      Dead Heroes Records     dead 030        2013
LP      Crew For Life Records   C.F.L-035       2013
LP      Rock Mutante            RM 010          2013
LP      Offside Records         OR# 13          2013
LP      Darcy Trash Records     DTR 005         2013
LP      Pickup Records          PU0011          2013
GPR     106     JACK                    INHUMANUS                       CD      03.2013

        1       Irgalom Nélkül / No Mercy                       2:00
        2       Túlfeszítve / Overwrought                       1:00
        3       Embertelenedés I. / Dehumanize I.               1:07
        4       Szabad Akarat! / Tree Willi                     2:28
        5       Sorvadás / Atrophied                            0:59
        6       Az Igéret Földje / The Promised Land            0:33
        7       Felemelkedés / Ascension                        1:54
        8       Hazugsagban Élve / Living In A Lie              1:09
        9       Térdre Kényszerítve / On Your Knees             3:31
        10      Inhumanus / Inhumánus                           1:38
        11      Zsarnok / Tyrant                                1:08
        12      Polytoxicomania / Polytoxicomania               1:00
        13      Látszatok Foglya / Trapped In An Illusion       1:30
        14      Szolgaságból Szolgaságba / From Slavery To
                Slavery                                         1:37
        15      Embertelenedés II. / Dehumanize II.             1:33
        16      Beteg Kor / Sick Times                          2:00
        17      Nincsenek Kérdések / No More Questions          1:51
        18      Örvény / Whirl                                  0:58
        19      Vakság / Blindness                              1:52
        20      Dekompozíció / Decomposition                    2:50
GPR     107     NO QUALMS               HYENAS EP                       7"      01.2013

        A1      Tangible
        A2      Advanced Paranoia
        A3      Squander
        A4      Follow Me
        A5      Want
        B1      Stress Positions
        B2      Be Bad
        B3      Prescribe
        B4      PLS
        B5      Done

LP      Sea Turtle Loud Noise   STLN 004        2013    US
GPR     108     Department Of Correction / Strong Intention             LP      07.2013
GPR     108     Department Of Correction / Strong Intention             CD      07.2013

        A1      Department Of Correction : Caliwarnia
        A2      Department Of Correction : Bread Of Life
        A3      Department Of Correction : Space Intruder
        A4      Department Of Correction : Roller Grinder
        A5      Department Of Correction : Poney Royal
        A6      Department Of Correction : Perifluid
        A7      Department Of Correction : Hey Monday! What You Got?!
        A8      Department Of Correction : Horse Race Of The Palio
        A9      Department Of Correction : King Size Bed And Mayonnaise
        A10     Department Of Correction : Mega Bisoo
        A11     Department Of Correction : Moto Raid
        A12     Department Of Correction : Lord Of The Back Ring
        A13     Department Of Correction : Supersized Cat
        B1      Strong Intention        Silence The Laughter
        B2      Strong Intention        Panic In Year Zero
        B3      Strong Intention        Suffer The Cross
        B4      Strong Intention        Reap
        B5      Strong Intention        Freedom Is Slavery
        B6      Strong Intention        The Carnivore
        B7      Strong Intention        Messiah Whore
        B8      Strong Intention        The Tipping Point
        B9      Strong Intention        Without Conscience
        B10     Strong Intention        Monuments Of Shit
        B11     Strong Intention        The Great Unraveling
        B12     Strong Intention        Swing In The Wind
        B13     Strong Intention        Lose The Enablers

LP.CD   Power It Up             P.I.U. #190     2013 GE
GPR     109     NEON HOLE/DISEKSA       SPLIT                           7"      09.2013

        A1      Neon Hole               Technofear
        A2      Neon Hole               Creature Comforts
        A3      Neon Hole               Deeper Sinking Blade
        A4      Neon Hole               Mold
        B1      Diseksa                 Nuclear Radiation Is A Nightmare
        B2      Diseksa                 Disasterpiece
        B3      Diseksa                 Democracy Brutality
        B4      Diseksa                 Fearsight

7"      Rad Girlfriend          RGF-028         2013
7"      Beer Demon              BDR-006         2013
7"      Bullwhip                BULL 035        2013
7"      Divine Mother Rec.      DMR-005         2013
GPR     110     BEYOND PINK             PRIDE AND PREJUDICE             LP        .2013

        A1      Statement On Statements
        A2      Neanderthal Dreaming
        A3      Hit Men Inte Längre
        A4      Döda Tröga Kids
        A5      Thanx To All The Boys
        B1      Get In The Van
        B2      Grubbel
        B3      Jag Lever Pa Hoppet
        B4      Sen Jag Började Tanka Pa Döden
        B5      Dirty Dog

LP      Emancypunx              EPR 027         2012    GE      red,white or black
GPR     111     FUNERARY BOX/VICKERS    SPLIT EP                        7"        .2015

        A1      Funerary Box            The Dunwich Whoremonger
        A2      Funerary Box            Hospital Bed
        A3      Funerary Box            Fondling Skulls
        B1      Vickers                 Cult Of Burning Hair
        B2      Vickers                 Hog Tied
        B3      Vickers                 Red Dawn
        B4      Vickers                 Satanic Possession
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , black vinyl)
GPR     112     PRIAPUS/INTHESHIT       SPLIT                           7"        .2014

        A1      Intheshit               A Simple Noose
        A2      Intheshit               Caffeine Sturmgewehr
        A3      Intheshit               Slight Chemical Imbalance
        B1      Priapus                 Adversus
        B2      Priapus                 Failure Addict
GPR     113     AGE OF WOE/100 YEARS    SPLIT                           7"        .2014

        A       Age Of Woe              Born Of Fire
        B       100 Years               City/Prayers
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , red vinyl)

7"      Suicide         SR 017          2014    Sweden
GPR     114     JACK                    EBERKOMA                        7"      05.2014

        A1      A Felettes / The Superior
        A2      Éberkóma / Vigil Coma
        A3      Öngyilkos Társadalom / Suicidal Society
        B4      Bomlásra Ítélve / Destined To Rot
        B5      Beavatkozás / Intervention
        B6      Béklyó / Schakles
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 300 copies on red-transl. vinyl)
GPR     #115    EXHALE                  WHEN WPRLDS COLLIDE             LP        .2014

        A1      Wrath Unleashed
        A2      Avsky
        A3      Apocalypse
        A4      Machinery
        A5      Barriers Of Blood
        A6      Monuments Of The Dead
        A7      Concealed Within
        A8      In Times Of Peace
        B1      Till Slakt
        B2      Glorify The Dumb
        B3      Vigilante
        B4      In This Valley
        B5      Etiketter
        B6      Illusions
        B7      Livsöde
        B8      Left Inside

LP      Power It Up             P.I.U. #164     2014    GE
GPR     116     WAKE                    FALSE                           CD        .2014

        1       Filth Addict
        2       Foster
        3       Vacant
        4       Smolder
        5       Mouthbreeder
        6       Rotten
        7       Bleak
        8       Ominous
        9       The Fix Is In
        10      Presbyopia
        11      Intrusion

LP      Handsnake Inc.          HI #6           2013    GE
LP      7 Degrees               7DR 019         2013    GE
GPR     117
GPR     118
GPR     119
GPR     120     HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH/RAID : SPLIT                       7"        .2015

        A1      Hummingbird Of Death    Fruit Roll Up
        A2      Hummingbird Of Death    Holding Down The Fort
        A3      Hummingbird Of Death    Aung San's Song
        A4      Hummingbird Of Death    People Want You Dead
        A5      Hummingbird Of Death    Punch Out Your Lights
        B1      Raid                    Tired
        B2      Raid                    My Disorder
        B3      Raid                    Disconnected
GPR     121
GPR     122     TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION/FUBAR : SPLIT                 7"      07.2015

        A1      Total Fucking Destruction : Push
        A2      Total Fucking Destruction : Song For Daniel
        A3      Total Fucking Destruction : Bugs
        A4      Total Fucking Destruction : Halucinaut
        B1      FUBAR                   Nothing Or Too Little
        B2      FUBAR                   Niet gezaaid toch geoogst
        B3      FUBAR                   Death In doubt
        B4      FUBAR                   Klokkenluiders
        B5      FUBAR                   Drone
                (Note : LP , 400 black/200 snoke copies)

7"      Power It Up             P.I.U. #168     2015    GE
GPR     123     SOIL OF IGNORANCE/ENDLESS DEMISE : SPLIT                7"      09.2015

        1       Soil Of Ignorance       Reality Enforcement
        2       Soil Of Ignorance       Fear The Prophecy
        3       Soil Of Ignorance       Nightmare Living Hell
        4       Soil Of Ignorance       Downfall Existence
        5       Soil Of Ignorance       H.E.Y.
        6       Endless Demise          Past The Point Of Punishment
        7       Endless Demise          Miss Me With That
        8       Endless Demise          Seed Of Destruction
        9       Endless Demise          Gotten This Far
        10      Endless Demise          Clouds Of Doubt
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

7"      Haunted Hotel           HHR 83          2015    US
7"      Witch Bukkake           wBR 13          2015    US
GPR     124     PONTIUS PIRATE          PTERODACTYL ISLAND              12"     03.2015

        1A      Everyone Loves Brain
        2A      Dinosaur Power
        3A      Wise Man
        4A      Croatioan Death Grip
        5A      OSCAR
        6A      Iv'e Worn Out My Welcome
        7A      Chester A. Arthur.. Fuck YOU!
        8A      A Burnt-Up Kitten, Kissing The Sun
        9A      How Many Pieces Of Toast
        1B      Pterodactyl of Rock And Roll
        2B      Sombero Man
        3B      What Would Black Metal Do?
        4B      My Nuts
        5B      Neanderthal Chemistry set
        6B      Too Many People, Not Enough Food
        7B      A Song In Which A Guy Says "Anymore" Too Often
        8B      What Is The Best Kind Of Music?
                (Note : 12" , 33.3 RPM)
                VS. SLUMBERING SLUDGE

        A1      Department Of Correction : Greencore Is Leaf
        A2      Department Of Correction : The Tank Is In The Garden
        A3      Department Of Correction : Suck It Up System Resistance
        A4      Department Of Correction : Do It Like That Bowie
        A5      Department Of Correction : Try To Set It Free (If You
                Believe In It)
        B1      Agathocles              Into My Crypts Of Hate
GPR     126     INTESTINAL ROT          CONSUMING FERMENTED BILE        CD      07.2015

        1       Deep Fried And Vomit Filled                     02:46
        2       C.H.U.D                                         03:52
        3       Consuming Fermented Bile                        03:47
        4       Re-inventing Mankind                            03:24
        5       Drowning In Mucous                              01:43
        6       Cranium Crushing Cannibals                      01:43
        7       Japanese Dolphin Slaughter                      02:02
GPR     127     ABORTION/CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS : SPLIT                   CS        .2015

        A1      Abortion                Work To God
        A2      Abortion                Sphere Of Interest
        A3      Abortion                Happiness
        A4      Abortion                Bangladesh Fashion Genocide
        A5      Abortion                Hate
        A6      Abortion                Children Of Satan
        A7      Abortion                Disease of Growth
        A8      Abortion                False Friends
        A9      Abortion                Give Me Leader
        A10     Abortion                Crisis Of The Brain
        A11     Abortion                Social Certainty / I'm Witness
        A12     Abortion                Life Prostitution
        B1      Choked By Own Vomits : I Wanna Be Drunk Forever
        B2      Choked By Own Vomits : Forman Is Dead
        B3      Choked By Own Vomits : Sweatpants Factory
        B4      Choked By Own Vomits : Ass Eat Ass
        B5      Choked By Own Vomits : Shit Smashed The Ass to Shit
        B6      Choked By Own Vomits : I Eat And I Shit the Cycle Of Life
GPR     128
GPR     129     BRUCE CAMPBELL          LOS ANGELES NOISECORE           CS      06.2015

        A1      Ax Of Anger
        A2      Blood Lust
        A3      Disgusted By You
        A4      Grind Your Face Off
        A5      Warkiller
        A6      Hail To The King
        B1      City Of Doom
        B2      Weight Of Hate
        B3      Delusional PVK
        B4      Fear Thy Wrath
        B5      Humanity
        B6      The Crave
GPR     130
GPR     131     MOLOCH & GURTHANG       SPLIT                           7"      05.2017

        01.     OF DECAY AND SOLITUDE
        03.     UNENDLICHKEIT
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 300 black/4 test copies)
GPR     132
GPR     133     TRAFFIC DEATH           TERROR OF THE FREEWAY           7"        .2015

        A1      Too Late, You Lose
        A2      Fuck Cancer
        A3      Life Justice
        B1      Thirst
        B2      Hit & Run
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , 500 copies on red-clear splatter)
GPR     134
GPR     135     AXIS OF DESPAIR         MANKIND CRAWL                   7"      10.2016

        A1      The Last Sight
        A2      En Vansinnesdans
        A3      Enclave
        B1      Under The Surface
        B2      Skulking
        B3      Life On Standby
GPR     136     JACK                    NEUROZIS                        LP      01.2016

        A1      Megveszve                                       00:42
        A2      Berögzült Félelem                               01:18
        A3      Sterilizált Létezés                             01:04
        A4      Gát                                             01:00
        A5      Feketén Fehéren                                 00:43
        A6      Ima Helyett                                     01:49
        A7      Megváltás                                       00:50
        A8      Elképzelt Valóság                               01:08
        A9      Mélyaltatás                                     01:02
        A10     Börtön Rácsok Nélkül                            01:16
        B11     ... Míg A Kanál El Nem Választ!                 01:03
        B12     Félig A Sírban                                  01:31
        B13     A Civilizáció Rabjai                            00:34
        B14     Végtelen Labirintus                             00:53
        B15     Felettes                                        01:22
        B16     Ecloga                                          01:36
        B17     Bomlásra Ítélve                                 01:13
        B18     Őrlődés                                         00:59
        B19     Neurózis                                        02:08
GPR     137     THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN : STILL PISSED 2012-2015        CD      07.2016

                "Grind In The Mind" 7"
        1       Grind In The Mind 	
        2       Mind On The Grind
        3       Still By The Still
                Self-titled LP
        4       The Outsider
        5       Down And Out
        6       Swirl Night
        7       Pog Till You Drop
        8       War On The Poor
        9       Too Late
        10      Bottling Up
        11      Till The End
        12      Lidney
        13      Grindcorpse
        14      The Monster
        15      Grind Is Music
        16      Drain The Dregs
        17      Shut Up
        18      Booglechrist
        19      Children Of The Grain
                The Afternoon Gentlemen/Lycanthropy split 10"
        20      Time Gentlemen Please
        21      Dustbin Banquet
        22      Second Chance
        23      Dry
        24      Waste of Flesh
                Previously Unreleased
        25      Concrete Plant
                "Power Joogle Pogger Violence" 10"
        26      Oranjeboom
        27      Hammers
        28      F.T.T.
        29      Doins Head
        30      Bin Lurker
        31      Hungry
        32      Scum Of The Earth
        33      4/4
        34      Neocrust 0 Powerviolence 1
        35      Kill A Banker
        36      Poggy Trou
        37      Booze Gel Hell
        38      Get Fucked
        39      Nuclear Terror
        40      Let's Stink
        41      Piss Artist
GPR     138     SICK OF STUPIDITY       ONE SHOT, ONE KILL              CD      10.2016

        1       Oppositional Defiant Disorder
        2       Denial & Deception
        3       Anno Momini
        4       Blazing Surge Fist
        5       Squandered
        6       Social Alienation
        7       Nitroglycerin Incineration
        8       Bottleneck
        9       7/11
        10      Slumber Of Humanity
        11      Crushed, Corrupted, Convicted
GPR     139     KNIFE HITS              ERIS                            LP      09.2016

        1       Second Death
        2       Aches
        3       Descent
        4       Perpetual Lethargy
        5       The Veil
        6       Our Dilemma
        7       Their World
        8       Map Territory Relation
        9       Abhorrent
        10      Forgotten Vessels
        11      Iconoclast
        12      New Paradigm
GPR     140     PRIAPUS                 DEPRESSANT                      CS        .2016

        A1      This Is Beyond All Reason
        A2      Bent Morals
        A3      Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal
        A4      There is No Cure
        A5      Depressant
        A6      Pattern Blue
                (Note : cassette , 200 copies)
GPR     141     UNHOLY GRAVE            CRUCIFIED                       CS        .2016

        A1      Maniacal Discharge                              2:11
        A2      Human Mummification                             1:22
        A3      Mental Disease                                  1:24
        A4      Atrocity                                        1:25
        A5      Worthless Prize                                 1:43
        A6      Korean Residents In Japan                       1:07
        A7      Be Born Poor                                    2:36
        A8      Forced Unfair Future                            1:35
        B1      Blinded -Death From Overwork-                   1:51
        B2      Euthanasia                                      2:01
        B3      The Unknown Ghost -The Fugitives-               2:12
        B4      Discrimination                                  1:53
        B5      Protestant? Catholic?                           1:46
        B6      Shameless Bighead                               1:56
        B7      Mass Imbeciles -Racism-                         1:46
        B8      Greedy Pigs                                     1:44
                (Note : cassette , 250 copies)
GPR     142     BRUTAL BLUES            BB                              CD      09.2018

        01.     01
        02.     02
        03.     03
        04.     04
        05.     05
        06.     06
        07.     07
        08.     08
        09.     09
        10.     10

This is a brutal and raw blast of noise teasing with a full fledged grindcore attack.
Blistering screaming vocals laid over an explosive brand of original shredding. BRUTAL
BLUES seriously have a style all their own - this has to be heard to be believed. This
is mind-numbing grindcore. The cover is printed on a metallic gold cover, the inner
sleeve is individually hand-stamped. Limited to 100.


GPR     144     HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH & BEARTRAP : SPLIT                 5"      05.2017

        A1      Hummingbird Of Death : Endless Dumber
        A2      Hummingbird Of Death : Drug Cartels
        A3      Hummingbird Of Death : Inherently Terrible
        A4      Hummingbird Of Death : Human Train Wreck
        A5      Hummingbird Of Death : You Had Better Enjoy Treating
                People Like Shit While You Can
        A6      Hummingbird Of Death : Loser
        A7      Hummingbird Of Death : A Touch Too Much
        A8      Hummingbird Of Death : You Had Better Enjoy Treating
                People Like Shit While You Can (Reprise)
        A9      Hummingbird Of Death : Acquire Knowledge
        A10     Hummingbird Of Death : Endless Vertigo
        B1      Beartrap                Weightless
        B2      Beartrap                Ascend
        B3      Beartrap                Demon
        B4      Beartrap                Kneel
        B5      Beartrap                Cross Me

5"      To Live A Lie           TLAL 114        2016
5"      Riotous Outburst        ROR 059         2016
5"      Here And Now!           HAN 047         2016
GPR     145     THE BROOD               THE TRUTH BEHIND                CD      06.2017

        01.     INCUBATION
        02.     BARBIE VOORHEES
        03.     OF GUTS AND FIRE
        04.     LOBOTOMIZED
        05.     ONE BY ONE
        06.     LATENT DEMENTIA
        07.     GIL
        09.     REIGN OF THE LEECHES
        10.     SEEDS OF DEMISE
        11.     FREE RANGE MEAT
        12.     MUD DOLL FACTORY
        13.     MINDFUCK
        14.     SWALLOWED BY THE EARTH
GPR     146     KEITZER                 ASCENSION                       LP      08.2017

        02.     ASCENSION
        04.     RMENSCH
        05.     RITUAL
        06.     VENGEANCE
        07.     SALVATION
        08.     CONQUISTADOR
        09.     BLACK SILENT TIDES
        10.     ORIGINS OF MADNESS
        11.     ENEMIES OF EXISTENCE
        12.     WOLVES AMONG US


GPR     149     GRAVE PLAGUE            THE INFECTED CRYPTS             7"      08.2017

        01.     HALLS OF THE ROTTEN
        02.     ARISE THE INFECTED



GPR     153     NO QUESTION             NO QUESTION                     7"      09.2018

        01.     STRUCTURES
        02.     SITUATIONAL FORCE
        03.     SIGNS OF ABUSE
        04.     RAISED NOTHING
        05.     NO ONE CARES NOW
        06.     SPREAD THIN
        07.     PLAY YOUR ROLE
        08.     DOUBLE NEGATIVE
        09.     SUBSTANCE CONTROL
        10.     PARENTAL UNIT

Noisy powerviolence hardcore from Madison Wisconsin. The bass tone and the way it's
at the forefront reminds me of Spazz. The vocals are scowled out in a Septic Death
type way. The music is manic, blown out and noisy. Circlepit breaks, fast punk beats,
blast beats. Ex-members of Deep Shit and Happy Birthday. For fans of: Septic Death,
Spazz, Ectoplasm, Gauze, Perdition, Lowest Form, Gloom, Exclaim, Man is the Bastard.
GPRA    153     WHISKER BISCUIT         KILL FOR BEER                   LP      05.2019

        01.     TIT PIT
        03.     PUCK HUCKING CANUCKS
        04.     BLOOD/MONEY/BEER
        05.     SLOTH
        06.     NUCLEAR VOMIT
        07.     GLOBAL PRISON
        08.     INSECTS
        09.     FULLY BAKED
        10.     FROM THE START
        11.     RIOT SQUAD
        12.     VIOLENCE INITIATED
        13.     GRAB EM BY THE PUSSY
        14.     KILL FOR BEER

WHISKER BISCUIT is here with a new full-length! Raw and pissed off-only like the
Canadians can do! Female fronted punk/hc that teases the edge of grindcore. A take
no apologies approach and in-your-face attitude leads these ragers through a beer
soaked adventure!
GPR     154     TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION : #USA4TFD                    LP      05.2019

        01.     YOUTH APOCALYPSE
        02.     SIDEWAYS IN TIME
        03.     JESUS CHRIST POSER
        04.     EATS MOSCOW
        06.     TEENAGE WALL
        07.     WORLD WAR 4
        08.     HACKSAW
        09.     MOTHERS' MEAT
        10.     A NOTE TO MY FUTURE SELF
        11.     ANAL TRUMP IS GAY
        13.     #USA4TFD
        14.     6.5 BILLION (PIECES OF SHIT)
        16.     PIG'S HEAD
        17.     METAL EMERGENCY
        18.     ATTACK OF THE SUPERVIRUS 1.0
        19.     ATTACK OF THE SUPERVIRUS 2.0
        20.     ATTACK OF THE SUPERVIRUS 3.0
        22.     BOXCUTTER
        24.     JESUS!
        25.     GOATLORD

Give Praise Records is psyched to release #USA4TFD, the new album on all formats
from TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION! 14 nihilistic tracks of utter disbelief! Musical
ritualizations of aggression! Catchy blasts of sound falling off the edge of the
world into a chaotic abyss of unique and original grind! Jazz/noise chaos that thinks
fast and speaks to the slow motion apocalypse we are all now living. Says Hoak:
"We live in the future now, an instant forever. We gotta stay loud...".
GPR     155     NEEDFULL THINGS         DECEPTION                       LP      05.2019

        01.     JUDGMENT
        02.     SILENCE IS A KEY
        03.     SMALL BONUS
        04.     SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
        05.     ALWAYS THE LAST
        07.     CUNTS AROUND THE BRAIN
        08.     EXTREME WAY
        09.     WITHOUT EMOTIONS
        10.     RICH BITCH
        11.     NOT TO BE LIKE THEM
        12.     NEVERMORE
        13.     HALF TRUTH
        14.     TO BE A PART
        15.     HATRED

NEEDFUL THINGS brings you their third full length in 23 years. 15 new Grinding tracks
with a tight sound! This is their third studio album of the grindcore veterans from
Czech Republic. They started back in 1995 and 23 years later they come out with
"Deception". 15 new songs recorded at Davos studio by Otin - they bring you heavy and
tight grindcore. Recorded by Otin in Davos Studio and vocals at Walter Sobchack studio.
Cover artwork made by the mighty Szym Siech.