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GTR     001     J.P. SHILO              INVISIBLE YOU                   LP      01.2020
GTR     001 CD  J.P. SHILO              INVISIBLE YOU                   CD      01.2020

        1/      Kid King Kong
        2/      Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
        3/      Voodoo Talking
        4/      Widow’s Peak
        5/      Snowstorms In Hawaii
        6/      Mechanical Man
        7/      Misty Light
        8/      Invisible You
        9/      I Hear A New World

You may remember J.P. Shilo from the ‘90s instrumental band Hungry Ghosts. Their
debut LP was produced by Roland S. Howard who also played on the album. His debut
solo album, Invisible You, features ex-Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelly, the Bad
Seeds’ Mick Harvey on keyboards and guitarist Kim Salmon from The Scientists and
The Beasts of Bourbon. It is an album that manages to balance minimalism and intensity