Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Norton/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

GSR     001     RALFE BAND              BUNNY AND THE BULL              CD      11.2011

GSR     003 LP  OLY RALFE               NOTES FROM ANOTHER SEA          LOP     04.2018
                (Note : LP , 500 hand-numb. copies)
GSR     003 CD  OLY RALFE               NOTES FROM ANOTHER SEA          CD      04.2018

        1       The Bridge
        2       A Forest In The City
        3       On My Train
        4       Hear Me Yourself
        5       Melusine
        6       Glider
        7       Lantern Waltz
        8       Which Is The Brighter
        9       The Swallow Sleeps All Winter
        10      Wanderers
        11      Beqaa Road
        12      All Our Rooms
        13      Night Raven
        14      Hill Queen

As Ralfe Band, Oly has released three studio albums and composed the soundtrack to
Bunny and the Bull (Warp Films / Film 4). Ralfe Band have toured extensively and
performed multiple sessions for BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 2. Oly is also an award
-winning filmmaker, and recently illustrated the novel A Field Guide to Reality by
Joanna Kavenna (Quercus), his drawings described as ‘beautiful and affecting’ by
the Times Literary Supplement.