Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : indie / alternative / Americana /

GLLP    1       DANNY DODGE             BABY, LET ME BE YOUR MESS       LP      08.2017
GLCD    1       DANNY DODGE             BABY, LET ME BE YOUR MESS       CD      08.2017

        01.     YOU DO YOU
        02.     YOU NEED A MAN, NOT A HURRICAN'
        03.     ROLLIN' WIND
        04.     WORRY ABOUT YA
        06.     YAKIMA CANUTT
        07.     GOODBYE BABY EXPRESS
        08.     GOOD TIME LOVIN' WOMAN
        09.     BABY, LET ME BE YOUR MESS

Having been a fixture in the Portland music scene for the better part of a decade as
front man for both No Tomorrow Boys and The Criminal Guitars, Get Loud is proud to
announce Danny Dodges debut solo record, Baby, Let Me Be Your Mess. Showcasing jangled
power-pop riffs and clever lyrical hooks, the ten song debut lends itself more to the
likes of Tom Petty and The Byrds than the punk of his former bands. Songs like "You
Need a Man, Not a Hurrican" and "Worry Bout Ya" cut straight to the heart,
romanticizing the listener with a 70s era blast of front seat rock radio, all while
casting Dodge as a burgeoning American songwriter. Cut mostly live, Baby Let Me Be
Your Mess, is both an honest and urgent reflection of a young man arriving.
GL      2       HAIRY PATT BAND         DICKY'S EYE                     CD      08.2017

        01.     MARK THE NARC
        02.     BULLHEADED
        03.     HOSPITAL
        04.     RED CAR
        05.     DICKY'S EYE
        06.     PETE ROSE

In the early to mid 90s, nothing was as pure and maniacal as the guttural squawk of
Columbus Ohios cowpunk duo Hairy Patt Band. Consisting of two childhood friends, Jason
Drenik and Joe Patt, the band released two full length LPs and several singles. They
toured and shared the stage with The Jesus Lizard, Cows, Laughing Hyenas, Ed Hall,
Pork, Cop Shoot Cop and others. And then, they disappeared. So its an honor to
announce that over the next year, Get Loud will be re-releasing some of the duos
singles and a slab of unreleased lo-fi gems. If mind blowing dirt scuzz straight from
the belly of the Ohio River is your thing, look no further.