GENERAL PURPOSE                         AUSTRALIA

Distr.  : AU -
          US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Piccadilly
Style   : balearic / synth pop /

A record label created by Leise and longtime DJ partner and collaborator, Salvador.
Leise and Salvador neither plan to release exclusively on GP, nor promise regular
releases. It's a label for when they can find the time, energy, money and most
importantly, the sound they believe in. Ing is about embracing change, experimentation
and progression. Terrified to follow a format, Leise looks to other genres for
inspiration. He turned to his love for dub, Afro, post punk and experimental music to
find guidance. Artists like Scientist, Jah Shaka, Savant, Adrian Sherwood and Andromeda
all in their own way influence Ing. Ing is not what fans might expect from Leise. Ing
is a dub record, a post punk record, an experimental record, a balearic record, an
homage record, a record with a purpose. Leise has previous releases on International
Feel and Aficionado Recordings.

GP      001     LEN LEISE               ING                             LP      09.2016

        01      Pretending
        02      Swimming
        03      Rocking
        04      Stopping
        05      Wandering
        06      Stepping
GP      002     GENERAL PURPOSE         BLOW IN THE BEG                 12"     05.2017

        A1.     Suck Of The Sav
        A2.     Suck Of The Sav (Anton Klimt Re-interpretation)
        B1.     Slim Dusty
                : ALSO KNOWN AS EDITS

        A1.     Stars For Jorge - Len Leise
        A2.     Desperado Dining - Len Leise
        B1.     Concerto De Chasse - General Purpose
        B2.     Cha Cha Flamongo - Salvador Ricardo