Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : ambient / techno / house /

GGR     001
GGR     002     RICH RUTH               CALMING SIGNALS                 LP      11.2019

        1.      Coming Down
        2.      Carrying It Around
        3.      Getting Out
        4.      Marina
        5.      Haynes Manor
        6.      Hazrat Nizamuddin
        7.      Teufelsberg
        8.      Memento Park
        9.      Oudam
                (Note : LP , translucent-green vinyl)

Calming Signals is an ambient record with additional emotional catharsis. (Michael)
Rich Ruth has played in a number of bands, but has also been making ambient music in
his own time. Ruth was carjacked during the recording of the album. This meant the
album became a way of him changing a horrible experience into something positive.