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Geej Recordings is Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys  and Ryan Smith of Caribou/Taraval
/Jiaolong.   Previously operating solely as the Canadian home for Jessy Lanza and
Junior Boys it is now prepping a number of original releases to startle and delight.

GJ      004 LP  A PULSE TRAIN           TACTUS TEMPUS                   LP      04.2017
GJ      005 LP  THE REVEREND MARCO D'ANDREA : THE GARDEN                LP      05.2017

        01      November
        02      Heaven And Earth
        03      Why Did Hieronymus
        04      A Painter
        05      Walls
        06      Daughter
        07      Fall
        08      Chasing Snow

Marco D’Andrea is an artist and an ordained Reverend based in Hamilton, Ontario,
Canada. His artwork incorporates sound art, audio recordings, sculpture and install.
where objects, sounds and environments form a relationship and create meaning in the
moment of listening and experiencing. D’Andrea was born in the small town of Sharon,
Ontario and as a first generation Canadian, grew up with a unique mix of Italian
Catholicism and hard-rocking, working-class Canadiana. D’Andrea was ordained as a
Metaphysical Minister in 2017.
GJ      006     GREENSPAN AND TARAVAL : GREENSPAN AND TARAVAL           LP      07.2017

        1.      Earthly Delights                                09:20
        2.      Hold Time for Day                               05:24
        3.      Follow the Moonlight                            04:15
        4.      Be Last                                         03:43
        5.      Daff                                            06:48

Greenspan and Taraval have both spent plenty of time in the orbits of top electronic
music recently: Greenspan with Junior Boys and Taraval with Caribou, as well as their
respective solo works. But now they present a self-titled EP of duo recordings, edited
down from hardware synth jams with a strict no overdubs policy!
As this release might appeal to synthesizer hobbyists and enthusiasts it seemed
appropriate to compile a list of the instruments used in the original recordings.
they are as follows: Arp Odyssey Pioneer Toraiz SP 16 Eurorack Modular System Roland
        JX8P DSI Tempest Simmons SDS8  Roland SH101 Roland Jupiter 6 Yamaha CS50
        Oberheim OBXA
GJ      007     COLIN FISHER            V LE PAPE                       LP      03.2018

        1.      VII
        2.      VI
        3.      VIIII
        4.      VIII
        5.      XX
        6.      IIII

Canadian guitar hero Colin Fisher. Hitting somewhere between Fennesz, Daniel Lanois,
and electric Miles but still mapping an entirely new territory of contemporary guitar