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GAWK    4 C2    VUNDABAR                EITHER LIGHT                    LP      04.2020
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)
GAWK    4 CD    VUNDABAR                EITHER LIGHT                    CD      04.2020

Side A  1.      Out of It
        2.      Burned Off
        3.      Codeine
        4.      Petty Crime
        5.      Easier
Side B  1.      Never Call
        2.      Montage Music
        3.      Jester
        4.      Paid For
        5.      Other Flowers
        6.      Wax Face

Boston band Vundabar return with Ether Light, the follow-up to 2018ís Smell Smoke.
It sees the band, a traditionally an off-kilter indie rock band prone to wig-outs,
trying out some new sounds. They dabble with drum machines, loops, samples and synths
and used the vocal talents of Slow Pulpís Emily Massey too. It was produced by Patrick
Hyland who has worked on the last three Mitski albums.