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GAILUR  001     CELER                   SHIMA                           LP      08.2018

(Note : LP/180g , lim.ed. of 300 copies in uncoated, reverse board gatefold sleeve)

Will Long is an American artist living in Tokyo who has been releasing music for over
a decade and also runs the Two Acorns label. 'Shima', his latest release as Celer, is
comprised of two long-form analogue ambient/drone tracks constructed from B-side loops
created around the same period as Celer's 'Jima' album which was released on the
I, Absentee label in 2015. 'Shima' however was only actually recorded later in 2016
using the tape loops, reel-to-reel, reverse reverb, notch filter and digital delay.
The album comes beautifully presented on fledgeling label Gailur.
GAILUR  002     SECRET PYRAMID          DISTANT WORKS                   2LP 03.2019

                Distant Works I
        A.      Distance I
        B.      Distance II

                Distant Works II
        C.      Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV
        D.      Part V / Part VI / Part VII

(Note : 2LP/180 g. includes volumes I & II. Edition of 250 copies housed in reverse
        board gatefold sleeve)

Two sets of Secret Pyramid material from 2011 and 2016, initially released only on
cassette but now reissued together on vinyl by Gailur. Distant Works I and II are
minimal and warmly treated, with powerfully atmospheric drones and tape-mangled
miniatures alike. Great stuff, good to see both volumes available in the same handsome