GZ DIGITAL MEDIA                        GZ Media, a.s.
                                        Tovární 340
                                        267 12 Loděnice
                                        Czech Republic


                                        phone +420 311 673 100
                                              +420 311 673 101
                                        fax   +420 311

Czech company, vinyl, tape, CD and DVD manufacturer.

Successor to “Gramofonové Závody a.s.” (“Gramophone Record Factory”) and
 “GZmedia, a.s.”, since 17 January 2000.
Renamed to GZ Media per 1 January 2014.
Vinyl manufacture in Loděnice runs continuously since 1951. GZ was temporarily
using the internal trademark “GZ V!nyl”, also known as “GZ Vinyl”. Sometimes
credited with a “www.gzvinyl.com” stamp in the vinyl runout area.
[From: https://www.discogs.com/label/264517-GZ-Digital-Media] april 22, 2016

(K-RAA-K)3                      BE      www.kraak.net
01                              GR
3xReaper                        Austr
3XM Productions
4AD                             UK      www.4ad.com
4th Harmonic                    UK      www.4thharmonic.com
20:20 Vision                    UK      www.2020recordings.com
20 Buck Spin                    US      www.20buckspin.com
300mics                         UK
414 Distro                      Slovak
625 Trashcore                   US      www.625trash.com
A Records                       UK
A Sad Sadness Song              IT      www.atmf.net
A Strangely Isolated Place      US      www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com
A World We Never Made           UK
A&M (Poland)                    PL      www.interscope.com
A389                            US      www.a389records.com
Aaarght!                        Australia : www.aarghtrecords.com
Aagoo                           US      www.aagoo.com
ABC Distro                      CR      www.anarchistblackcross.cz
Aback Distribution              CR      www.abackdistrorecords.blogspot.cz
Active Rebellion                UK      www.activerebellion.com
Adagio830                       GE      www.adagio830.de
A-F (ANTI-FLAG)                 US      www.a-frecords.com
Ad Absurdum                     CR      steby@hotmail.com
Aeon                            GE      www.aeon-audio.com
Aftermath Entertainment         UK      www.aftermath-entertainment.com
Aftermath Music                 NO      www.aftermath-music.com
AGNIProductions                 CR
Agonia                          Poland      www.agoniarecords.com
Agromosh                        US      www.agromosh.com
Ainu                            FR      www.ainurecords.com
Aktivita Cabaret Voltaire       CR      acv.litvinovsko@seznam.cz
Alcopop!                        UK      www.alcopop.co.uk
All Access                      UK      www.chromedreams.co.uk
All Good Clean                  NO      www.allgoodcleanrecords.com
All In Vinyl                    UK      www.allinvinyl.com
All Rock'n'Roll Speeds Up       GE
All The Madmen                  UK      www.allthemadmen.co.uk
Almighty Beard                  UK      www.almightybeard.co.uk
Alone (1)                       GR      www.alone.gr
Alone (2)                       US      info@alonerecords.com
Alone Together
Alpha Centurai Entertainment    UK
Altercation                     US      www.altercationrecords.com
Altered Ego                     UK
Alveran                         GE
Amebix                          UK      www.easyaction.co.uk
American Recordings             US      [Universal]
Amertume                        FR
Amphetamine Reptile             US      www.amphetaminereptile.com
Anagram                         UK      www.cherryred.co.uk
Anchor Eighty Four              US      www.anchoreightyfour.com
Ancient Darkness Productions    DE      www.ancientdarkness.dk
And Also The Trees              UK      www.andalsothetrees.co.uk
Andergraum Vibrations           SP
Angry Chuck                     RU      www.angrychuckrecords.com
Another World Is Possible       VE
Ant-Zen                         GE      www.ant-zen.com
AOR Heaven                      GE      www.aorheaven.com
Apathic View Productions        GE      www.apathic-view.de
Apocalyptic Empire              NO      www.apocalypticempire.com
Apparitia                       FR
Arcade Mode                     FR      www.arcademode.com
Arch The Finger                 US      www.archthefinger.com
Area Death Productions          China   www.areadeath.net
Area Pirata                     IT      www.areapirata.com
Argon Music                     EU
Artmagicmusic                   UK
Art Of Music                    UK      www.artofmusic.uk.com
Art Of Propaganda               GE      www.art-of-propaganda.de
Art School Dropout              Astr.
Asking For Trouble              UK
Assault                         GE      www.assaultrecords.com
Astralwerks                     UK      www.astralwerks.com
Atjazz                          UK      www.atjazz.co.uk
Atlantic                        US      www.atlanticrecords.com
Attack                          UK      www.trojanrecords.com
Audio Therapy                   UK      www.therapymusic.co.uk
Audiotrauma                     FR      www.audiotrauma.org
Avalanche                       UK      www.avalancheinc.co.uk
Avatar                          GE
Awesome Kickass                 GE
B-Core Disc                     SP      www.bcoredisc.com
B-Otherside                     GR      www.b-otherside.gr
Bachelor                        Austria www.bachelorrecords.com
Back On Black                   UK      www.backonblack.com
Badger                          NE      www.badgerrecords.nl
Bandworm                        GE      www.bedworm.de
Bang!                           SP      www.bang-records.net
Banquet                         UK      www.banquetrecords.com
Barely Regal                    UK      www.barelyregalrecords.com
Barghest                        UK      www.barghest.co.uk
Basic Unit Productions          GE      www.basicunit.de
Bastardized                     GE      www.bastardizedrecordings.de
Battlesk'rs Productions         FR      www.battleskrs.com
BBE                             UK      www.bbemusic.com
Be Music                        GE      www.intergroove.de
Beach Community                 UK
Bearos                          UK      www.bearos.co.uk
Beatnick Creative               UK
Beats Record Co.                IT      www.beatrecords.it
Beewarestore                    FR      www.beewarestore.com
Believers Roast                 UK      www.thegenepool.co.uk
Belka                           UK      www.hefnet.com
Bella Union                     UK      www.bellaunion.com
Bellring                        FR
Beluga Music                    SWE     www.belugarecords.com
Best Fit                        ??      www.bestfitrecordings.com
Beta-Lactam Ring                US      www.blrrecords.com
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond         US      www.beyondbeyondisbeyond.com
Big Scary Monsters              UK      www.bsmrocks.com
Bigamoebasounds                 UK      www.bigamoebasounds.tumblr.com
Bindrune                        US      www.bindrunerecordings.com
Bird Song                       US
Black                           EU      www.blackrecordindustries.com
Black Basset                    BE      www.blackbassetrecords.bandcamp.com
Black Butcher Classics          GE      mike@madbutcher.net
Black Rose
Blackest Rainbow                UK      www.blackest-rainbow.moonfruit.com
Blanc Check                     UK/EU
Blasphemous Underground Prod.   FR
Blast First Petite              UK      www.blastfirstpetite.com
Blind Bastard                   GR      www.myspace.com/blindbastard
Blindead Productions            Sweden  www.blindeadproductions.com
Blood And Biscuits              UK      www.bloodandbiscuits.bandcamp.com
Blood Chalice                   NO
Blood Harvest                   SE      www.bloodharvest.se
Blood Music                     FI      www.blood-music.com
Blooddawn Productions           Sweden  www.blooddawn.net
Bloof Fire                      US
Blow Jack                       GE      www.joeblackrecords.de
Blue Hour Sounds                IT      www.bluehoursounds.com
Blue Records Ltd.               FR
Blue Swan                       US
Blunted Astronaut               UK
Blut & Eisen Productions        GE      www.blutundeisenprod.de
Blutwurscht Produktion          SWI     www.endistro.com
Bluurg                          UK
BMG                             GE      www.bmg.com
Body Blows                      GR
Bombed Out                      UK      www.bombedout.com
Boom                            FR      boomrecordsasso@gmail.com
Boom Bap                        Slovak
Bootleg Booze                   SWE     www.botlegbooze.com
Bords De Seine                  FR      www.bds-records.com
Boss Tuneage                    UK      www.bosstuneage.com
Boulevard Connection            DE      blvd.connect@hotmail.com
Bo'Weavil                       UK      www.boweavilrecordings.com
Box Records                     UK
Brassneck                       UK/WA   www.brassneckrecords.bigcartel.com
Break The Connection
Breath Of Night                 GE
Breathe Plastic                 GE      www.breathe-plastic.org
Breeding For Extinction         BE
Brennus                         FR      www.brennus-music.com
Bridge Nine                     US      www.bridge9.com
Brilliant Music                 UK
Broken Brains                   FR
Bronson Recordings              IT
Brutal Panda                    US      www.brutalpanda.com
B-Sharp                         GE
Bubblewrap                      UK      www.bubblewrapcollective.co.uk
Burina                          Slovak  klemodasa@gmail.com
Burka For Everybody             SP      www.bferecords.com
Burning World                   NE      www.burningworldrecords.com
Cage Match Federation           Sweden
Caldo Verde                     US      www.caldoverderecords.com
Capitol                         UK      www.capitolrecords.com
Captcha                         US      www.hbsp-2x.com
Cardinal Fuzz                   US      www.cardinalfuzz.bigcartel.com
Carnival Punks
Cascine                         US      www.cascine.us
Castle Face                     US      www.castlefacerecords.com
Cat Music                       ROmania
Catchphraze                     US      www.catchphrazerecords.com
Century Media                   US      www.centurymedia.com
Chaos                           ME      www.chaos-records.com
Chaos Dimension                 UK
Chaotic Synergy                 GR
Chapter Music                   Australia www.chaptermusic.com
Charly                          UK      www.charly.co.uk
Charm                           UK
Chemikal Underground            UK      www.chemikal.co.uk
Cherry Pop                      UK      www.cherryred.co.uk
Christhunt Productions          GE      www.christhuntproductions.com
Chrome Dreams                   UK      www.chromedreams.co.uk
Chrysalis                       UK      www.chrysalismusic.co.uk
Chierra                         CR      www.michal@fluffmusic.com
Chunksaah                       US      www.chunksaah.com
Clan Destine                    UK      www.clandestinerecords.bandcamp.com
Claremont 56                    UK      www.claremont56.com
Clay Pipe Music                 UK      www.claypipemusic.co.uk
Cock Rock                       US      www.cockrockdisco.net
Cocoon                          GE      www.cocoon.net
Code 1 Sounds
Cold Spring                     UK      www.coldspring.co.uk
Cold Vomit
Colonel Moutarde                FR
Columbia                        AR      www.columbiarecords.com
Commitment                      NE      www.commitmentrecords.nl
Communion Records               UK      www.communionmusic.co.uk
Consouling Agancy               BE      www.deformeathing.com
Conspiracy                      BE      www.conspiracyrecords.com
Constellation                   CA      www.cstrecords.com
Construction                    UK
Content (L)abel                 US      www.thecontentlabel.com
Contra                          Sweden  www.contra-net.com
Controlled By Robots            UK
Cookshop                        UK      www.cookshopmusic.co.uk
CopaseDisques                   GE      www.copasetic.de
Corbel Stone Press              UK      www.corbelstonepress.com
Cordafonia                      EU
Cordelia                        UK      www.cordeliarecords.co.uk
Cosmic Eye                      GR      www.cosmiceyerecords.blogspot.gr
Craoued                         FR
Crates Breaks
Crazy Peace
Creator-Destructor              US
Creep Purple                    LI      www.creeppurple.com    Lithuania
Crime League                    CA      www.thecrimeleague.com
Critical MASS                   UK
Crucificados Pelo Sistema       GE      www.crucificados.de
Crusher                         Sweden  www.crusherrecords.com
Cryptas                         ME      cons_internacion@hotmail.com
Cube                            UK
Cult Metal Classics             GR
Cult Ov Evil Gods               FI
Cut                             Swi     www.jasonkahn.net
Cyclic Law                      CA      www.cycliclaw.com
CYT...BYT                       BE
Daemon Worship Productions      US      www.daemonworship.org
Dagored                         IT      www.dagored.net
Dallas                          Serbia  www.dallas.si
Damage Done                     CR      www.damagedonerecords.com
Damaged Goods                   UK      www.damagedgoods.co.uk
Danish Vinyl Production         DE      Phone: +45 35 35 65 60
Dark Earth                      Slovak
Darker Than Black               GE      www.darker-than-black.com
Data Discs                      UK      www.data-discs.com
Daymare                         JA      www.daymarerecordings.com
De Stijl                                www.destijlrecs.com
De Tenebrarum Principio         IT      WWW.detenebrarumprincipio.eu
Dead Broke Rekerds              US      www.deadbrokerecords.com
Dead Heroes                     CR      www.deadheroes.cz
Dead Oceans                     US      www.deadoceans.com
Dead Seed Productions           FR      www.deadseedproductions.com
Deathrune                       UK      www.deathrune-records.com
Death Waltz                     UK      www.deathwaltzrecordingcompany.com
Death's Abyss Productions       Poland  www.deathsabyss.fr.pl
Deathwish Inc.                  US      www.deathwishinc.com
Debemur Morti Productions       FR      www.debemur-morti.com
Decibel Flexi Series            US      www.decibelmagazine.com
Deepsend                        US      www.deepsend.com
Deformeathing Productions       Poland  www.deformeathing.com
Delincuentes                    UK
Delcom Club Control             FR
Delete Your Favorite            FR      www.deleteyourfavoriterecords.bandcamp.com
Delphi                          IR
Delphine Tournier               FR      www.flowers-and-bones.weebly.com
Delusions Of Grandeur           UK
Demolition Derby                BE
Demon                           UK      www.demonrecords.co.uk
Demons Run Amok                 GE      www.demonsrunamok.de
Demontage                       CR      www.lxrecords.com
Denovali                        GE      www.denovali.com
Dense Truth                     UK      www.densetruth.bandcamp.com
Desire                          FR      www.desirerecords.com
Desobediencia                   US      www.myspace.com/desobediencia
Deux Pieds Deux Dents           FR      www.deuxpiedsdeuxdents.bigcartel.com
Deviant-Gedrag                  BE
Devil In The Woods              US
DFA                             UK      www.dfarecords.com
Diamond Line                    UK
Dias De Juventud                SP      www.diasdejuventud.net
Die Todesrune                   SP      www.deathtomankind.com
Diehard Bloodline               GE
Digby's Disco                   UK
Dirter Promotions               UK      www.dirter.co.uk
Dirty Old Man
Dirty Punk                      FR      www.dirtypunk.net
Dirty Water                     UK      www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk
Disc Error                      UK      www.discerrorrecordings.blogspot.com
Dischord                        US      www.dischord.com
Disco Gecko                     UK      www.discogecko.com
Discograph                      FR      www.discograph.com
Disconform                      EU
Discordian                      FR
Discos MMM                      US      www.discosmmm.storenvy.com
Dis(ing) Warks                  JA      www.thisisdisign.com
Discount Horse                  UK      www.discounthorse.bandcamp.com
Disko Obscura                   US      www.diskoobscura.com
Disky                           NE      www.disky.nl
Displeased                      NE      www.discorder.com
Distant Noise                   UK      www.distantnoiserecords.com
Distraction                     UK      www.distractionrecords.com
Disyouth                        VE
Di It Rubbishly                 UK
Divergent                       US
Dizzybird                       US
D-Monic                         FR      www.d-monic.net
Do It Thissen                   UK      www.doitthissen.com
Doggy Phunk Palace              FR      www.doggyphunkpalace.com
Dolores                         Sweden  www.doloresrecordings.com
Don Giovanni                    US      www.dongiovannirecords.com
Don Ramon Produzsom             VE
Don't Ask
Doomentia                       CZ      www.doomentia.com
Doomtown Sounds                 US
Dovetown                        UK
Downtown                        US      www.downtownrecords.com
Drachenwerkstatt Krachpunk      GE
Dragnet                         US      www.dragnetrecords.com
Drakkar Proctions               FR      www.drakkar666.com
Drop Medium                     US
Drugz Kill Your Mind            CR
Drunken Sailor                  UK      www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk
Dual Cyklo Trial                CR      www.dct.freetekno.cz
Dub Tunnel                      UK
Duophonic Super 45s             UK      www.duophonic.com
Duplicate                       NO      www.diplicare-records.com
Durty Mick                      US      www.durtymickrecords.com
Earache                         UK      www.earache.com
Earmark                         IT
Ears & Wind                     CR      www.sopel.freemusic.cz
Earwicker                       UK
Eccentric Pop                   US      www.eccentricpop.com
Echo                            UK      www.echo.co.uk
Echo Chamber Sound
Edsel                           UK      www.demonmusicgroup.co.uk
Einsatzkommando Produktions     GE      www.einsatzkommando.org
Eitrin Editions                 FR      www.debemur-morti.com
El Camino Media                 US      www.elcaminomedia.com
El Paraiso                      DE      www.elparaisorecords.com
El Segell Del Primavera         SP      www.elsegell.com
Electric Digits                 CR
Electric Dream                  FR      www.electrikdream.org
Electric Human Project          US
Electro Aggression              ??      www.electroaggressionrecords.com
Electrola                       GE
Elefant Traks                   Australia www.elefanttraks.com
Emanem                          SP      www.emanemdisc.com
Emanes Metal                    FR      www.emanesmetalrecords.com
Emergency                       CR      www.shop.emergency-rec.cz
Emetic                          US      www.emeticrecords.com
EMI                             UK      www.emimusic.com
Emotional Response              US      www.emotionalresponserecords.com
Empty Cellar                    US      www.emptycellarrecords.com
Encapsulated                    US      www.encapsuletedrecords.com
End All Life Productions        FR      www.e-e-l.com
Engineer                        CR      www.engineerrecords.com
Enjoy The Ride                  US      www.enjoytheriderecords.com
Epitaph                         US      www.epitaph.com
Epitome Of Fresh                US      www.asisphonics.net
Equal Vision                    US      www.equalvision.com
Equation                        US      www.chronoglide.com
Erased Tapes                    UK      www.erasedtapes.com
Ernest Jenning                  US      www.ernestjenning.com
Escorbuto                       Sweden
Eulogy                          US      www.eulogyrecordings.com
Even Worse
Everything Suscks Music         UK      www.everythingsuckstv.com
Evil Spell                      GE      www.undercover-records.de
Evilive                         US
Ewers Tonkunst                  Russia  evers@front.ru
Exceptional Blue                UK
Exit Production                 CR      www.rabies.wz.cz
Exogenic Breaks                 FI      www.exogenicbreaks.com
Exotic Pylon                    UK      www.exoticpylonrecords.com
Exploding In Sound              US      www.explodinginsoundrecords.com
Eyeball                         US      www.eyeballrecords.com
Eyes Like Snow                  GE      www.eyes-like-snow.de
Failure                         US      www.failurerecordings.com
Falling Down                    FR      www.fallingdownrecords.blogspot.fr
Famous Class                    US      www.famousclass.com
Fania                           UK      www.fania.com
Far Out                         UK      www.faroutrecordings.com
Farm                            JA      www.farm-records.com
Fast & Furious                  NE      www.myspace.com/fastfuriousrecords
Fat Possum                      US      www.fatpossum.com
Fat Wreck Chords                US      www.fatwreck.com
Fataka                          UK      www.fataka.net
Father/Daugter                  US      www.fatherdaughterrecords.com
FCK                             DE      www.dcs-rec.dk
FDA Rekotz                      GE      www.fdarekotz.com
Fearless                        US      www.fearlessrecordings.com
Feast Of Tentacles              UK      www.feastoftentacles.com
Federal Prism                   US      www.federalprism.com
Felte                           UK      www.felte.net
Feral Ward                      US      www.feralward.com
Feto                            UK      www.fetorecords.bigcartel.com
FFC Productions
Fight For Your Mind             FR      www.fightforyourmindrecords.blogspot.fr
Fika                            UK      www.fikarecordings.com
Filthy Little Angels            UK      www.filthylittleangels.blogspot.com
FiXiT                           UK
Fledg'ling                      UK      www.thebeesknees.com
Flenser                         US      www.flenser.com
Flightless                      AU      www.flightless.com.au
Floating Anarchy
Fluid Audio                     UK      www.fluidaucio.co.uk
Fluttering Dragon               PL      xak@serpent.com.pl
F.O.A.D.                        IT      www.foadrecords.it
Folklore De La Zone Mondiale    FR      www.fzm.fr
Food                            UK      EMI
Forced Expression               CR      stfh@seznam.cz
Forces Of Satan                 EU      www.forcesofsatan.com
Forever                         UK
Forever Plagued                 US      www.foreverplaguedrecords.com
Fortuna Pop!                    UK      www.fortunapop.com
Free Construction               UK
Free Dimension                  CR      www.freedimension.cz
Freestyle                       UK      www.freestylerecords.co.uk
FRG                             UK
Friends Of The Fish             UK      www.fruitsdemerrecords.com
From Beyond Productions         NE      www.discorder.com
Frooty Nation
Frostgate                       NO
Fruit Tree                      US      0171 357 0004
Fruits De Mer                   UK      www.fruitsdemerrecords.com
Fuck Your Uncle                 CR
Full Breach Kicks               US      www.fullbreach77.com
Full Contact                    FI
Funeral Industries              GE      www.funeral-industries.com
Future Noise Music              UK
Fuzz Club                       UK      www.fuzzclubrecords.com
Fuzzorama                       Sweden  www.fuzzoramarecords.com
Gadd 59 Music                   UK
Galgenstrang Productions        GE
Garapata's Blood                Phillipines
Gare Du Nord                    UK      www.garedunordrecords.co.uk
Gargleblast                     UK      www.gargleblastrecords.com
GasMask Productions             FR
Gates Of Hell                   IT      www.gatesofhellrecords.com
Gecophonic Audio Systems        UK      www.blankworkshop.co.uk
Geertruida                      NE      www.geertruida.net
Genepool                        UK      www.thegenepool.co.uk
Genjing                         China   www.genjingrecords.com
GEO                             UK      www.gagarin.org.uk
Gestalt                         FR      www.pagesperso-orange.fr
Get Back                        IT      getback@tin.it
G-Farm Recordings UK            UK
Ghost Box                       UK      www.ghostbox.co.uk
Ghost Ramp                      US      www.ghostramp.com
Ghostly International           US      www.ghostly.com
Giant Cuts                      UK
Gizeh                           UK      www.gizehrecords.com
Glistenning Examples            US      www.glisteningexamples.com
Global Resistance               UK      www.facebook.com/Refuse.Resist?fref=ts
God Unknown                     UK      www.godunknownrecs.com
Gold Fish                       UK
Gold Robot                      US      www.gold-robot.com
Golden Antenna                  GE      www.goldenantenna.com
Gone To Lunch                   UK
Goner                           US      www.gonerrecords.com
Good Day                        CR      www.goodday.cz
Good Land                       US      www.goodlandrecords.com
Gore Cult Prod.                 Slovak  gorecult@centrum.cz
Goryfied Productions            Sweden
G.R.A. Distro                   VE
G.R.F. Records & Distr.         CR      www.grfrecords.estranky.cz
Graceless                       US
Gracetone                       GR
Granny                          GR      www.grannyrecords.org
Grapefruit                      UK      www.cherryred.co.uk
Graveface                       US      www.graveface.com
Gravitation                     Sweden  www.gravitation.nu
Grey Zone                       UK      www.grey-zone-records.com
Greyhaze                        US      www.greyhazerecords.com
Greystone Mountain Productions  UK
Groovie                         Port.   www.groovierecords.com
Guerilla Asso                   FR      www.guerilla-asso.com
Guided By Voices Inc.           US
Guruguru Brain                  JA      www.gurugurubrain.com
Half Inch                       UK      www.halfinchrecordings.co.uk
Halo Of Flies                   US      www.halooffliesrecords.com
Halvfabrikat                    Sweden  www.halvfabrikat.net
Hammer Of Hate                  FI      www.hammer-of-hate.com
Handmade Birds                  US      www.handmadebirds.com
Hands In The Dark               FR      www.handsinthedarkrecords.com
Happy Jack Rock                 US
Happy Robots                    UK      www.happyrobots.co.uk
Harvest                         UK/EU   www.harvestrecords.com
Hate                            IT      www.haterecords.com
Headnoise                       RU
Hearse                          IT
Heavenly                        UK      www.heavenlyrecordings.com
Heckspoilermusic                GE
Helen Scardale Agency           US      www.helenscardaleagency.com
Hallcat                         US      www.hell-cat.com
Hells Headbangers               US      www.hellsheadbangers.com
Helltrasher Productions         Poland  www.helltrasher.com
Help Yourself                   US      www.helpyourselfrecords.com
Helta Skelta                    Australia www.heltaskeltarecords.blogspot.com.au
Heroes Productions              Sweden  
HeviSike                        UK      www.hevisike.com
Hex                             US      www.hanginghex.com
Hexencave Productions           Slovak  www.hexencave.wz.cz
Hidden Volume                   US      www.hiddenvolume.com
High Roller                     GE      www.high-roller-records.de
High School Reject              NE      www.xs4all.nl
Hijos De Puta                   FR      www.hijos-de-puta.org
Hip Hop Village                 UK      www.plastichead-distribution.com
HipHipHip                       FR      www.hiphiphip-label.com
Hip-Hop.sk                      Slovak  www.hmfs.wz.cz
His Voice                       CR      www.hisvoice.cz
Hobby DeLuxe                    GE
Hobotomized                     NO
Holubník                        CR
Holy Are You                    UK      www.holyareyourecordings.bigcartel.com
Holy Roar                       UK      www.holyroarrecords.com
Homeless                        Austr.  www.homelessvinyl.com.au
Hometown Caravan                GE      www.hometowncaravan.de
Hopeless                        US      www.hopelessrecords.com
Horror                          DN      www.horrorrecords.com
Horsie In The Hedge             UK
Hostess Entertainment Unl.      JA      www.hostess.co.jp
Hostile Noise
Hot Headz Promotions            UK
Household Name                  UK      www.householdnamerecords.co.uk
Howling Owl
Hrydjuverk                      Iceland hrydjuverk@yahoo.com
Human Meat For Sale             Slovak
Hump Head                       UK      www.humpheadcountry.com
Hundergrum                      SP
Hydra-Head                      US      www.hydrahead.com
Hyenyzm                         CR
Hymen                           GE      www.hymen-records.com
Hypnotic Music                  FR      www.hypnoticmusic.com
I Feel Good                     FR      www.ifeelgoodrecords.com
I Hate                          Sweden  www.ihate.se
I Hate Punk Rock                US      www.ihatepunkrock.net
I Oh You                        Australia  www.iohyou.com
I Voidhanger                    IT      www.i-voidhanger.com
Ideologic Organ                 US      www.ideologic.com
If Society                      FI      www.ifsociety.com
Ikaros Music                    GR      www.ikarosmusic.gr
Immortal Vinyl                  GE
Important                       US      www.importantrecords.com
Impregnate Noise Laboratories   CR      www.impregnate.wz.cz
In My Heart Empire              EP      www.muzikaze.com
Incus                           UK      www.incusrecords.force9.co.uk
Indie Recordings                NO      www.indierecordings.net
Indigo                          IT
Industrial                      UK      www.industrial-records.com
Inerziaformisha A.C.            IT
Infinite Vinyl Series           US      www.theendrecords.com
Infinity Cat                    US      www.infinitycat.com
Inflagranti                     Slovak  www.inflagrantirecords.sk
Init                            US      www.initrecords.net
Inner Ear                       GR      www.inner-ear.gr
Insane Society                  CR      www.insanesociety.net
Insanity Melody Productions     GE
Insidious Poisoning             FR      info@insidious-poisoning.com
Instigate                       Sweden  www.instigaterecords.com
Instruments Of Discipline       GE      www.instrumentsofdiscipline.bandcamp.com
Intangible Records & Soundworks US      www.terrenceparker.net
Interscope                      US      www.interscope.com
Intone                          UK      www.richardhkirk.com
Invada                          UK      www.invadarecords.com
Invictus Productions            IR      www.invictusproductions.net
Iron Bonehead Prod.             GE      www.ironbonehead.de
Iron Fist Productions           Sweden  www.web.archive.org
Iron Glory                      GE
Iron Lung                       US      www.lifeironlungdeath.blogspot.com
Island                          UK      www.islandrecords.com
Italians Do It Better           UK      www.italiansdoitbetter.com
J. Clarke                       UK
Jack Beatz                      UK
Jagjaguwar                      US      www.jagjaguwar.com
Jarkor Punk Y Libertad          VE
Jasmine                         UK      www.jasmine-records.co.uk
Jet Star                        UK      www.phoenixmusicinternational.com
Jezus Factory                   UK      www.jezusfactory.com
Jimmy Jazz                      Poland  http://www.jimmyjazz.pl/
JL America                      US
JLX Kiado                       HU
Joyful Noise                    US      www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com
JSNTGM                          US      www.jsntgm.com
K.A.Z.                          Slovak  radokaz@yahoo.com
Kakao Musikk                    NO      www.kakaomusikk.no
Kämäset Levyt                   FI      sotatila@gmx.net
Kamčův D.I.Y. Swět              CR
Kangaroo                        NE
Kannibalism                     US
Kaosthetik Konspiration         FR      www.kaosthetik.com
KAT                             UK      katrecords@googlemail.com
Kibou                           UK      www.kibourecords.bandcamp.com
Kiera Green                     ??      www.kieragreen.com
Kif                             FR
Kill Normal                     US      www.killnormal.com
Killer Cobra                    EU      www.papabearhq.com
KingUnderground                 UK      www.kingunderground.com
Kiss My Beard Productions       UK      www.aidanmoffat.co.uk
Klubbstyle Media                GE      www.klubbstyle.com
Kneel Before The Master's Throne GE
Knock Out                       GE      www.knock-out.de
Kommando6                       GE      www.kommando6.de
Konton Crasher                  US      www.kontoncrasher.blogspot.com
Kontra-Music                    Sweden  www.kontra-music.com
Korek                           CR      xkorekx@seznam.cz
Krauted Mind                    GE      www.krautedmind.com
Kscope                          UK      www.kscopemusic.com
Kult Of Nihilow                 FI
Kuriosa                         NL      www.kuriosarecords.blogspot.com.es
Kyrck Productions               GR      www.kyrck-productions.st05.net
La Agonia De Vivir              SP      www.laagoniadevivir.com
La Castanya                     SP      www.lacastanya.blogspot.de
La Machine A Machins            CR
La Mesnie Herlequin             FR      www.lamesnieherlequin.com
La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk   UK      www.lavidaesunmus.com
Label Home Table                CR
Lada                            FR
Lahti Metal Inquisition         FI
Lal Lal Lal                     FI
Lamech                          Sweden  www.lamech-records.org
Landed                          UK      www.landedrecords.com
Laroche                         UK
Last Desire                     EU
Lay Bare                        NE
Lazy Bastard                    DN      lazybastard_records@hotmail.com
Leave Me Here                   UK
Leaving                         US      www.leavingrecords.com
Lefse                           UK      www.lefserecords.com
Leftfield Media                 UK
Lera Lynn                       UK      self release
Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Prod.    FR      www.lesacteursdelombre.net
Les Nains Aussi                 FR      www.lustucrust.org
Let Them It Vinyl               UK      www.letthemeatvinyl.com
Lethal Dose                     Austr   www.lethaldoserecords.bandcamp.com/
Levne knihy                     CR      www.levneknihy.cz
Lex Rec.                        UK      www.lexrecords.com
Life In A Box                   UK
Life Is Abuse                   US      www.lifeisabuse.com
Lilith                          Russia  www.lilith-records.com
Listenable                      FR      www.listenable.net
Lizard King                     UK
LM Music                        FR      www.club80.fr
Lokal Rekorc                    CR      www.lokalrecorc.cz
Loki Foundation                 GE      www.loki-found.de
Lonestar                        GE      www.lonestar-recs.de
Longshot Music                  US      www.longshotmusic.com
Loose Music                     UK      www.loosemusic.com
Lord Inamel's Wax               US
Lost Cat                        US      www.lostcatrecords.org
Lost Highway                    US      www.losthighwayrecords.com
Lost Toys                       UK      www.losttoysrecords.com
Lotos                           CR      www.lotoscd.cz
Lotus Record Shop Editions      GR      www.lotus.gr
Low Point                       UK      www.low-point.com
Lukket Avdeling
Lumberton Trading Co.           PL      www.lumbertontrading.com
Lumpy Records                   US      www.spottedrace.bigcartel.com
Lunar Surf                      EU
Lyra                            GR      www.lyra.gr
LZO                             FR      www.lzorecords.com
Magik Art Enter.                RU      www.magikart.8merch.com
Magna Carta                     US      www.magnacarta.net
Magnitizdat                     NO
Majesty Recordings              Sweden
Major Label                     GE      www.majorlabel.de
Major Label Industries          Portugal www.majorlabelindustries.com
Major Records                   JA      info@majorrecord.com
Malarie                         CR      www.malarie.eu
Mama Bird Rec.Co                US      www.mamabirdrecordingco.com
Máma Mrdá Maso                  CR      www.mamamrdamaso.cz
Manic Pop!                      US
Mannequin                       GE      www.mannequinrecords.com
Maow                            FR
Marasm                          FR
Marathon Artists                UK      www.marathonartists.com
Marshall Teller                 UK      www.marshalltellerrecords.com
Mass Productions                FR      www.massprod.com
Massacre                        GE      www.massacre-records.de
Maximed                         CR      www.maximed.wz.cz
Matador                         US      www.matadorrecords.com
Mayfair Music                   GE      www.mayfair-music.com
MB Electronics                  BE      www.marcbailey.com
Medical Records LLC             US      www.medical-records.org
Medley                          DE      www.warnermusic.dk
Megado Kiado                    HU      www.megadokiado.hu
Melodic                         UK      www.melodic.co.uk
Melody                          Croatia
Meltdown                        UK      www.myspace.com/meltdownrecords
Membrane                        Sweden  www.membranerecordings.com
Membrane                        Swi     www.membranerecords.com
Memoria Ltd.                    NE      www.soundcloud.com/memoriarecordings
Memphis Industries              UK      www.memphis-industries.com
Menart                          Croatia www.menartrecords.com
Merciless                       GE      www.merciless-records.de
Mercury                         US      www.mercuryrecords.com
Metal Blade                     NE      www.metalblade.com
Metal Crusade Productions       JA
Metal Inquisition               GE
Metal Postcard                  HK      www.metalpostcard.com (Hong Kong)
Metal Supremacy                 GE
Metamatic                       UK
Metan Noise                     CR      www.metroforce.cz
Mexican Summer                  US      www.mexicansummer.com
MIE Music                       UK      www.miemusic.co.uk
Milk!                           Austr.  www.milkrecords.com.au
Minty Fresh                     US      www.mintyfresh.com
Minority                        CR      www.minorityrecords.com
Mirumir                         Russia  www.miru-mir.info
Miruus Levyt
Mischief Music                  UK
Misty Lane                      IT      www.mistylane.it
Modern Invasion Music           US      www.moderninvasionmusic.com
Modus Operandi                  GE      www.modusoperandi.de
Mondo                           US      www.mondotees.com
Mono Canibal                    SP      www.monocanibal.wordpress.com
Monotheorik                     NE
Monster Nation                  CR      www.monsternation.cz
Monster Zero                    Austria www.monsterzerorecords.com
Moody Monkey                    GE      www.moodymonkeyrecords.com
Moon                            UA      www.moon.ua
More Bounce                     FR
Moribund                        US      www.moribundcult.com
Mosh Or Die                     Slovak
Mother Stoat                    UK      www.motherstoat.co.uk
Mr. Bomgo                       UK      www.mrbongo.com
Muddy Roots Music               US
Muerte Negra Discos             US      www.mndiscos.com
Multisonic                      CR      www.multisonic.cz
Munster                         SP      www.munster-records.com [start MR 7112]
Muppy Productions               UK
Murder Capital                  NL
Murder Riddims
Murderrecords                   US
Music For Nations               UK
My Sleeping Cat                 CR      www.mysleepingcat.wordpress.com
Nada Nada Disocs                Brasil
Nakkeskudd Plater               NO      www.nakkeskudd.com
Nang                            UK      www.nangrecords.com
Napalm                          Austria www.napalmrecords.com
Nasphyr Personal Demon          CR      www.nasphyr.cz
Navigator                       Russia  www.navigatorrecords.ru
Nebelklang                      GE
Necroshrine                     GE      www.ironbonehead.de
N.e.Tunes                       IT      www.netunes.net
Nekk Brekk Productions          NO
Nervous                         UK      www.nervous.co.uk
Neuropa                         BE      www.neuropa.be
Neurot                          US      www.neurotrecordings.com
Never Trust An Assholes         FR      www.nevertrustanasshole.kingeshop.com
Neves                           Brasil
New Atlantis                    US
New Noise                       Sweden  www.myspace.com/newnoiserecords
Newest Industry
Nextera                         CR      www.nextera.cz
Nice Things                     UK
Nitro!                          BE
No Balls Rec.                   GE      www.no-balls-records.com (NBR 061/2012)
No Colours                      GE      www.no-colours-records.de
No Fucking Label                NL      www.nofuckinglabels.blogspot.com
No Limit                        EU      www.thenolimit.com
No More Good Ideas              US
No Options                      US
No Posers Please!               NO      www.noposersplease.com
No Routine
No Tolerance                    Sweden  www.myspace.com/notolerance
Noise Effect                    GR      www.noiseeffectstore.com
Noise master                    CR      www.rabies.wz.cz
Noise Punk
Nolens Volens                   CR      nolens.volens@seznam.cz
Nordvis                         Sweden  www.nordvis.com
Norna Evangelium Diaboli        FR      www.noevdia.com
Northern Heritage               FI      www.northern-heritage.net
Northern Silence Prod.          GE      www.northern-silence.de
Northern Spy Productions        US      www.northernskyproductions.net
Noseke                          VE      www.nosekerecords.webcindario.com
Nosferatu                       IT
Nosferatu Vampire Sesies        IT
Not Very Nice                   US      www.tokyoanaldynamite.com
Noteworthly Productions         UK
Noyes                           CA      www.noyesrecords.com
Nuclear Blast                   GE      www.nuclearblast.de
Nuclear War Now! Productions    US      www.nwnprod.com
Nuclear Winter                  GR      www.web.archive.org
Ny Vag                          Sweden  www.nyvag.com
Oblique                         US
Obscure Abhorrence Productions  GE      www.obscure-abhorrence.de
Odd Box                         UK      www.oddboxrecords.com
Offside                         FR      www.offsiderecords.kingeshop.com
Oi! Ain't Red Production
Oi! The Boat                    US      www.oitheboat.com
Olga Hepnarova
One Chord Wonder
One Little Indian               UK      www.indian.co.uk
OppaHappa                       Sweden  www.upandjumprecords.com
Orchestrated Dystopia           UK      www.orchestrateddystopiarecords.bigcartel.com
Ordealis                        FR
Osmose Productions              FR      www.osmoseproductions.com
Otroci Hudby                    Slovak
Out Of Control                  CR      www.outofcontrol.wz.cz
Outa                            FI
Outcry                          CR
Output                          UK      www.outputrecordings.com
OVxHC                           CR      ovxhc@seznam.cz
[PIAS] Recordings               EU      www.piasrecordings.com
Pagan                           PL      www.paganrecords.com.pl
Papagájův Hlasatel              CR      www.phr.cz
Paper Bag                       CA      www.paperbagrecords.com
Paramecium                      SP      www.parameciumrecords.com
Paramnesia                              www.paramnesiarecords.com
Paranoid                        FR
Parasol                         US      www.parasol.com
Parlophone                      UK      www.parlophone.co.uk
Partisan                        UK      www.partisanrecords.com
PDV                             Croatia
Peippo                          FI
Pelagic                         GE      www.pelagic-records.com
Penske                          IR      www.penske-recordings.com
Peripheral Converse
Permanent                       US      www.permanentrecordsla.com
Perpetrator                     NZ      www.myspace.com/perpetratorrecords
Perverted Taste                 GE      www.pervertedtaste.de
Pesanta                         FI      www.pesanta.com
Phantasma Disques               GE      www.phantasmadisques.bigcartel.com
Phobia                          CZ      www.phobiarecortds.net
Phoenix                         UK
Pick-Up                         NE      rogierheumakers@hotmail.com
Pickled Egg                     UK      www.pickled-egg.co.uk
Pink Noise                      US      www.pinknoise.net
Pirates Press                   US/CZ   www.piratepressrecords.com
Pixies Music                    US      www.pixiesmusic.com
Planet Records                  UK      
Planet E                        US      www.planet-e.net
Plastic Bomb                    GE      www.plasticbombrecords.de
Plastic Park                    GE      www.plasticpark.com
Pohoda                          CR      info@pohodarecords.com
Poison City                     Australia www.poisoncityrecords.com
Polydor                         UK      www.polydor.co.uk
Polydor Japan                   JA
Polytechnic Youth               UK      www.polytechnicyouth.com
Polyvinyl                       US      www.polyvinylrecords.com
PopKid                          US      www.popkid.com
Popron Music                    CR      www.popronmusic.cz
Powdered Sugar                  UK      www.powderedsugar.co.uk
Power & Steel                   GE      www.loki-found.de
Power It Up                     GE      www.power-it-up.de
Prank                           US      www.prankrecords.com
Prejudice Me
Pressure Sounds                 UK      www.pressure.co.uk
Prime Time
Primo                           CR
Priority                        US      www.priorityrecords.com
Production X                    Slovak
Produzioni Sante                IT
Prohibited Ent.                 UK
Proof Dist                      VE
Proper                          UK      www.proper-records.co.uk
Prosthetic                      US      WWW.prostheticrecords.com
Prugelprinz                     GE      www.pruegelprinz.blogsport.de
Psych KG                        GE      www.mndr.de
Psychic Assault                 UK      www.psychicassault.blogspot.ru
Psychocontrol                   CR      www.psychocontrol.cz
Psychotherapy                   CR      www.psychotherapy.wz.cz
Psycho Wolf                     US
Pumpkin                         UK      www.pumpkinrecords.co.uk
Punk.gr                         GR      www.punk.gr
Punkcore                        US      www.punkcore.com
Punk's Shadow                   FR      www.punksshadow.free.fr
Punx & Skins United             Sweden
Pure Heart                      CR      www.pureheart.czechcore.cz
Pure Noise                      US      www.purenoise.net
Putrid Filth                    Sweden  www.putirdfilth.com
Quality Trax                    UK
Quinlan Road                    CA      www.quinlanroad.com
Quo Vadis                       IT
Rad Cult                        US      www.radcult.bigcartel.com
Rad Girlfriend
Radar Swarm                     FR      www.radarswarm.com
Radiation                       IT      www.radiationrecords.net
Radio Raheem                    US      www.radioraheemrecords.com
Radioservis                     CR      www.radioservis-as.cz
Rage Dis                        CR      www.ragedis.net
Rai Trade                       IT
Raks Discos                     NE
Rampage Productions             UK      www.rampageproductions.co.uk
Rancid                          US      www.rancidrecords.net
Randale                         GE      www.randale-records.de
Randall                         Slovak  zack.randall@gmail.com
Randm                           US      www.randmrecords.com
Rantipole Zine
Rarach Katus
Raucous                         UK      www.raucousrecords.com
Raw Wax                         UK      www.rawwax.co.uk
Razor N Tape                    US      www.razor-n-tape.bandcamp.com
Really                          US      www.reallyrecords.com
Really Fast                     Sweden  www.swedishpunkfanzines.com
Reaper                          US      www.reaper-records.com
Rebco                           GE      www.myspace.com/rebco
Rebel Music                     FR      info@brennus-music.com
Rebel Sound                     US      www.rebelsoundrecords.com
Rebellion                       NE      www.rebellionshop.com
Rebirth                         IT      www.rebirth.dj
Red Bull Music Academy          EU      www.redbullmusicacademy.com
Red Elk                         Sweden
Red Giants                      GE
Red Lounge                      GE      www.redloungerecords.de
Red Scare                       US      www.redscare.net
Redefinition                    US      www.redefinitionrecords.com
Rednetic                        UK      www.rednetic.com
Reflections                     NE      www.reflectionsrecords.com
Regain                          Sweden  www.regainrecords.com
Reignassance                    UK
Reinforced                      UK      www.reinforcedrecords.co.uk
Rejuvenation                    FR      www.rejuvenationrecords.com
Relapse                         US      www.relapse.com
Relentless                      UK      www.relentless-records.net
Reprocreate                     US      www.reprocreaterecords.com
Repulse                         SP      www.repulserecords.com
Rescued From Life               US      www.rflrecords.blogspot.com
Research & Destroy
Return To Analog                CA      www.returntoanalogrecords.com
Rhythmbank Entertaiinment       UK
RHW                             Poland
Rice Is Nice                    Austr.  www.riceisnice.net
Rikos                           FI      www.rikosrecords.com
Riot Season                     UK      www.riotseason.com
Rip Roaring Shit Storm          UK      www.riproaringshitstormrecords.bigcartel.com
Rise Above                      US      www.riseaboverecords.com
Roadside                        UK
Roadburn                        NE      www.roadburnrecords.com
Roadkill                        NE      www.roadkillrecords.com
Robotic Empire                  US      www.roboticempire.com
Rock Action                     UK      www.rockaction.co.uk
Rockavelli Publishing           US
Rocket Recordings               UK      www.rocketrecordings.com
Rocket Girl                     UK      www.rocketgirl.co.uk
Rockin Bones                    IT      www.rockinbones.it
Rodgers & Rodgers Entertainment FR
Rookie                          GE      www.rookierecords.de
Ross Bay Cult                   US
Rough Trade                     UK      www.roughtraderecords.com
RPM                             UK      www.rpmrecords.co.uk
Rudimentary                     IR      www.rudimentaryrecords.com
Ruidosa                         FI
Ruin Productions                Australia
Run Of The Mill                 UK
Rusty Knife
Ruthless                        US      www.ruthlessrecords.com
Sabbath's Fire                  FR      www.sabbathsfire.e-monsite.com
Sabotage                        GE      www.sabotagerecords.net
Saddle Creek                    US      www.saddle-creek.com
Saddle Tramp                    UK
Sadolust                        NE      www.facebook.com/sadolustrecords
Sailor's Grave                  US
Saint Marie                     US      www.saintmarierecords.com
Sakadat                         UK
Sakraphon                       CR      www.sakraphon.cz
Salvo                           UK      www.salvo-music.co.uk
Samuel                          CR      www.samuelrecords.net
Sanctuary                       UK
Sargent House                   US      www.sargenthouse.com
Sarlacc Productions             IR      www.sarlaccproductions.com
Say Cheese!
Scarecrow                       GR      www.scarecrow.gr
Scarey                          IT      www.scareyrecords.com
Scene Police                    GE      www.scenepolice.de
Scream Or Die                   SP
Scissor Tail                    US      www.scissortailrecords.com
Seamless                        UK      www.seamlessrecordings.com
Season Of Mist                  US      www.season-of-mist.com
Second Layer                    UK
Secret City                     CA      www.secretcityrecords.com
Secretly Canadian               CA      www.secretlycanadian.com
Seed                            UK      www.seedrecords.co.uk
Selection                       UK
Selfmadegod                     Poland  www.selfmadegod.com
Sellfish Satan                  US      lawless6669@hotmail.com
Sell Our Souls                  SP      www.selloursouls.com
Sepulchral Productions          CA      www.sepulchralproductions.com
Sepulchral Voice                GE      www.sepulchralvoice.de
Seraphic Decay                  US      www.seraphicdecay.com
Setalight                       GE      www.setalight.com
Seventh Rule                    US      www.seventhrule.com
Shady                           UK      www.shadyrecords.com
Shady Lane                      UK      www.myspace.com/shadylanerecords
Shape                           UK/WA   www.shaperecords.co.uk
Shark Men                       GE
Shelflife                       US      www.shelflife.com
Shiver                          BE      www.shiver-records.com
Shock Value                     US      www.shockvaluerecords.com
Shove                           US      [Pussy Galore own label]
SiAn                            IR      www.sianrecords.com
SIGE                            US      www.sigerecords.blogspot.com
Signal Generator                CR
Silva Screen                    UK      www.silvascreen.co.uk
Silver Rocket                   CR      www.silver-rocket.org
Silver Tree                     Sweden
Sister Polygon
Sitzer                          GE
Six Feet Under                  US      www.sixfeetunderrecords.com
Skam                            UK      www.skam.co.uk
Skata                           UK
Skaven                          Slovak  www.skavenrecords.blogspot.sk
Skeletal Lighning               US      www.skeletallightning.net
Sky Lantern                     UK
Slave Union
Sleaze                          UK      www.sleaze-records.co.uk
Sleazy                          SP      www.sleazyrecords.com
Slew Dem Productions            UK      slewdem@hotmail.co.uk
Slope                           US      www.sloperecords.com
Slow Death                      FR      www.slow-death.org
Slumberland                     US      www.slumberlandrecords.com
Small Budget Productions        FR
SmallVoices                     IT
SmartGuy                        US      www.smartguyrecords.com
Smockaz                         FR
Smokin'                         UK      www.letthemeatvinyl.com
Sneaker Social Club             UK      www.sneakersocialclub.tumblr.com
Snuffy Smile                    JA
Social Bomb                     GE      www.plasticbombrecords.de
Solardick                       FI      solardisk@solardisk.com
Solar Lodge                     GE      www.solarlodge.de
Solaris                         UK      www.solaris-recordings.com
Soma Quality Recordings         UK      www.somarecords.com
Song By Toad                    UK      www.songbytoadrecords.com
Sonic Cathedral                 UK      www.soniccathedral.co.uk
Sonic Unyon                     CA      www.sonicunyon.com
Sony Music                      US      www.sonymusic.com
Sorted                          UK      www.sorted-records.org.uk
Soul Cookers                    FR      www.soulcookers.com
Soul Rebel                      US      www.craigfuyong.webs.com
Soulseller                      NE      www.soulsellerrecords.com
Sound Station                   GE      www.cosmic-music.com
Soundflat                       GE
Soundmass                       Australia www.soundmass.com
Sounds Like Cats
Southern                        UK/US   www.southern.com
Southern Lord                   US      www.southernlord.com
Spacebomb                       US
Spanking Herman                 UK
Spare No 1 Productions          UK
Spartan                         UK      hello@spartanrecords.com
Special Product Unit            Sweden
Specialist Subject              UK      www.specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk
Speedowax                       UK      www.speedowax.co.uk
Spikefarm                       FI      www.spikefarm.fi
Spinalonga                      GR
Spinefarm                       FI      www.spinefarm.fi
Spit 4 Da Kid                   UK
Squirrel                        UK      www.squirrelrecords.co.uk
SRA                             US      www.srarecords.com
SSGC                            Sloval  sangre@cenrum.sk
Stand Against Vivisection       GR      mellakka83@yahoo.com
Starcastic                      CR      www.starcastic.cz
Stardumb                        NE      www.stardumbrecords.com
State Line                      US      www.statelinerecords.bandcamp.com
STB                             US      www.stbrecords.bigcartel.com
Step-1 Music                    UK      www.step1music.com
Stolen Body                     UK
Stoned Karma                    GE      www.stonedkarma.com
Stonehenge                      FR      www.stonehengerecords.com
Stranded                        Sweden  www.strandedrecords.se
Streaks                         GE      www.streaksrecords.de
Strike Force Entertainment      UK      www.strikeforcetv.com
Stupid Bag
Sub-Level Epidemic Recordings   US      www.sofarwest.net
Sub Pop                         US      www.subpop.com
Sublight                        CA
Submit                          UK      perctrax@gmail.com
Suburban Hardcore               GE      butterkugel@arcpr.de
Suburban Home                   US      www.suburbanhomerecords.com
Suburban White Trash
Subversiv*rec                   GE      WWW.subversiv-rec.de
Subversive Ways                 FR      www.subversive-ways.org
Sugarbush                       UK
Suicide Propaganda              ??
Sunbeam                         UK      www.sunbeamrecords.com
Sunmask                         CA
Sunny Bastards Music            DE      www.sunnybastards.de
Supercoven                      US      
SuperFi                         UK      www.superfirecords.co.uk
Supraphon                       CR      www.supraphon.com
Svart                           FI      www.svartrecords.com
Svart Hav                       NO      svart_hav@hotmail.com
Světlo A Teplo                  CR      skogen@centrum.cz
Sweet Groove                    SP      www.sweetgrooverecords.com
Sweetcore                       FI      www.sweetcore.org
SwitchBitch                     US
Switchlight                     Sweden  www.switchlight-records.com
Swordfish                       UK      www.swordfish.co.uk
System Corrupt                  Australia
Tadpole                         UK      www.tadpolerecords.blogspot.com
Tankcrimes                      us      www.tankcrimes.com
Tanky Panky Panzerplatten       Sweden  cuwan@hotmail.com
Tavarn Keben                    FR      www.myspace.com/labelkeben
TBD                             US      www.tbdrecords.com
Tee Pee                         US      www.teepeerecords.com
Teenbeat                        US      www.teenbeatrecords.com
Telephone Explosion             CA      www.telephoneexplosion.com
Telestrion                      NO
Templetton                      CR      www.templetton.wz.cz
Temporary Residence Ltd.        US      www.temporaryresidence.com
Terranis Productions            HU      www.terranisproductions.com
Terratur Possessions            NO      http://terraturpossessions.com/contact/
The Alphabet Business Concern   UK
The Anja Offensive              US      www.theajnaoffensive.com
The Flenser                     US      www.theflenser.com
The Great Area                  UK      www.mute.com
The Great Pop Supplement        UK      www.greatpopsupplement.com
The Lab                         Greece  thelabrecords@yahoo.com
The Mylene Sheath               US      www.mylenesheath.com
The Null Corporation            UK      www.nullco.com
The Richter Collective          ??      www.richtercollective.com
The Ritual Productions          UK      www.theritualproductions.com
The Sign Records                SWEDEN  www.thesighnrecords.com
Third Rail Band                 FR
This Charming Man               GE      www.thischarmingmanrecords.com
This Means War                          www.warhq.bigcartel.com
Threeman                        Sweden  www.threeman.net
Three One G (31G)               US      www.threeoneg.com
Three Poplars                   UK
Throw Into Disorder             GE
Ticker Tape                     UK
Timeless Wounds Productions     DN      www.timelesswounds.com
Tin Angel                       UK      www.tinangelrecords.co.uk
Tiny Global Productions         HU      www.tinyglobalproductions.bandcamp.com
TNS Records                     UK      www.tnsrecords.co.uk
To Live A Lie                   US      www.tolivealie.com
To Lose Punkers                 FR
To The Death                    Sweden  www.tothedeathrecords.bandcamp.com
Todestrieb                      UK      www.todestrieb.co.uk
Too Circle                      JA      www.www005.upp.so-net.ne.jp
Toolroom                        UK      www.toolroomrecords.com
Topic                           UK      www.topicrecords.co.uk
Total Decomposition Of Punk     Slovak
Total Holocaust                 Sweden  www.thr666.horde.se
Totschlag                       GE      office@sbmonline.de
Tough Love                      UK      www.toughloverecords.com
Towerviolence                   GE      piz-vagabu@gmx.net
Trabuc                          NE      trabucrecords@gmail.com
Track                           UK      www.trackrecords.co.uk
Tragic Horo                     US
Trakma                          FR      marasm@dfriche-tg.org
Transgressive                   UK      www.transgressiverecords.com
Translation Loss                US      www.translationloss.com
Trashmouth                      UK      www.trashmouthrecords.bandcamp.com
Triple Jump                     BE
Trouble In Mind                 US      www.troubleinmindrecs.com
Truemmer Pogo                   GE      www.prelle.bplaced.net
Truesoul                        Sweden  www.truesoulrecords.com
Trust No One                    Sweden  www.trustnoonerecordings.com
Tuff Enuff                      UK      www.riotsnotdiets.bandcamp.com/
Tunnel                          GE      www.tunnelrecords.de
Turbo Machine Entzerprises      CR      
Turbo Music                     GE
Turborock                       FR      www.turborock.com
Twentyfour:Seven                Sweden  www.twentyfoursevenrecords.com
Tym                             Austr   www.tym-records.com
Uga Uga Tapes
UK Street Sound                 UK
Ultima Ratio                    CR
Uncomfortable Beach Party
Undercover                      GE      www.undercover-records.de
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Undislessed                     FR      www.undislessed.e-monsite.com
Unexploded                      Sweden  www.unexplodedrecords.com
United Against Society          GE      www.uas.bigcartel.com
Universal Music                 HU      www.universalmusic.com
Universal Music Group           CR      www.new.umusic.com
Universal Music New Zealand     NZ      www.universalmusic.co.nz
Universal UMC                   US      www.mercuryrecords.com
Unlight Productions             FR
Unrest                          CA      www.unrestrecords.com
Unsane Asylum                   US      www.unsaneasylum.com
U.P.S.                          NE      r.ups@hotmail.com
Upset! The Rhythm               UK      www.upsettherhythm.co.uk
Uptown                          UK
Urban Fallout
Urinal Vinyl
Useless                         GE      www.useless-hq.com
Valentine Sound Prod.           Malays.
Vampi Soul                      SP      www.vampisoul.com
Ván                             GE      www.van-gbr.de
Vegas                           FR
Vendetta                        GE      www.vendettarecords.de
Verba Corrige                   IT      www.verbacorrige.com
Vertigo                         UK      www.vertigoswirl.com
Very Friendly                   UK      www.cargorecords.co.uk
Vicious Circle                  FR      www.viciouscircle.fr
Vinyl Disease                   Slovak  ivo.disease@zoznam.sk
Vinyl Maniacs                   Sweden
Vinylove                        SP
Viper                           CA
Viper Danger                    IT
Virgin                          UK      www.virginrecords.com
Virgin EMI                      UK      www.virginemirecords.com
Voices Of Wonder                NO      www.vme.no
Voodoo Rhythm                   SWI     www.voodoorhythm.com
Voyager Sound Research          US
Všeobecná Pochabostˇ            Slovak  skriab@zoznam.sk
Vulgar                          FR      www.vulgar.bandcamp.com
Vymel Mafia                     Slovak
W.E.R.F.                        BE      www.dewerf.be
W.I.F.A.G.E.N.A.                GE      www.wifagena.com
W.T.C. Productions              FR      www.w-t-c.org
Wah Wah Supersonic Sounds       SP      www.wah-wahsupersonic.com
Waking                          US
Waking The Dead                 CR      www.wakingthedead.cz
Wapping Wharf                   UK      www.easyaction.co.uk
War Anthem                      GE      www.war-anthem.ge
Warner Bros                     US      www.warnerbrosrecords.com
Waterslide                      JA      www.watersliuderecords.com
Way Back When
Wee Wee                         FR      david.weewee@no-log.org
Weebl's Stuff                   UK
WeePOP!                         UK      www.weepop.net
Weird Face Productions          GR      www.weirdfaceproductions.blogspot.com
Westergaard                     NO
Western Star Recording Co.      UK      www.western-star.co.uk
Weyrd Son                       BE      www.weyrdsonrecords.com
Wharf Cat                       US      www.wharfcatrecords.com
Wichita                         UK      www.wichita-recordings.com

Wild Kingdom                    Sweden  www.wildkingdom.se
Willowtip                       US      www.willowtip.com
Winter Assault Productions      FR      www.winterassault.free.fr
Witching Hour Productions       PL      www.witchinghour.pl
Witchwood Media                 UK      www.witchwoodrecords.co.uk
Wohnzimmer                      Austria www.wohnzimmer.com
Wolftown                        UK      www.wolftownrecordings.net
Wotanstahl Klangschmeide        GE      www.wotanstahl-klangschmiede.de
WotNot Music                    UK      www.wotnot.tv
Wrasse                          UK      www.wrasserecords.com

www.hiphopvinyl.de              GE      www.hiphopvinyl.de
XL                              UK      www.xlrecordings.com
XOX                             FI      www.x0xrecords.com
Xtra Mile                       UK      www.xtramilerecordings.com
Xtreem Music                    SP      www.xtreemmusic.com
Yakisakana                      FR      www.grunnenrocks.nl
Yaep Roc                        US      www.yeproc.com
Yo-Yo                           GE      www.yoyorecords.de
Yo Yo                           Israel  promo@bne.co.il
You Are The Cosmos              SP      www.youarethecosmos.com
Youth Attack                    US      www.ihateyouthattack.com
ZE                              UK      www.zerecords.com
Zeitkratzer                     GE      www.zeitkratzer.de
Zhengaya                        GE      www.zhengaya.com
Zirka                           UK
Zodiac Killer                   US      www.zodiackillerrecords.com
Zweieck                         GE      www.electronic-music.org
Zyriaxon Rex                    SWI