Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / progressive /

FZZ     1       1000 MODS               VULTURES                        CS      04.2017

An ultra special cassette release of 1000mods' second album 'Vultures', accompanied
by 14 cards: 4 cards with portrait illustrations of the band members, 1 card with
a portrait illustration of Carl Sagan, whose wise words introduce 'Reverb Of The New
World', 8 cards with the lyrics of each song and 1 card with the credits of the album.
The artwork was done by The Brood and Indyvisuals. The cards and the cassette are
packed in a black box with a magnetic closure. Limited edition of 320 hand-numbered
FZZ     2       KORSIKOV                KORSIKOV                        CD      07.2017

Korsikov, born, bred, drunk and stoned in Athens, Greece, ain't no rookies in the deep
underground sludge rock scene, still kicking ass more than ten years being a band.
Recorded live and mixed from July to September 2014 by Korsikov and Stavros
Georgiopoulos at Hxostasio Studio, and mastered at Audiosiege Studios in Portland,
USA by Brad Boatright, the band managed to collect and present its musical and
artistic influences through a variety of styles and genres spanning over six songs,
maintaining our their musical identity at the same time. Limited to 500 copies.
FZZ     3       MONK                    BLACK EARTH BENEATH             CD      07.2017

Monk is an instrumental doom rock trio from Piskopio, Syros Island, Greece, formed in
the summer of 2011, who are well known for their hypnotic and intense live shows.
Limited to 500 copies.
FZZ     4       HALF GRAMME OF SOMA     GROOVE IS BLACK                 LP      07.2017
FZZ     4       HALF GRAMME OF SOMA     GROOVE IS BLACK                 CD      07.2017

The second album by Greek band Half Gramme Of Soma blends heavy rock sounds with a wide
range of influences, taking the listener towards the outer regions of the galaxy!
Heavy, precise and spacey, this is an album that will fry your brains!
FZZ     5       LAST RIZLA              KLS 9532                        10"     07.2017

Last Rizla is a rock band from Athens, Greece. Staggering between sludge, noise and
punk, Last Rizla are well known for their sweaty, stinky but unexpectedly cathartic
live shows.
FZZ     6       CURF                    DEATH & LOVE                    CD      07.2017

Where there is smoke, there is a bong... Heavy riffs and roaring vocals... Chris,
Spyros and Pepper are The Curf, a band oozing doom'n'groove. Join them in this smokey