FUZZ CLUB RECORDS                       13/457 Queensbridge Rd.
*****************                       London E8 3AS


Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/Cargo/
          NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Sub lab.: Split Single Series / Black Edition / Fuzz Club Sessions /
Style   : indie / psychedelic / neo-psychedelic / shoegaze / garage rock /
          stoner / blues / folk / space rock / experimental /  r&r / cold wave /
          noisy post rock /

Fuzz Club Records is a true independent label dedicated to release favorilc bands
        music on vinyl. Fuzz Club saw the light of day back in 2005 when we started
        producing band t-shirts. This was the seed that led to the birth of Fuzz
        Club Records.

FC      001 V7  THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   Morning Sun                     7"+DL     .2012
                // Art House Revisited
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl + sticker)
DEAD 12.12.12   DEAD SKELETONS          BUDDHA-CHRIST                   12"     12.2012

        A1      Buddha-Christ
        A2      Kundalini Eyes (Dirty Artist Version)

(Note : 12"/45 RPM , 1-sided, 300 numb. copies , silk-screened B-side)
FC      0001 V  THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   DELIRIUM                        10"+DL  04.2012

Strangle Up My Mind / Silhouette / What She Does To Me / Dystopia / Persons //// I Need
You / Delirium / Lucid Dreams / Before Night Falls

(Note : 10"/180 g. , 500 copies on ultra clear vinyl)
FC      002
FC      003 V10 BLACK LIZARD            BLACK LIZARD                    10"+DL  10.2012

        A1      Forever Gold                                    2:54
        A2      Death Serve                                     3:11
        B1      Spirits                                         3:40
        B2      Some Drugs                                      5:47
                (Note : 10" , 200 black/100 transparent red copies)
FC      004 V10 THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   LOW SLOW NEEDLE                 10"+DL  11.2012

Midnight Lust / On Your Screen / Addiction / Blue / Witchcraft

(Note : 10" , 200 white opaque/100 coke bottle clear copies, hand-numbered)

        A.      Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic / No One Around
        B.      The Key / The Door / Spell My Name (Acoustic)
                (Note : 10" , 100 transp.orange/200 clear with yellow 
                orange haze copies)
FC      006 V10 SONIC JESUS             SONIC JESUS                     10"+DL  11.2012

        A.      Monkey On My Back / Lost
        B.      Underground / It's Time To Hear
                (Note : 10" , 250 black/50 transparent pissyellow copies,
                all numbered)
FC      007     THE LUCID DREAM         ERBISTOCK MILL                  10"     01.2013

        A.      I Got The Devil / Jesus Say My Prayers
        B.      I Feel So Lonesome (I'm Blue For You) / The Twillight End
                (Note : 10" , 300 copies on transparent red vinyl)
FC      008 V12 SINGAPORE SLING         NEVER FOREVER                   LP+DL   11.2012

The Nothing Inside / Freaks / Tunnel Vision / Take / Now It's Time To Disappear / All
I Want //// Sleep / You Can't Compare / Poison Ape / Afterlife / On A Different Star /
Never Forever

(Note : 12" , 300 numbered copies on transparent orange vinyl, gatefold)
FC      009 V12 PIATCIONS               HEAVEN'S SINS                   12"       .2013

        A1      Heaven's Sins
        B1      Heaven's Sins Again (Featuring Goita Deitz)
        B2      Reel Loop Remix By Atom Eye
                (Note : 12"/180 g. , 300 copies on silver vinyl)
FC      010 V12 DEAD RABBITS            THE TICKET THAT EXPLODED        LP        .2013
FC      010 V12 DEAD RABBITS            THE TICKET THAT EXPLODED        LP      03.2016
                (Note : LP , repress, 500 copies)
FC      010 CD  DEAD RABBITS            THE TICKET THAT EXPLODED        CD      06.2016

        A1      Heavenly Way                                    5:52
        A2      Pulling The Trigger                             2:37
        A3      M M B                                           4:53
        A4      Never Fall                                      3:36
        A5      Before I'm Too Late                             4:43
        B1      It's All In Her Head                            5:33
        B2      When I'm Blue                                   6:55
        B3      It's You                                        5:05
        B4      Keep Me Warm                                    4:05
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl)
FC      011 V12 ORACLE O.               CRACKING THE EYES               LP        .2013

        A1      Preface
        A2      We're No Good
        A3      Rosy Princess
        A4      Doom Doom Land
        A5      Unlimited Lou
        A6      Crying
        B1      Voodoo Walk
        B2      Mr. Something
        B3      Thunder
        B4      Somewhere
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)

        A1      Never Coming Back Down
        A2      For A While
        A3      Scarecrow
        A4      Meltdown
        B1      Ruby
        B2      Recurring Dream
        B3      Sister
        B4      No One There
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 200 black+numbered/50 black with white
                and purple splatter copies)
FC      013 V12 RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON : ECHO FOREVER                  LP        .2013

        A1      Echo Forever
        A2      Atomic Mother
        A3      Dance Of Black And White Paint
        B1      Darkness
        B2      Heading For The Void
        B3      Where Sky Meets Earth
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on white + black haze vinyl)

        A1      Tokyo Blue
        A2      Rodion
        A3      In Sofia's Reflection
        A4      Juliet
        A5      Runaway
        B1      Veil
        B2      In The Dark I See
        B3      Masquerade
        B4      Ritual
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 200 black/100 clear copies , all numbered)
FC 015 V12LP    RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON : STRANGE WAVE GALORE           LP      03.2014

        A1      Surrealist Appearance
        A2      Reverie
        A3      Strange Wave Galore
        A4      The Sweet Confusion
        B1      Lautréamont
        B2      Opaque
        B3      What The Lightning Said
                (Note : LP , 800 black+white splatter/200 clear copies)
FC 016 VLP      THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   SADOVAYA                        LP      08.2014

        A1      Art House Revisited                             5:08
        A2      The American Dream                              5:14
        A3      Morning Sun                                     2:27
        A4      On The Floor                                    3:48
        B1      Sadovaya                                        6:24
        B2      Heart On A Chain                                2:56
        B3      Your Birthday Song                              4:01
        B4      Revolution Revisited                            4:59
        B5      Lost Recording                                  3:14
                (Note : LP , 400 white/100 blue copies)
FC      17 V12  SINGAPORE SLING         THE TOWER OF FORONICITY         LP      11.2014
FC      17 CD   SINGAPORE SLING         THE TOWER OF FORONICITY         CD      11.2014

        1.      You Drive Me Insane
        2.      All Your Sins
        3.      In With The Out
        4.      Let's Go
        5.      Careful ('m Evil)
        6.      Kill Baby Kill
        7.      Nuthin's Real
        8.      Who Put The Ebb In The Ebbebebb
        9.      Absolute Garage
        10.     My Obsessive Love
        11.     I Hate Myself
        12.     Tired
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 750 copies on transparent vinyl)
FC      18 V10  THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   BEAUTIFUL & DAMNED              10"     11.2014

        A1      Behind                                          4:58
        A2      Damned                                          4:20
        B1      Naked                                           4:39
        B2      Shadow                                          7:16
                (Note : 10" , 200 black/100 colour haze effect copies)
FC      19 V12  SINGAPORE SLING         THE TOWER OF FORONICITY         LP      11.2014
FC      19 CD   SINGAPORE SLING         THE TOWER OF FORONICITY         CD      11.2014

        A1      You Drive Me Insane
        A2      All Your Sins
        A3      In With The Out
        A4      Let's Go
        A5      Careful, I'm Evil
        A6      Kill Baby Kill
        B1      Nuthin's Real
        B2      Who Put The Ebb In The Ebbebebb
        B3      Absolute Garbage
        B4      I Hate Myself
        B5      My Obsessive Love
        B6      Tired
                (Note : LP , 750 copies on transl. red vinyl)
FC      20 V12  LOLA COLT               AWAY FROM THE WATER             LP+12"  11.2014
FC      20 CD   LOLA COLT               AWAY FROM THE WATER             CD      11.2014
FC      20 CD   LOLA COLT               AWAY FROM THE WATER             2CD     11.2014

LP      A1      Rings Of Ghosts                                 05:26
        A2      Heartbreaker                                    04:00
        A3      Driving Mr Johnny                               04:12
        A4      Highway                                         04:04
        A5      Moonlight                                       05:14
        B1      Vacant Hearts                                   04:28
        B2      Storm                                           03:58
        B3      White Horse                                     03:43
        B4      I Get High If You Get High                      04:46
        B5      Away From The Water                             07:59

2CD     1       Rings Of Ghosts
        2       Heartbreaker
        3       Driving Mr Johnny
        4       Highway
        5       Moonlight
        6       Vacant Hearts
        7       Storm
        8       White Horse
        9       I Get High If You Get High
        10      Away From The Water
                Bonus CD
        1       Vacant Hearts (Beryl Session)
        2       Boom Boom Blasphemy (Beryl Session)
        3       Jackson (Live At The Lexington)
        4       Time To Burn (Live At The Lexington)
FC 21 V12LP     THE WANDS               THE DAWN                        LP+DLc  12.2014
FC 21 CD        THE WANDS               THE DAWN                        CD      12.2014

        A1      Sound Of The Machine                            3:00
        A2      And Full Of Colours                             2:06
        A3      Totem Part II                                   5:02
        A4      She's Electric                                  2:47
        A5      Get It Out Of Your System / Don't You Wanna Feel
                Alright                                         5:04
        B1      War                                             2:49
        B2      The Dawn                                        4:05
        B3      Circles                                         2:57
        B4      Spell My Name                                   4:02
        B5      The Name Of The Mountain                        7:33
FC 22 V12LP     SONIC JESUS : NEITHER VIRTUE NOR ANGER                  2LP     05.2015
FC 22 V12LP     SONIC JESUS : NEITHER VIRTUE NOR ANGER                  2CD     05.2015

LP 1    A1      Locomotive
        A2      Triumph
        A3      Reich
        A4      Sweet Suicide
        B1      Dead
        B2      Paranoid Palace
        B3      Drift 22
        B4      Lost Reprise

LP 2    C1      Monkey On My Back
        C2      Whore Is Death
        C3      My Lunacy
        C4      Luxury
        D1      Cancer
        D2      Telegraph
        D3      Underground
        D4      Kali Yuga

CD 1    1-01    Locomotive                                      6:09
        1-02    Triumph                                         4:55
        1-03    Reich                                           5:21
        1-04    Sweet Suicide                                   4:56
        1-05    Dead                                            5:25
        1-06    Lost Reprise                                    7:07
        1-07    Paranoid Palace                                 2:56
        1-08    Drift 22                                        7:35

CD 2    2-01    Monkey On My Back                               6:07
        2-02    Whore Is Death                                  3:44
        2-03    My Lunacy                                       5:44
        2-04    Luxury                                          5:41
        2-05    Cancer                                          5:31
        2-06    Telegraph                                       5:35
        2-07    Underground                                     4:30
        2-08    Kali Yuga                                       8:56
FC      023 CD  10000 RUSSOS            10000 RUSSOS                    CD      08.2015
FC 23 V12LP     10000 RUSSOS            10000 RUSSOS                    LP      08.2015
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies on white vinyl)

        A1      Karl Burns                                      6:36
        A2      USVSUS                                          8:31
        A3      Barreiro                                        6:36
        B1      Baden Baden Baden                               8:13
        B2      Stakhanovets/Kalumet                            13:34
FC 24  12 LP    THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   HAUNTED                         LP      09.2015
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on coke bottle vinyl)
FC 24     CD    THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   HAUNTED                         CD+DLc  09.2015

        1.      Collapsing Into Night
        2.      Haunted
        3.      Dreaming With Maya Deren
        4.      Self Inflicted
        5.      Drown In Me
        6.      The Girl Behind
        7.      Slave
        8.      Deep Inside Of Me
        9.      Returning To Shadow
FC 25V 10 LP    TAU                     WIRIKUTA EP                     10"     08.2015

A.      1.      Huey Tonantzin
        2.      A Wink To The Elements
B.      3.      The Trickster
        4.      Runa
                (Note : 10" , 400 copies on transp.-blue vinyl)
FC 26V 12       RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON : SUBVERSIVE I                  12"     09.2015

        A1      Deconstruction                                  6:42
        A2      Habitual                                        9:30
        B1      Neon                                            11:17
        B2      Haciënda                                        8:20
                (Note : 12" , 500 copies worldwide)
FC 27V 12       THE ORANGE REVIVAL      FUTURECENT                      LP      10.2015
                (Note : LP/180 g. , orange vinyl)
FC 27V CD       THE ORANGE REVIVAL      FUTURECENT                      CD      10.2015

A.      1       Saturation
        2       Lying In The Sand
        3       Speed
        4       Setting Sun
B.      5       Carolyn
        6       1999
        7       All I Need
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on orange vinyl)

CD      1       Saturation                                      4:09
        2       Lying In The Sand                               5:18
        3       Speed                                           3:21
        4       Setting Sun                                     4:16
        5       Carolyn                                         7:30
        6       1999                                            4:57
        7       All I Need                                      8:41
FC 28 V12       SINGAPORE SLING         PSYCH FUCK                      LP      01.2016
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FC 28 CD        SINGAPORE SLING         PSYCH FUCK                      CD      01.2016

        1       Dive In
        2       Let It Roll Let It Rise,
        3       AJL
        4       Na Na Now
        5       Try
        6       The underground
        7       Dying Alive
        8       Give Me Some Other
        9       Astronaut
        10      Shithole Town
        11      The Tower Of Foronicity
FC 29 V12LP     THE MYRRORS             BURNING CIRCLES IN THE SKY      LP      03.2016

        A1      The Mind's Eye                                  3:51
        A2      Plateau Skull                                   3:07
        A3      Burning Circles In The Sky                      4:42
        A4      Warpainting                                     7:26
        B       Mother Of All Living                            16:31
                (Note : LP , repress, 500 copies)

CDR     Strange Design  SDR 001         2008    US
FCV 7   030     THE MYRRORS             COMRADES                        7"      11.2015

        A1      Comrades
        B1      Storm Mills
                (Note : 7" ,    500     white
                                100     transp.-orange
                                100     test pressing)
FCV 7   031     SONIC JESUS             LOCOMOTIVE                      7"      12.2015

        A       Locomotive (Sonic Boom rmx.)
        B       Never In My Mind
                (Note : 7" , 1000 copies)
FC 32 V12       THROW DOWN BONES        THROW DOWN BONES                LP      01.2016
FC 32 VCD       THROW DOWN BONES        THROW DOWN BONES                CD      01.2016
FC 32 TAPE      THROW DOWN BONES        THROW DOWN BONES                CS      01.2016

        A1      Exposure                                        6:00
        A2      Our Home, The Holy Mountain                     7:30
        A3      A Premise To Action                             5:31
        A4      Inner Lights                                    7:48
        B1      Emitters                                        5:52
        B2      Saturator                                       6:35
        B3      Bones                                           8:30
        B4      It's All Around Us                              6:28
                (Note : LP , 500 black/100 white-black copies)
FC 33 V12       THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   MADEMOISELLE                    LP      03.2016
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
FC 33 CD        THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   MADEMOISELLE                    CD      03.2016

        1.      Hope & Prayer
        2.      Mademoiselle
        3.      Underground
        4.      Olya's Song
        5.      Lord Can You Hear Me
        6.      Crash (BSA Jam)
        7.      Iggy The Eskimo
        8.      Une Saison En Enfer
        9.      Hednism
        10.     Feel So Free
        11.     Mercury Guitar
FC 34 V7        SONIC JESUS             LIVE IN ROME                    7"      07.2016

        A       Reich
        B       Triumph
FC 35 V12       DEAD SKELETONS          LIVE IN BERLIN                  2LP     03.2016
                (Note : double LP , 1000 copies, etched 4th side)
FC 35 CD        DEAD SKELETONS          LIVE IN BERLIN                  CD      03.2016

LP 1    A1      Om Varja Sattva Hung
        A2      Om Mani Peme Hung
        A3      Buddha Christ
        B1      Kundalini Eyes
        B2      Psycho Dead
        B3      When The Sun
        B4      Dead Comet

LP 2    C1      Get On The Train
        C2      Kingdom Of God
        C3      Dead Mantra
        D       [etched side]

        1.      Om Vajra Sattva Hung
        2.      Om Mani Padme Hum
        3.      Buddha Christ
        4.      Kundalini Eyes
        5.      Psycho Dead
        6.      When The Sun
        7.      Dead Comet
        8.      Get on The Train
        9.      Kingdom Of God
        10.     Dead Mantra

(Note : LP/180g vinyl coloured vinyl 2LP on Fuzz Club with screen-printed D-side. Ed.
        of 1000 copies, Etched 4th side)
FC 36
FC 37 V10       THE WANDS               FACES EP                        10"     09.2016
FC 37 CD        THE WANDS               FACES EP                        CD      09.2016

        A1      Living the Dream                                02:27
        A2      Faces                                           04:18
        A3      Cosmic Sinners                                  03:28
        B1      Out of Fever                                    05:45
        B2      Between Heavens                                 04:06
        B3      Outro                                           01:32
                (Note : 10" , 1000 copies total)
FC 38 V12LP     THE THIRD SOUND         GOSPELS OF DEGENERATION         LP      05.2016
FC 38 CD        THE THIRD SOUND         GOSPELS OF DEGENERATION         CD      05.2016

        1       We Got All You Need                             3:33
        2       Charlatan                                       3:25
        3       You Are Not Here                                3:49
        4       Hole In My Heart                                2:54
        5       Before There Was You                            4:41
        6       Never Catch Her Again                           3:38
        7       Oblivion Express                                2:51
        8       Shake Them All Down                             2:57
        9       Spiraling Downfall                              4:28
        10      Feels Alright                                   5:13

(Note : LP/180 g. , 600 copies on Coke Bottle clear vinyl LP with silver laminate
FC 39 V12       RMFTM : SUBVERSIVE II-SPLENDOR OF THE WICKED            LP+9DLc 08.2016
FC 39 CD        RMFTM : SUBVERSIVE II-SPLENDOR OF THE WICKED            CD      08.2016

        1       You Filled The House With Merciless Sand
        2       Splendor Of The Wicked
        3       Masked Disobedience
        4       Rapture
        5       Translucent Concrete

(Note : RMFTM (Radar Men from The Moon) is a Dutch art collective who approach music
        as avant-garde exploration)
FC 40 V12LP     ONE UNIQUE SIGNAL       HOOPSNAKE                       LP      04.2016
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FC 40 CD        ONE UNIQUE SIGNAL       HOOPSNAKE                       CD      04.2016

A.      1.      HS01
        2.      HS02
B.      3.      HS03
        4.      HS04
FC 41
FC 42 V12       CULT OF DOM KELLER      GOODBYE TO THE LIGHT\           LP      07.2016
FC 42 CD        CULT OF DOM KELLER      GOODBYE TO THE LIGHT\           CD      07.2016

        1.      Hole In The Whole
        2.      Broken Arm Of God
        3.      Raven & Rockets
        4.      Deepest Pit Of Emptiness
        5.      Tunnel In The Clouds
        6.      Exterminating Angels
        7.      I Can See You
        8.      Astrum Argenteum
        9.      Nothing Left To Stay For
        10.     Bring Out The Dead
        11.     Waltz Of The Morgellons
        12.     Shambhala Is On Fire

FC 44 V12       TAU                     TAU TAU TAU                     LP      10.2016
FC 44 CD        TAU                     TAU TAU TAU                     CD      10.2016

        1       Mother
        2       The Bridge Of Khaju
        3.      Mo Anam Cara
        4.      The Midnight Jaguar
        5.      I See You
        6       Venadito
        7.      Kauyumari
        8.      Espiral
        9       Tara
FC 45 V12LP     DEAD RABBITS            EVERYTHING IS A LIE             LP      09.2016
FC 45 CD        DEAD RABBITS            EVERYTHING IS A LIE             CD      09.2016

        A1      Everything Is A Lie
        A2      Honestly
        A3      Get Me Over There
        A4      Someday
        B1      All Your Little Lies
        B2      I Don't Want To Die Today
        B3      That Was Then But This Is Now
        B4      You Already Know
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on clear vinyl)
FC 46 CD        TALES OF MURDER AND DUST : THE FLOW IN BETWEEN          CD      04.2016

        1.      Tidal Wave
        2.      Black Reflection
        3.      The Devil Is A Poet
        4.      Mirror
        5.      Sisters
        6.      Distorted Ways
        7.      Endless Repetition
FC 47 V12LP     MY INVISIBLE FRIEND     MY INVISIBLE FRIEND             12"     10.2016

        1.      Eyes
        2.      Endless
        3.      Sleepless
                (Note : 12" , coloured vinyl)
FC 48

        1.      The Disillusion
        2.      Hypnotized Narcissist
        3.      On My Mind
        4.      Dead Eyes Side 
        5.      When She Takes A Hold Of You
        6.      Desert Flower
        7.      Silence
        8.      Darlin’ 61

Tales of Murder and Dust are a Danish band and undoubtedly favourites of Fuzz Club’s,
on the first listen it’s not hard to see why. ‘Hallucination of Beauty’ was their first
LP, originally independently released back in March 2012. London label Fuzz Club are
excited to be giving the LP a long-overdue vinyl re-issue. Formed in 2007, Aarhus based
Tales of Murder and Dust play a dark, experimental mixture of psychedelic rock and
shoegaze wrapped in an otherworldly, cinematic sound merging noisy guitars, violin,
organ and sitar.
FC 50 V12       THE MYRRORS             BURNING CIRCLES IN THE SKY      LP      03.2016

        1.      Heavenly Way
        2.      Pull The Trigger
        3.      MMB
        4.      Never Fall
        5.      BeforeI'm To Late
        6.      It's All In Her Head
        7.      When I'm Blue
        8.      It's You
        9.      Keep Me Warm
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

        1.      Foreign Land
        2.      Escapism
        3.      Winter Myth
        4.      Scarlet Room
        5.      Flashback
        6.      Mercury Ending
                (Note : 10" , 250 copies on black vinyl)
FC 52 V12       THE BLACK RYDER : BUY THE TICKET, TAKE THE RIDE         2LP     05.2017

        1)      To Never Know You
        2)      Let It Go
        3)      Grass
        4)      Outside
        5)      Gone Without Feeling
        6)      The Greatest Fall
        7)      What’s Forsaken
        8)      All That We See
        9)      Sweet Come Down
        10)     Burn And Fad
        11)     Rise

180g vinyl 2LP with etched D-side, gatefold cover and printed inner sleeves. Edition
of 800 copies.
The debut LP from Australian duo The Black Ryder - ‘Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride’
- was originally released in 2009 to wide-spread acclaim and Fuzz Club is delighted
to be giving the LP a deluxe re-issue.
FCS 53 V12      HAS A SHADOW            SORROW TOMORROW                 LP      01.2017
FCS 53 CD       HAS A SHADOW            SORROW TOMORROW                 CD      01.2017

        1       Sorrow
        2       Lord Of Flies
        3       The Flesh
        4       Attack of the Junkie
        5       Cul De Sac
        6       Vampire Kiss
        7       Horror Will Grow
        8       Not Even Human
        9       World Sensation

The second full-length by the Mexican goth-rock outfit, presented on 180-gram vinyl!
'Sorrow Tomorrow' dwells in Batcave-like post-punk surroundings built with haunting
organs, motorik bass-lines, marching percussion, squalls of chiming, fuzz-ridden
guitars and the atonal, ritualistic chants of vocalist Daniel Garciano.
FCS 54 V10      AL LOVER                NEUICIDE!                       10"     12.2016

        A)      NEUicide!  
        B)      neuICIDE!
                (Note : 10" , 400 copies)
                (Note : LP/180 g. , black vinyl)
                (Note : LP , deluxe ed.)

        1)      Shake Shake Shake
        2)      Scum Scum Scum
        3)      Fuck Everything
        4)      Bop Bop Boo
        5)      Evil Angel
        6)      Sonic Haus
        7)      Surrounded By Cunts
        8)      Riffermania (Kill Kill Kill)
        9)      Nothing And Nowhere
        10)     Nuthing’s Theme

Iceland’s Singapore Sling formed in 2000 and are highly lauded as one of the innovators
of experimental psychedelia and rock and roll as we currently know it. Their ninth
full-length ‘Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)’ is set for release February 24th
via Fuzz Club Records.
                IS THIS?
                (Note : LP/180 g. , black vinyl)
                IS THIS?

A.      1       Half Poison, Half God
        2       Alice
        3       You Made It Baby
        4       Beast (Anti-War Song)
        5       A Dirty Piece of Love For Us To Share
B.      6       Amerika
        7       The Outside
        8       Persistent Stable Hell
        9       Your Sweet Love
        10      Incapable Of Love

What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? (Released 15/02/17) is the eighth LP from
Berlin-via-Manchester based psych/post-punk outfit The Underground Youth.
FCV 57 V12      THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH : MORALLY BARREN                  LP        .2017

        A1      Closer
        A2      A Band Apart
        A3      Morally Barren
        A4      Underground Youth
        A5      Sonic Ostrich
        A6      Tattoo
        A7      Ride
        B1      The Rules Of Attraction
        B2      What If...
        B3      Then I Met You
        B4      That Feeling
        B5      Drinking Wine With Kings

(Note : LP/180 g. , 300 copies on white vinyl, reissue from 2009 original)
FCV 58 V12      THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   VOLTAGE                         LP        .2017

        A1      Love's A Bitch
        A2      Fear & Loathing In My Own Private Memory
        A3      On The Run
        A4      Jim & Marianne
        B1      She's Got You
        B2      His Letter
        B3      Irreversible
        B4      Sympathy
        B5      Yesterday's Fashion

(Note : LP/180 g. , 300 copies on translucent-green vinyl, reissue from 2009 original)
FCV12   59      ORANGE REVIVAL          BLACK SMOKE RISING              LP      04.2017

        1)      Yesterday
        2)      Ever
        3)      Set Her Free
        4)      Medistation
        5)      Composition
        6)      Bring Your Light
        7)      Don’t Sail Away
        8)      How Do You Feel

Black Smoke Rising is the debut album from Swedish psych wanderers The Orange Revival.
Originally self-released by the band back in 2011, Fuzz Club Records are reissuing the
LP for the first time since it immediately sold out first time around. With its
hypnotic 60s guitars, droning vintage organs and swaggering vocals it’s a tripped out,
desert-rock ode to the Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3. Since its
release in 2011 the band have toured extensively, playing a run of dates with Spectrum
and wooing crowds at Austin Psych Fest along the way, and have ceaselessly confirmed
themselves as one of Europe’s leading psychedelic outputs – Fuzz Club are delighted to
be bringing their majestic debut to light once more.
FC 60
FC 61 V12       10,000 RUSSOS           DISTRESS DISTRESS               LP      04.2017
FC 61 CD        10,000 RUSSOS           DISTRESS DISTRESS               CD      04.2017

        1)      Germinal
        2)      Tutilitarian
        3)      Europa Kaput
        4)      ISM
        5)      Radio 1
        6)      Distress

10,000 Russos are a formidable force; their industrial psych/post-punk has been
charming fuzz-heads across the globe with its stomping, shamanic mantras and
otherworldly krautrock slant.
FC 62 V12       SONIC JESUS             GRACE                           LP      03.2017
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
FC 62 CD        SONIC JESUS             GRACE                           CD      03.2017

        1       I’m In Grace
        2       I Hope
        3       Modern Model 
        4       September 9th
        5       No Way
        6       Space Heels
        7       Outdoor
        8       Funeral Party
        9       Stars
        10      Fading Lights

Sonic Jesus is an Italian musical project lead by multi-instrumentalist Tiziano
Veronese. Since signing to Fuzz Club, the project has released a split single with
The Black Angels and been remixed by Sonic Boom aka Pete Kember.
FCV12   63      NEW CANDYS              STARS REACH THE ABYSS           LP      05.2017

        1.      Hand Chain Dog
        2.      Blackbeat
        3.      Half-Heart
        4.      Volunteer
        5.      Nibiru
        6.      Welcome To The Void Temple
        7.      Butterfly Net
        8.      Dry Air Everywhere
        9.      Sun Is Gone (Till Day Returns)
        10.     Blue Magic Hat
        11.     Meltdown Crop.
        12.     Salar
        13.     Purple Turtle On Canvas
        14.     Dry Air Everywhere (Breath Into You Mix)

This excellent psychedelic rock album was originally issued on CD in Italy, in 2012,
on Foolica label followed by very limited reissues on cassette and vinyl, again only
in Italy. Now at last this splendid work is available on a -slightly- wider scale.
Edition of 666 copies on 180-gram coloured wax!
FC12    64      NEW CANDYS              AS MEDICINE                     LP      06.2017

        1.      Thrill Or Trip
        2.      Songs For The Mutant
        3.      Patent Medicine
        4.      Dark Love
        5.      Aphrodite In Leather
        6.      Overall
        7.      Bones On Fire
        8.      Mess
        9.      Jolly Pan
        10.     Endless Dead Line

Mixed by Loop’s original drummer/producer John Wills, originally released in 2015 on
Minneapolis-based label Picture In My Ear and added to The Committee To Keep Music
Evil catalogue. A deluxe vinyl with different artwork has been released on Fuzz Club
too. The leitmotif for the album’s imaginary comes from Maya Deren’s surrealistic
films together with the Patent Medicines’ period. It received praises from Primal
Scream’s Simone Marie Butler and The Telescopes’ Stephen Lawrie.
FC 65 V12       THE GLUTS               ESTASI                          LP      05.2017

        1.      Colline Bianche
        2.      Controller
        3.      That's Me
        4.      Squirrel
        5.      I Realize That I'm Not So Dumb
        6.      Usiku Mweva
        7.      Come To Fire
        8.      Ponytail
        9.      Ash
        10.     Richard
        11.     Home

The Gluts forthcoming LP ‘Estasi’ – the follow up from 2014’s debut ‘Warsaw’. The new
album is officially released in May. Despite leaning further on the noise-rock/psych
side of things, The Gluts have always had a DIY punk ethos at their heart – most
evident in their primitive energy, both on record and live. Since the release of their
debut in 2014 the band have playing extensively across Italy, including a couple of
shows with NY psych legends White Hills. With the release of LP2 - their first on Fuzz
Club - it’s clear The Gluts are undeniable set to blow away fuzz-heads far and wide
with an album this good and incessantly noisy.
FC 66 V12       NONN                    NONN                            LP      07.2017
FC 66 CD        NONN                    NONN                            CD      07.2017

        1)      Walls
        2)      Lost
        3)      Stay
        4)      Gone
        5)      Cold
        6)      Need
        7)      Hills
        8)      Time
        9)      Fear
        10)     Wait

Available on 180gm black vinyl. Sweden’s long been seen as a leading output in European
pop music but if you look a little deeper then you'll find it’s equally rooted in the
dark and obscure. It’s the latest offering comes in the shape of NONN - a brand new
post-punk/coldwave project who’s debut S/T album will be released on Fuzz Club. Born
out of a cold, desolate winter in a corner of Stockholm, NONN’s icy surroundings
inevitably became a huge influence on these recordings - blurring the line between
sharp, glacial post-punk and the industrial electronic sounds of the 80s.
FC 67 V12       LAS COBRAS              TEMPORAL                        LP      07.2017

        1)      Dark Waves
        2)      Beating Hard
        3)      The Time Has Come
        4)      Our Love Will Grow
        5)      Al Mas Alla
        6)      Nothing Against You
        7)      So Much Love
        8)      Same & Again
        9)      Temporal

Las Cobras are a duo hailing from Canelones, Uruguay. Despite being a totally new band,
forming in the summer of 2016, this album is certain to pin the duo firmly on the
radars for psych-heads across the globe. The album itself is influenced as much by
psych/krautrock greats a la BJM and Suicide as it is wildly immersed in the lysergic
sounds of South America – at times delving into lush and textured afro-beat and
tropicalia influences. Fully immersed in their Latin roots, their groove-ridden and
mystical psychedelia is utterly enthralling - it's a hypnotic journey through warped
synths, tropic percussion, lysergic bass-lines, smoky vocals and chiming, fuzzed-out
FC 68
FC 69 V12LP     SACCADES                SACCADES                        LP      07.2017
                (Note : LP/180 g. , white vinyl)
FC 69 CD        SACCADES                SACCADES                        CD      07.2017

        1)      Distant Sea
        2)      Bleeding Colours
        3)      Elusive Dream
        4)      Crying Land
        5)      Gone Too Soon
        6)      In And Out
        7)      Know My Name
        8)      Running Wild
        9)      Red
        10)     Cigales
        11)     Early Rise Again
        12)     High Drift

Saccades is in fact Nicholas Wood, he of The KVB. When that band took a break last
summer, Wood snuck in a bit of recording time in order to craft his debut solo record,
and now here it is! Compared to his other work, Saccades is brighter, dreamier and
poppier, very effectively mining some psychedelic vibes.
FC 70 V12LP     JUJU                    OUR MOTHER WAS A PLANY          LP      09.2017
FC 70 CD        JUJU                    OUR MOTHER WAS A PLANY          CD      09.2017

        1)      Death By Beautiful Things
        2)      In A Ghetto (Feat Tobias Ekberg)
        3)      And Play A Game
        4)      James Dean
        5)      I Got Your Soul
        6)      Patrick
        7)      What A Bad Day
        8)      Sunny After Moon (Feat Tobias Ekberg)

Available on 180gm vinyl. JuJu is the brainchild of Sicilian multi-instrumentalist
Gioele Valenti (Lay Llamas, Herself). Having now signed to Fuzz Club Records, the
project is set to release the sophomore LP ‘Our Mother Was A Plant’ – the follow-up
to 2016s S/T debut that was widely hailed as one of the most innovative psych albums
of the year.
FC 71 V12       ACID BABY JESUS         LILAC DAYS                      LP      09.2017
FC 71 CD        ACID BABY JESUS         LILAC DAYS                      CD      09.2017

        1)      Lilac Days
        2)      Faces of Janus
        3)      No Such Thing As Twice
        4)      Down The Ley Lines
        5)      Me & Panormita
        6)      Birth
        7)      Guide Us In
        8)      Vile Man
        9)      Love Has Left My House Today

Greek garage-rockers Acid Baby Jesus return from Athens after 3 years with their
3rd album, Lilac Days. The four-piece manage to distil warm, fuzzy 60s psych-pop
and infuse mystic Eastern folkology with the dirt and grit of classic rock 'n roll
-- these guys love the likes of The Stooges as much as Ravi Shankar. Well, so do we.
180-gram vinyl LP, or CD, from those Fuzz Club rapscallions.
FC 72 V12       NEW CANDYS              BLEEDING MAGENTA                LP      10.2017
                (Note : LP/180 g, red vinyl)
FC 72 CD        NEW CANDYS              BLEEDING MAGENTA                CD      10.2017

Side A          (33rpm)
        1)      Bleeding Magenta
        2)      Excess
        3)      Mercenary
        4)      Sermon
        5)      Tempera
        6)      Silver Eyes Arise
        7)      Lunar Day
Side B          (45rpm) 
        8)      The Outrogeous Wedding
        9)      Bleeding Magenta (Reprise)

New Candys hails from Venice, Italy and formed back in 2008. After recently reissuing
their highly-praised first two LPs ‘As Medicine’ and ‘Stars Reach The Abyss’, the
four-piece are again teaming up with Fuzz Club for the release of their third album,
‘Bleeding Magentas’.
FV 73 V12       PRETTY LIGHTNING        THE RHYTHM OF OOZE              LP      12.2017

        1)      Thunder Mountain Return
        2)      Willow Valley Blues
        3)      Tangerine Steam
        4)      Loops
        5)      The Rhythm Of Ooze
        6)      This Machine Is Running
        7)      Rainbow Fantasies
        8)      Pale Yellow
        9)      Moles
        10)     Born To Snooze
                (Note : LP/180 g. , coloured vinyl)

Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas are two lifelong friends from Saarbrucken,
Germany who back in 2007 formed the band Pretty Lightning. The duo tick off a long
list of influences – from 60s psych and delta blues through to krautrock and drone
– and the end-product is a heady dose of raw, twisted psychedelic blues recalling
an utterly visceral mix of Oh Sees, Wooden Shjips and early Black Keys. Fast forward
ten years and the German two-piece have two highly-praised LPs behind them and are
now gearing up for their third effort, 'The Rhythm Of Ooze' – due for release November
10th on Fuzz Club Records. Their latest long-player sees them dive even further down
the rabbit-hole of stomping garage-rock blues and dizzying motoric drones. This is
Pretty Lightning at their best - a head-heavy trip through their lysergic, rock'n'roll
FC 74 V12       RMFTM : SUBVERSIVE III-SPELENDE DE MENS                 2LP     11.2017

        1)      Secret Howl In Ambient Night
        2)      Drunk With God
        3)      Beeldenwereld
        4)      Abstraction and Society
        5)      De Spelende Mens
        6)      Transgression Cave
        7)      Spectacle
        8)      Black Canvas, Dark Majesty

Available on 180g vinyl (double LP). Following their recent collab LP with Gnod, under
the Temple ov BBV pseudonym, Eindhoven art-punk collective RMFTM (fka Radar Men From
The Moon) have announced the third and final instalment in their ‘Subversive’ album
trilogy - 'Subversive III: De Spelende Mens', due for release December 1st on Fuzz
Club Records. Influenced by the ground-breaking sonic industrialism of Throbbing
Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Coil, as well the transcendent kinetic rhythms of 
eu!, Faust and Amon Duul II, 'Subversive III: De Spelende Mens' see’s their industrial
art-punk take on it’s most incessant, angular and free-flowing form in a frenzy of
metallic drones, thunderous feedback stabs of synths and throbbing, repetitive
krautrock rhythms that at times border on techno territory. With the Subversive
series, RMFTM have sought to deconstruct and rebuild their creative process, pushing
themselves to the limit with each and every release and ‘Spelende De Mens’, translated
as ‘the playing man’, is the perfect way to conclude the series.
FC 75 V12       VUELVETELOCA            SONORA                          LP      12.2017
FC 75 CD        VUELVETELOCA            SONORA                          CD      12.2017

        1.      La Niebla
        2.      Alta Montana
        3.      Ataque Masivo
        4.      Carnaval, 5. L.A. 
        6.      El Lado Frio
        7.      Tormento
        8.      Chepical
        9.      Cientologia & Altiplano

Vuelveteloca are a Chilean psych-rock outfit who formed over a decade ago in Santiago
and since then have been busy picking up a notorious reputation amongst the ranks of
fellow South American noiseniks Follakzoid and The Holydrug Couple for their incredible
live show. In their lengthy career, the project has been comprised of a number of
different members but has always revolved around the vastly creative minds of its two
core members, Tomas Olivos and Marcos De Iruarrizaga.
With four LP’s now behind them, Vuelveteloca are teaming up with Fuzz Club Records for
the release of their incredible fifth album, Sonora.
FCV12LP 76      VACANT LOTS             DEPARTURE                       2LP     11.2017

The debut album by the Burlington, VT, duo of Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen.
The 2016 full-length from these Alan Vega protégés appears on the DOUBLE-LP format
(pressed on white and black 180-GRAM wax), with two amazing re-mixes from Alan Vega
and Anton Newcombe on Side D. This edition is released in a gatefold jacket with
printed inner sleeves.
FC 77 V12       HELICON                 HELICON                         LP+DLc  11.2017

        1)      Devil On Your Tongue
        2)      Valmiki
        3)      Seraph
        4)      Drinking Of You
        5)      The Bold Yin
        6)      Teenage Murder
        7)      French As Fuck
        8)      Ring The Albanian

Glasgow’s Helicon have been staples of the UK’s underground scene since they formed
back in 2009 and from then they’ve gone on to release eight EPs and share the stage
with everyone from the likes of Wooden Shjips, The Warlocks, Dead Skeletons and The
Holydrug Couple. Picking up an ever-growing reputation along the way the band are now
finally set to release their long-overdue self-titled debut LP on Fuzz Club – produced
by Tony Doogan at Mogwai’s Castle Of Doom Studio. Exploring themes of love and loss,
drugs and drink, religion and politics, and life and death, Helicon’s new album is
a collection of sprawling and expansive Eastern-tained psych-rock. Psychedelia has
always transcended geographical limits and with this in mind, the band explain how
the new record aims to explore all psychedelic ley-lines across the globe - from their
home-country Scotland to the sitar-led sounds of India whilst nodding equally to both
vintage and modern psychedelic motifs.
FC 78 V12       SEKEL                   SEKEL                           LP+DLc  11.2017

        1)      Bergamot
        2)      Crayons
        3)      Heliopolis
        4)      Detektiv
        5)      Ivery Fiz
        6)      Next To Nothing
        7)      Spirit Gum
        8)      Vortex
        9)      Stick
        10)     No Star

SEKEL are a punk/kraut band hailing from Malmo, Sweden. In their short two-year
existence, they’ve picked up a fast-growing reputation within the dark and murky
Scandinavian underground, sharing the stage with the likes of Ringo Deathstarr,
The KVB, Follakzoid, Dungen and many more - all with just a three-track 7” behind
them. Now ready to take their motorik post-punk croons to an international audience,
the four-piece are teaming up with Fuzz Club for the release of their debut self
-titled LP - due for release December 15th. Citing influences from the likes of
CAN and Neu! through to Gang Of Four and Wire, SEKEL blur the line between 70s kraut,
crushing psych and biting post-punk noir, creating a remarkable debut album that marks
the band as one of the most exciting new exports from the European scene.

FC 80 C12       DEAD VIBRATIONS         DEAD VIBRATIONS                 LP      03.2018
FC 80 CD        DEAD VIBRATIONS         DEAD VIBRATIONS                 CD      03.2018

        1       On A Sunday Morning
        2       Chemical Hug
        3       Dive With You
        4       Marbles
        5       Void
        6       In Habits
        7       Bitter Better Way

Sweden’s Dead Vibrations can help; the Stockholm hairgaze outfit named themselves
and their debut LP after such deceased oscillations. In any case, this lot sound very
much alive, plugged in and noisy.
FC 81 V12       DREAMWEAPON             SOL                             LP      03.2018

        1)      Mashinne
        2)      Blauekirshe
        3)      Qram
        4)      Monte da Virgem

Portugal’s dreamweapon take their name from the 1990 Spacemen 3 live album
‘Dreamweapon: An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music’, who themselves took
inspiration from the work of minimalist drone - or ‘Dream Music’ - visionary
La Monte Young and a 1965 multimedia piece titled ‘Rites of The Dreamweapon’
by original The Velvet Underground drummer Angus MacLise. Fast-forward to 2018
and dreamweapon, the band, are continuing to keep the torch burning.

Made up of 10,000 Russos bassist Andre Couto, Joao Campos Costa and Edgar Moreira,
dreamweapon emerged in 2009 and have since gone on to release one EP, their debut
S/T album and a handful of singles, whilst taking their immersive and unremitting
live show around Europe. Made up of four improvised compositions recorded in one
take at their Porto practice space, on February 16th dreamweapon will be releasing
their sophomore LP ‘SOL’. On the album, whirrs of feedback and noise coalesce around
droning, oscillating synths, samples and subtle cascading guitars, the only thing
keeping the sparse soundscapes together being the incessant Krautrock rhythm with
a seemingly endless motorik bassline that forces it’s way right to the back of your
unconscious and the almost proto-punk minimalism of those programmed drum machines.
FC 82 V12       THE OSCILLATION         U.E.F.                          LP      03.2018

        1)      Flight Sequence
        2)      U.E.F

The Oscillation is one of the many aliases of Demian Castellanos, an almost-mythical
force in the London underground. Since 2006, under the guise of The Oscillation,
Demian has released four LPs, countless EPs/singles and played with everyone from
Silver Apples and Beak to Wooden Shjips and Deerhunter, all the while being emulated
by the likes of The Guardian, Mojo, The Quietus, Vice, Q, Pitchfork and 6 Music.
Following on from the disillusioned, cosmic psych-punk of 2016's 'Monographic' LP and
the 2017 single ‘Evil In the Tree’, The Oscillation is gearing up for the release of
his fifth album, U.E.F, on March 2nd via Fuzz Club Records.

The new album sees Demian completely subvert his sound once-again, adding a new
evolution to his ever-evolving musical canon. Ditching any inkling of his ‘rock’
beginnings for a lysergic (but equally sinister) journey into post-apocalyptic
electronics and sprawling drones – resulting in something that’s more likely to be
bouncing around the walls of club nights than the back-room venue of grotty bars.
U.E.F is comprised of two 20-minute slabs of unforgiving, dystopian electronica
- complete with ambient electronics, droning analogue synths, monolithic percussion
and a hypnotic kraut gusto. This is kosmische musik for the new age; a fitting
soundtrack to the forthcoming techno-apocalypse, when artificial intelligence takes
over and we're all subjected to the way of the machine.
FC 83 V12       BLACK LIZARD : CELEBRATION OF A NEW DAWN                LP      03.2018

        1)      Sinking Ship
        2)      Window In Time
        3)      Love Dies
        4)      Elevation
        5)      Lilac Garden
        6)      At The Gates Of Sun
        7)      Morning Bliss
        8)      I Can't Be Found
        9)      Black Shadow
        10)     Sister Purple

Since forming back in 2008, Finnish garage-rockers Black Lizard have been busy leading
the charge in the ever-fruitful Scandinavian underground with their relentless gig
schedule and a constant stream of releases. They’ve collaborated with the likes of
Anton Newcombe and Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3/Spectrum) and toured Europe several times,
appearing at a number of festivals including Great Escape as well as sharing the stage
with everyone from Brian Jonestown Massacre, DIIV, The Men, The Horrors, Allah-Las and
Veronica Falls. On February 23rd Black Lizard will be releasing their third album,
Celebration Of A New Dawn, on London imprint Fuzz Club Records. Recorded in the
basement of a rundown 50s movie theatre turned recording studio, the new album is
a sublime excursion into Sixties-indebted, washed-out garage-pop. ‘Celebration Of…’
is Black Lizards best album yet; bright, vivid and lysergic, the record manages to be
unapologetically nostalgic yet carve out its own glorious, introspective pastiche
- repackaging the Nuggets-esque garage/psych-pop and early-90s shoegaze swoons for
21st-century wastoids.
FC 84 V12       THE MYRRORS : BURNING CIRCLES IN THE SKY                LP      04.2018

The Fuzz Club label repress The Myrrors raw debut, Burning Circles In The Sky. The
group make a powerful, and often bleak, drone rock built from repetitive guitar and
harsh organ. Tom Hayes’ mantra-like vocals turn the songs into dark folk that recalls
Comus at their most psychedelic and burnt out.
FC 85 V12       NEST EGG : NOTHINGNESS IS NOT A CURSE                   LP      04.2018

        1)      DMT IV
        2)      Print-Process-Repeat
        3)      Denied Doctrine
        4)      Long Night Outside
        5)      Cognitive Dissonance
        6)      Nothingness Is Not A Curse

Nest Egg are a three-piece from North Carolina who describe their heady and motorik
psych-rock wig-outs as ‘mood music for nihilists’. Formed back in 2011, the band have
built up a formidable reputation in the US live circuit, playing with everyone who’s
anyone - from garage juggernauts Thee Oh Sees to space-rock innovators Loop.

Following a handful of tapes and singles, in 2015 the band released their debut album
‘Respectable’. Three years later and they’ve joined forces with London-label Fuzz Club
Records for the release of their sophomore album ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse’, a record
that’s been in the works since the summer 2016. In a similar ballpark to the likes of
Moon Duo or Follakzoid, the new record see’s Nest Egg free-fall, arms flailing, down
an all-consuming rabbit-hole of cosmic repetition, tripped-out drones, swirling
analogue synths and cacophonous guitars; the driving krautrock gusto never letting
loose for a second.
FC 86 V12       MEDISTATION             MEDISTATION EP                  LP      05.2018

A mixture of noise-pop and alt rock from Sweden, delivered by the project of The Orange
Revival's Eric Strand. On offer are five tracks, pressed on 180-GRAM VINYL.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's highly-awaited 12th album pushes the boundaries of
their jazz and psychedelic rock even further beyond the edge of the universe. This is
the LP-edition on Fuzz Club, presented on 180-GRAM BONE COLOURED VINYL and packaged in
a deluxe sleeve.
FC 88 V12       THE THIRD SOUND         ALL TOMORROW'S SHADOWS          LP      05.2018

        1)      When We Finally Wake Up
        2)      Nine Miles Below
        3)      New Messiah
        4)      Bright Shining Light
        5)      Half Alive
        6)      No Exit On The Edge
        7)      Can Never Find Your Way Back Home
        8)      We’ll Be Together
        9)      On Our Way To Desolation
        10)     Photographs (feat. Anton Newcombe)

It’s the fourth album of The Third Sound, aka Hákon Adalsteinsson, who is known from
Singapore Sling and as a live member of Brian Jonestown Massacre. This LP has a bit
of a vintage psych sound, with confident vocals and some strong kraut leanings to boot.
FC 89 V12       ROUTINE DEATH           PARALLEL UNIVERSES              LP      06.2018

        1.      The Anteroom (intro)
        2.      Life Inside A Vacuum
        3.      Star Alliance
        4.      Diamonds
        5.      Parallel Universe
        6.      Charm Tooth
        7.      Salvaged Denim 
        8.      The Impossibility Of Paying Our Debts
        9.      Heart & Soul
        10.     Belong

Routine Death is the husband and wife duo of Lisa (Gothenburg) and Dustin Zozaya
(Austin). The latter also plays in Fuzz Club favourites Holy Wave. This debut-album
offers the perfect introduction to their dark, lo-fi pop world, channelling an ethereal
darkwave sound with bewitching lo-fi vocals and the glitchy electronics of Broadcast,
or even Stereolab. Or in other words, here Lisa's sublimely entrancing vocals float
over repetitive midi drumbeats, glitched-out loops, droning organs and fuzzy lo-fi
guitars. Wonderful! The LP is presented on COLOURED VINYL.
FC 90 V12       SHERPA THE TIGER        GREAT VOWEL SHIFT               2LP     06.2018

        1)      Peninsula
        2)      Periscope
        3)      Golden Ratio
        4)      Contre-jour
        5)      Cavalcade

With an arsenal of cheap, decrepit Soviet synthesisers, this four-piece from Ukraine
combines a love of minimalist ambient music and the kosmische grooves that came pumping
out of Eastern Europe in the '60s and '70s. There are two sides to Sherpa The Tiger.
To begin with there are the danceable groove-ridden cuts that channel the funkier
repetitions of Can's 'Future Days'. And then there are the more stripped-back moments,
which see cosmic, ambient deconstructions that could easily have found themselves on
the score of some kind of '80s crime-thriller set against the neon-lit backdrop of
FC 91 V12       RF SHANNON              TRICKSTER BLUES                 LP      07.2018
FC 91 CD        RF SHANNON              TRICKSTER BLUES                 CD      07.2018

The 2017 debut LP from RF Shannon gets a UK release via Fuzz Club (Sonic Jesus,
The Underground Youth). Band leader Shane Renfro has come up with eight evocative
psych-pop cuts for Trickster Blues which will appeal to those of a Tame Impala/Whitney
disposition. The songs are expertly crafted and nicely captured.
FC 92 V12       CRIMEN                  SILENT ANIMALS                  LP      07.2018

        1       Above The Trees (Rockets)
        2       Batida 
        3       Flahzz 
        4       From My Bed
        5       Six Weeks
        6       Left Behind
        7       Supermarket 
        8       Hit Mania Death
                (Note : LP , 300 coloured copies , gatefold)

The latest freaky tome to be released by Fuzz Club is the debut LP by Italian trio
Crimen. Despite Silent Animals being their first crack at a full-length the group have
been together over a decade at this point, and the well-worn chemistry between the
three of them is a boon for the band. Music-wise we veer between poles of Wooden
Shjips-y slinks (‘Flahzz’) and electro-punk-tinged garage-rock numbers (‘Six Weeks’).

FC 94 V12       YOU SAID STRANGE        SALVATION PRAYER                2LP     07.2018
FC 94 CD        YOU SAID STRANGE        SALVATION PRAYER                CD      07.2018

        1)      Salvation Rain
        2)      Power House
        3)      Brain
        4)      Get Out
        5)      Cold Crusader
        6)      Tilelli
        7)      Halo
        8)      Extend
        9)      Leave The Lord
        10)     Just Wait
        11)     The Way To The Holy Wa (Jesus)

You Said Strange, the newest paid-up members of the Fuzz Club, cut their debut LP with
Dandy Warhol Peter Holmström after the bands toured together back in 2015. No prizes
for guessing who Salvation Prayer sounds like. Fortunately for you it’s about time we
had some more Dandies in our lives.
FC 95 V12       LUMERIANS               CALL OF THE VOID                LP      08.2018
FC 95 CD        LUMERIANS               CALL OF THE VOID                CD      08.2018

        1)      Fuck All Y'all
        2)      Silver Trash
        3)      Space Curse
        4)      Fictional
        5)      Masters Call
        6)      Ghost Notes
        7)      Clock Spell

The Void has clearly called up Lumerians and just told ‘em to keep on doing what
they’re doing, man. The Californian space-rockers have heeded said Call Of The Void
and turned in another psychedelic smorgasbord, this time getting the people at Fuzz
Club (King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, Night Beats) to do the heavy lifting.
Krautrock, free jazz, drone, Zamrock - they’re all neatly assimilated into this
stylishly unkempt LP.


FC 98 V12       RMFTM/10000 RUSSOS      SPLIT                           LP      08.2018

        1.      A Song TO Get Rid Of The Crooked Crosses
        2.      Dazzling Rays
        3.      The World I Hunt
        4.      Clamber Into Night

Dutch psych-rock scuzzers Radar Men from the Moon descend from their lunar abode for
supplies and to collaborate with Portuguese men o’ drone 10,000 Russos. This is all
at the invitation of the splendidly-named Fuzz Club label.


TRC     001     V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY VOLUME ONE                2LP+DLc 11.2012

        LP 1A   BLACK MARKET KARMA      Weightless
                A VICTIM OF SOCIETY     You're Gonna Hate Me
                THE LUCID DREAM         Hits Me Like I'm Stoned
                THE KOOLAID ELECTRIC COMPANY : Dreams
        LP 1B   THE ORANGE REVIVAL      Ever
                THE KVB                 Never Enough
                RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON : Heading For The Void
                SINGAPORE SLING         Nothing Inside
                OSCAR SUAVE             No Direction

        LP 2A   DEAD SKELETONS          Kundalini Eyes
                LOLA COLT               Diamonds
                SONIC JESUS             Underground
                THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH : Spirits
        LP 2B   WALL OF DEATH           Thunder Sky
                GET YOUR GUN            Staying For A While
                THE THIRD SOUND         Re-Elevation
                THE WANDS : Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic
                DEAD RABBITS            When I'm Blue

(Note : double LP/180g , gatefold sleeve , 1000 white copies, all hand-numbered)
TRC     002     V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY VOLUME II                 2LP     03.2014

LP 1/A  1.      The Janitors            MSSG
        2.      Dark Bells              Wildflower
        3.      The Time And Space Machine : Black Rainbow
        4.      Sonic Jesus             Reich
LP 1/B  5.      Acid Baby Jesus         Mesmerized
        6.      Electric Eye            6am
        7.      Tales Of Murder And Dust : Hypnotized Narcissist
        8.      Cult Of Dom Keller      No Where To Land
LP 2/A  9.      The Vagabond Stories    Mental Disfunction Mental Arrangement
        10.     Whistlejacket           March Hare
        11.     Pinkunoizu              The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
        12.     Desert Mountain Tribe   Coming Down
LP 2/B  13.     Giobia                  Orange Camel
        14.     The Cosmic Dead         Mausoleum
        15.     The Woken Trees         Orders
        16.     Big Naturals            Krautpunk
                (Note : double LP.180 g. , 1000 white copies, gatefold)
TRC     003     V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY III                       2LP     02.2015
TRC     003     V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY III                       CD      02.2015

        A1      The Oscillation         No Place To Go
        A2      Holy Science            Moon
        A3      Deathcrush              You Now
        A4      The History of Colour TV : Suddenlines
        B1      Singapore Sling         You Drive Me Insane
        B2      Newcandys               Meltdown Corp.
        B3      Sound Sweet Sound       Death is on the way
        B4      Undisco Kidd            Green Like An Alien
        C1      Camera                  Ausland
        C2      Future                  Side Effects
        C3      Mugstar                 Hollow Ox
        C4      One Unique Signal       Tungsten
        D1      GOAT : Hide From The Sun (Remixed by Anton Newcombe)
        D2      Lola Colt               Away From The Water
        D3      Francois Sky ft. Jeff Levitz : As We've Been As One
                (Note : double LP/180 g. , 1200 copies/CD 1000 copies)
TRC     004 LP  V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY VOLUME 4                  2LP     11.2016
                (Note : double LP , 1000 coloured copies)
TRC     004 CD  V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY VOLUME 4                  2CD     11.2016

LP 1    A1.     Tau                     Trickster
        A2.     10 000 Russos           UsVsUs
        A3.     Soft Walls              Never Come Back Again
        A4.     The Madcaps             Moon Night
        B1.     Orange Revival          Carolyn
        B2.     Pretty Lightning        Graveyard Howls
        B3.     Throw Down Bones        Our Home The Holy Mountain

LP 2    C1.     Josefin Ohren           Dunes
        C2.     Giobia                  Sun Spectre
        D1.     Ulrika Spacek           Beta Male
        D2.     The Oscillation         Kissing The Sun
        D3.     My Invisible Friend –   Endless

CD 1    1.      Tau                     Trickster
        2.      10 000 Russos           UsVsUs
        3.      Soft Walls              Never Come Back Again
        4.      The Madcaps             Moon Night
        5.      Orange Revival          Carolyn
        6.      Pretty Lightning        Graveyard Howls

CD 2    1.      Throw Down Bones        Our Home The Holy Mountain
        2.      Josefin Ohren           Dunes
        3.      Giobia                  Sun Spectre
        4.      Ulrika Spacek           Beta Male
        5.      The Oscillation         Kissing The Sun
        6.      My Invisible Friend     Endless
TRC     005 LP  V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY VOLUME 5                  2LP     02.2018
TRC     005 CD  V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY VOLUME 5                  CD      02.2018

        1.      Dead Vibrations         Swirl
        2.      Melt Dunes              Flesh
        3.      JuJu                    Bring ‘Em War
        4.      Helicon                 The Bold Yin
        5.      10 000 Russos           ISM
        6.      Dreamweapon             Monte da Virgem
        7.      NONN                    Time
        8.      Julie’s Haircut         Burning Tree
        9.      Sekel                   Bergamot
        10.     TRAAMS                  A House On Fire
        11.     Psychedelic Trips To Death : The Flesh
        12.     The Gluts               Squirrel
        13.     Avenue Z                ZeItron Libre
        14.     Black Heart Death Cult : Black Rainbow
        15.     You Said Strange        Yuri’s Night
        16.     Spirit Valley           TNNLVSSN








DEAD 12.12.12   DEAD SKELETONS          BUDDHA-CHRIST                   LP+DLc  12.2012
(FC 008 V13)

        A.      Buddha-Christ / Kundalini Eye (Dirty Artist vers.)
                (Note : 12", 300 numbered copies, silk screened B-side)

Say Hello / Black Crayon / Blue Glue / Flying Plastic / 13 Cent Killer / Panic Picnic
/ Shadow Child / Lies / CIA //// The Beatles 12.Lara / Sound Like 1969 / Shark Attack
(Sea Green/Red Water/Gray Sky) / Pib Boat blues / I Look Thru My Window
RVRB    005     THE MEEK                Grave // You                    7"        .2012
RVRB    006     THE VACANT LOT : High & Low // Let Me Out               7"        .2013
FCDeluxe  2     RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON : ECHO FOREVER                  LP        .2014

        A1      Echo Forever
        A2      Atomic Mother
        A3      Dance Of Black And White Paint
        B1      Darkness
        B2      Heading For The Void
        B3      Where Sky Meets Earth
                (Note : LP/180 gt. , 100 numb.copies on transp.red vinyl)

LP      Fuzz Club       FC 013 V12      2013    UK
FCDeluxe  3     ELECTRIC EYE : PICK UP, LIFT OFF, SPACE, TIME           LP      05.2013

        A1      6 AM
        A2      Lake Geneva
        A3      Tangerine
        B1      Morning Light
        B2      The Road
        B3      Kruskontroll
        B4      Electric Eye
                (Note : LP/180 g., 50 numb.copies on clear vinyl)
FCDeluxe  4     THE MYRRORS             BURNING CIRCLES IN THE SKY      LP        .2014

        A1      The Mind's Eye
        A2      Plateau Skull
        A3      Burning Circles In The Sky
        A4      Warpainting
        B1      Mother Of All Living
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 100 numb. copies , gatefold)

CD      Strange Design  SDR 001         2008    US






FCR&K     1     ELECTRIC EYE : PICK UP, LIFT OFF, SPACE, TIME           LP      05.2013

        A1      6 AM
        A2      Lake Geneva
        A3      Tangerine
        B1      Morning Light
        B2      The Road
        B3      Kruskontroll
        B4      Electric Eye
FUZZ    4       A  ALAN VEGA            Nike Soldier                    7"      05.2014
                AA THE VACANT LOOT : Mad mary Jones (alternate vers.)   10"     07.2014
                (Note : 10" , 400 copies on white wax, numbered)

        A.      The Black Angels        Molly Moves My Generation
        B.      Sonic Jesus             Lost Reprise
                (Note : 10" , 650 copies)

        A       Place To Bury Strangers : Down The Stairs
        B       The Telescopes          I Wanna Be Your Dog
                (Note : 10" , 1000 copies)
FUZZ    7 LP    THE MYRRORS/CULT OF DOM KELLER : SPLIT CLUN #7          10"     08.2015

        A       The Myrrors             Funeral Ark
        B       Cult Of Dom Keller : Behind All Evil Is A Black Hole
FUZZ    8 C1    WHITE HILLS/RMFTM       SPLIT                           10"     04.2016

        A       White Hills             As You Pass By
        B       RMFTM                   Decadence
                (Note : 10" , 700 copies on white vinyl)
FUZZ    9 LP    THE OSCILLATION/10,000 RUSSOS : 10" SPLIT SINGLE NO.9   10"     11.2016

        1.      The Oscillation         Almost See
        2.      10 000 Russos           Ashkenasi






5060467880022   THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   MADEMOISELLE                    LP      03.2016
5060467880190   THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   MEDEMOISELLE                    CD      03.2016

        A1      Hope & Pray                                     3:15
        A2      Mademoiselle                                    5:13
        A3      Underground                                     3:57
        A4      Olya's Song                                     2:34
        A5      Lord Can You Hear Me?                           5:08
        B1      Crash (BSA Jam)                                 4:25
        B2      Iggy The Eskimo                                 3:10
        B3      Une Saison En Enfer                             3:57
        B4      Hedonism                                        3:22
        B5      Feel So Free                                    2:47
        B6      Mercury Guitar                                  3:56
5060467880046   THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   HAUNTED                         LP      03.2016

        A1      Collapsing Into Night
        A2      Haunted
        A3      Dreaming With Maya Deren
        A4      Self Inflicted
        B1      Drown In Me
        B2      The Girl Behind
        B3      Slave
        B4      Deep Inside Of Me
        B5      Returning To Shadow
FCS     1 LP    NIGHT BEATS             FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      12.2016
FCS     1 LP    NIGHT BEATS             FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      04.2018

        A1.     No Cops
        A2.     Sunday Mourning
        A3.     Burn To Breath
        A4.     Love Ain't Strange (Everything Else Is)
        B1.     Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Bo Diddley)
        B2.     Bad Love
        B3.     Power Child
FCS     02 LP   10.000 RUSSOS           FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      02.2017

        A1)     Karl Burns
        A2)     Baden Baden Baden
        B1)     Policia Preventiva
        B2)     One Second Yugoslavia
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
FCSLP   3       THE ENTRANCE BAND       FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      05.2017

The third release in the 'Fuzz Club Session' series contains four slices of warped
groove-ridden psychedelia, three of which improvised and one being a woozy downtempo
rendition of The Seeds' 'Can't Seem To Make You Mine'. The members of LA-based trio
The Entrance Band have previously spent time with a.o. The Pixies, A Perfect Circle
and QOTSA.
FCSLP   4       THE HEATERS             FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      05.2017

        1)      Levitate Thigh
        2)      Master Splinter
        3)      Dune Ripper
        4)      Cap Gun
        5)      Hawaiian Holiday

Recorded during the Grand Rapid-based band's 2016 UK tour, this LP (pressed on 180-g.
wax) serves up five raw cuts of hedonistic, tripped-out psych that charges through with
a frantic garage-rock gusto and a surfy, reverb-coated swoon.
FCSLP   5       HOLY WAVE               FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      08.2017

        1)      Buddhist Pete
        2)      Magic Landing
        3)      She Put A Seed In My Ear
        4)      Minstrel's Gallop
        5)      Western Playland
        6)      California Took My Bobby Away

As with all Fuzz Club releases this is for Indie Stores only worldwide. Available on
180gm black vinyl. Next up in the Fuzz Club Session series is Austin’s Holy Wave.
Following the release of their 2016 LP ‘Freaks Of Nurture’ we invited the band to
London to lay down a session. Despite still being steeped in a 60s Nuggets nostalgia
the material on the session see’s HolyWave ditch the Seeds-esque garage for a more
washed out, reverberating psych-pop sound. The warm analogue recording creating a
blissed-out echo chamber of sun-soaked psychedelia – recorded straight to tape and
committed to wax.
FCS     6 LP    RMFTM                   FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      10.2017

        1)      Splendor Of The Wicked
        2)      Neon
        3)      Rapture
        4)      Translucent Concrete
FCS     7 LP    THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   FUZZ CLUB SESSIONS              LP      10.2017

Limited to 400 black vinyl. Berlin post-punks The Underground Youth have been Fuzz
Club favourites since before the label was even born. During a tour in support of
their eighth LP ‘What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?’ Fuzz Club brought Craig
Dyer and co. to Lovebuzz Studio in London to be the next addition to the Fuzz Club
Sessions series. As with all Fuzz Club Sessions, the LP was recorded live in one take
and straight to 2” tape, using only the finest analogue equipment and see’s their
beautifully haunting psychedelic post-punk sound even rawer and impassioned than
FCS     8 LP    TALES OF MURDER AND DUST : FUZZ CLUB SESSION            LP      04.2018

        1)      Tidal Wave
        2)      Endless Repetition
        3)      Fragile Absolutes
        4)      On My Mind
FCS     9 LP    THE MYRRORS             FUZZ CLUB SESSION               LP      08.2018

The Myrrors got their name by putting the word ‘Mirror’ into an online psychedelic
band name generator and pluralising it….or so I heard, anyway. The Arizona band, whose
sound evokes the desert landscape they call home mixed with Eastern psychedelic rock
and expansive instrumentation that includes violins and droned vocals have recorded
a three track session for London’s Fuzz Club label.



CF      666     THE JANITORS            HORN UR MARKEN                  LP      04.2017
CF      666     THE JANITORS            HORN UR MARKEN                  CD      04.2017

Returning to Cardinal Fuzz for their second full length with the label, Horn Ur Marken
from Swedish psych band The Janitors plays ever closer to the doom spectrum.
FC      0001 VR THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   DELIRIUM                        LP      10.2017
                (Note : LP/180 g., black vinyl , die-cut sleeve)
FC      0001 CD THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH   DELIRIUM                        CD      10.2017

        1       Strangle Up My Mind
        2       Silhouette
        3       What She Does To Me
        4       Dystopia
        5       Persona
        6       I Need You
        7       Delirium
        8       Lucid Dreams
        9       Before The Night Falls

Delirium’ was the fifth LP from cult psych/post-punk outfit The Underground Youth,
who formed in 2008 and are currently based in Berlin. Originally released in 2011
London-based imprint Fuzz Club are reflecting on the bands extensive back-catalogue
and repressing the 12” with a brand new CD reissue.