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FTR     1004    ICIO OMEGHA             PSYCHO CRUISE                   LP      07.2018
                [Private Home Recordings 1984 / 1991]

        1       Psycho Cruise
        2       Calypso
        3       Fiesta De Verano
        4       Laguna Rossa
        5       Futuro Incerto
        6       Sitar Tabla I
        7       Sitar Tabla II
        8       Sitar Tabla III
        9       Gaida Bulgara
        10      Chitarra Efx

Icio Omegha's "Psyco Cruise" is a collection of songs and private recordings made
between 1984 and 1991 in his studio on the island of Stromboli. Icio Omegha, formerly
known as Maurizio Aghemo, is a guitarist, a sitarist and keyboard player who was
a member of a world music band active in the late 70s (UCO, Universal Condition