Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Bleep/Piccadilly/
Style   : techno / house / dub techno /

st release from promising new label, Future Primitive, revives a pair of ethereal
techno gems by Roman techno legend and Rephlex luminary, Leo Anibaldi, originally
recorded - as the title implies - in the mid-‘90s golden era.

FPR     001     LEO ANIBALDI            94-96                           12"     04.2016

        1.      Aeon Fusion I (2016 Stretched Edit)
        2.      Evocation Part II (Remastered)
FTR     002     MIKE INK/DJ GUY/TERRESTRE AKA MURCOF : RECAST           12"     10.2017

        1       Income
        2       ASII100 (Crisis Urbana edit)
        3       Botas De Oro
        4       Secondary Inspection Theme
FTR     003     ON                      THE EXPEDITION BEYOND           LP      12.2017

        A1.     Star Depot 39 Alpha
        A2.     Past The Milky Way
        A3.     Surfing Carina
        A4.     Coronal Mass Ejections
        A5.     Arrival At Star Base Zero
        B1.     Charting The Path
        B2.     Goodbye, Twin Suns
        B3.     Adrift
        B4.     Radiation Shields
        B5.     Alone On Deck