Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Styl    : electronic /

FULL    001     FREE LOVE               LUXURY HITS                     12"     12.2018

        A1.     Et Avant
        A2.     Tomorrow Could Be Heaven
        A3.     Synchronicity 
        A4.     How Do You Feel?
        B1.     Depeche Toi
        B2.     Playing As Punks
        B3.     Pushing Too Hard
        B4.     Et Encore

Free Love are Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook who used to ply their trade as Happy
Meals. They have previously released on their native Scottish labels Night School
and Optimo. Luxury Hits is seen as a progression of their sound - blending balearic,
synth-pop, psychedelia, italo and acid.  Tours with The Flaming Lips and Liars
back-up the notion that they donít like to be confined to one style or genre.