Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie /

GRA     001     THE INVADERS            TEMPORARY INSANITY              7"      09.2017

        A       Temporary Insanity
        B       Never On Friday Club

The Invaders (also known as Intruders) were a 3 piece band from Houston (TX) that
lasted a single year. Regardless of their short lived life, they managed to record
something so special it deserves to be heard again some fifty years later.

As usual, it was thanks to C L Milburn, that in 1966 that these songs were recorded
but yet again, never got pressed.

Houston was a host to many early teenage garage groups, however they would have
a better chance on the scene with original songs rather than covers, hence coming
to CL for material. Ed. of 333 copies.
GRA     002     SATYN'S CHILDREN        DON'T GO                        7"      09.2017

        A       Don't Go
        B       Turn Me Away

Satyn's Children were four teenagers (around 14-15 years old) from Houston (TX) that
met whilst studying at their local catholic school. Understandbly, their original
name, Satan's Children, led to some raised eyebrows around school so they renamed
themselves Satyn's Children to get gigs.

It was 1966 when C L Milburn, a 23 year old music enthusiastic working as a songwriter,
producer and booking agent for local groups, recorded these songs with no more than
a simple 2 track Sony recorder down in their parents garage, where they used to

Unreleased until now, Fortune Teller Records brings these recordings back to life
from a dusty tape to every garage head's favourite format. Ed. of 333 copies.
GRA     003     SILK WINGED ALLIANCE    WHAT A MAN CAN REALLY BE        7"      09.2017

        A       What A Man Can Really Be
        B       I Lost My Baby

Silk Winged Alliance were from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their only known record,
'Flashback' / 'Hometown', was recorded and released in 1969 on the Californian
label, Accent. Ed. of 333 copies.