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          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue - disco / funk / soul /

FN      1001    GERMAN OAK              GERMAN OAK                      LP      09.2010

(Note : instr.group from Dusseldorf , GE ; orig.on Bunker Rec. , 1972)
FN      1002    VELVERT TURNER GROUP    VELVERT TURNER GROUP            2CD     07.2011

(Note : acid rock,funk & soul teenager from NY , late '60's)
FB      001     SONIC ASSASSINS         SHOW UP & BE COUNTED            12"     03.2011
FB      005     BADONDAY                ALBODINGAS                      12"     07.2010
FLASH   006     WILD GEESE              The Runner // Labyrinth         12"     03.2011
FB      009     LEVITATION              MEANWHILE GARDENS               2LP+CD  10.2015
FBLP    1001    TRADER HORNE            MORNING WAY                     LP+7"   01.2015

Side One        Jenny May
                Children Of Oare
                Three Rings For Elven Kings
                Growing Man
                Down And Out Blues
                Mixed Up Kind
Side Two        Better Than Today
                In My Loneliness
                The Mutant
                Morning Way
                Velvet To Atone
                Luke That Never Was

7"      A.      Here Comes The Rain
        B.      Goodbye Mercy Kelly

(Note : LP , comes with 7" and 16 p. full-colour booklet)

LP      Dawn            DNLS 3004       1970    UK
7"      Dawn            DNS  1003       1970    UK
FBLP    1002    MIGHTY BABY             SLIPSTREAMS                     LP+7"   08.2015

7"      A       Messages
        B       Ancient Traveller

By the summer of 1971 Mighty Baby had shed their psychedelic trappings and taken a more
spiritual, reflective approach. Newly signed to Mike Vernon's Blue Horizon label, they
prepared the material for their second and final album, A Jug of Love (SBR 5026LP), in
a basement on Harley Road, North London, ahead of sessions in Sound Techniques that
July and August. This is the only known recording of them in rehearsal. Taped on Ian
Whiteman's Revox with a single microphone, it's entirely instrumental ("We weren't
great singers, anyway," he wryly states), and offers a remarkable insight into the
workings of one of Britain's best-loved underground labels. Heavyweight embossed
gatefold sleeve containing LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl, 7" in picture sleeve featuring
"Messages" and "Ancient Traveller," facsimile postcard insert, and facsimile 1969 shop
poster. Edition of 400.
FLASH   1003    NICK CARTER             ABSTRACTS AND EXTRACTS          CD      03.2016

Recorded in Bristol, England, in 1978-'79, it was pressed in a tiny run aimed at
generating major label interest; when that failed to materialize, Carter left music
behind. This is its long-overdue first reissue, and comes with background notes and
FLASH   1006    V / A:Songs the Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us:A Pre History  CD      03.2016
                of the Bonzos

rreverent and anarchic, the Bonzo Dog Band were one of Britain's best-loved 1960s
groups. But their eccentric brand of musical humor was not without precedent; they drew
much inspiration from so-called "novelty foxtrot" records of the 1930s, which they
lovingly learned from 78rpm discs. This compilation presents the original recordings of
all such songs that they recorded and performed live. Painstakingly remastered, it
comes with detailed notes, rare images, and an introduction from the great "Legs" Larry
Smith, core Bonzo Dog Band member. Includes tracks by Leslie Sarony, The BBC Dance
Orchestra, The Savoy Havana Band, Jack Hylton & His Orchestra, Percival Mackey & His
Band, The Rhythmic Troubadours, Hal Swain & His Band, Albert Whelan, Jack Hylton's Jazz
Band, Whispering Jack Smith, Noël Coward, Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon, Jack Payne & His
Dance Orchestra, Jay Wilbur & His Band, Billy Cotton & His Band, The Continental Five,
Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers, Ray Starita & His Ambassadors, Jay Whidden & His
Band, Roy Leslie, Jack Hodges the Raspberry King, and Guy Lombardo & His Royal
Canadians. 500 hand-numb. copies.
FLASH   1008    THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL : 3 PART INVENTIONS               CD      12.2016

        01      The Puzzle                                      02:51
        02      Ocean's Daughter                                02:56
        03      Tadpole                                         02:32
        04      Part Of My Dreams                               05:47
        05      Wouldn't You Like It?                           02:13
        06      Bucket Of Air                                   07:28
        07      Witness The End                                 10:05
        08      Cassandra                                       04:54
        09      The 12th Brigade                                05:14
        10      Rock Star Interview                             02:38

Having made two superb psychedelic albums and gigged with The Doors, Frank Zappa, Pink
Floyd, The Velvet Underground and many others, in June of 1969, The Mandrake Memorial
came to London. The plan was to record with famed producer Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The
Who, Pentangle), but when that fell through, they persevered alone. Long thought to
be lost, 3 Part Inventions anticipates the woozy, dream-like vibe of their 1970
masterpiece Puzzle, combining eerie vocals, trippy guitar and otherworldly electronics
to create a unique whole. Transferred directly from the master tape, it's released here
for the first time, together with a detailed band history, rare images, two previously
unheard outtakes from a 1969 acetate, and a rare radio interview.
FLASH   1009    SPIRIT : LIVE AT THE ASH GROVE, 1967, VOLUME 1          CD      12.2016

Flashback present a live recording from Spirit, titled Live At The Ash Grove, 1967
Volume 1. Lead vocalist Jay Ferguson talks about the recording: "The Ash Grove was a
legendary venue for folk and early Los Angeles rock, and really the birthplace of
Spirit. We brought in a younger, less inhibited crowd, a mixture of hippies and jazz
freaks. Spirit, at its inception, was more of an improvisational jazz/blues group than
anything else. Our first shows had very few structured songs, lots of free-form going
on. We were constantly writing, trying out, and discarding songs. Getting to play in
a major LA club, building a following, trying out new ideas, and forging what the
group would become. It was a magical time for us."
[taken from : www.forcedexposure.com]