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FDLP    5008    MARCELLO GIOMBINI       ASTROMUSIC SYNTHESIZER          LP      01.2016
FDCD    5008    MARCELLO GIOMBINI       ASTROMUSIC SYNTHESIZER          CD      01.2016

        01.     CAPRICORN
        02.     VIRGO
        03.     TAURUS
        04.     PISCES
        05.     GEMINI
        06.     SAGGITARIUS
        07.     CANCER
        08.     LIBRA
        09.     SCORPIO
        10.     ARIES
        11.     LEO
        12.     AQUARIUS

Marcello Giombini (1928-2003) was an Italian sythesizer pioneer who started back in the
'60s, and who also was involved in composing music scores. What we have here is a
concept album dedicated to the signs of the zodiac and the music could not be more
diverse. The elements that unite all the tunes are the entirely synthetic, yet warm
analogue sounds and the surreal, spaced out atmospheres. Featuring intriguing melodies,
harmony patterns and rhythm structures, the music's influences include a.o. baroque pop
and soundscapes. This issue is highly recommended to fans of '70s synthesizer music.
FDLP    5009    MAGICAL RING : LIGHT FLIGHT/MORE AND MORE               LP      01.2016
FDCD    5009    MAGICAL RING : LIGHT FLIGHT/MORE AND MORE               CD      01.2016
        01.     LIGHT FLIGHT
        02.     FIRE ZONE
        03.     SIGHT ON THE SEA
        04.     DREAMS IN THE WIND
        05.     SPATIAL FEELING
        06.     MORE AND MORE
        07.     NO WORDS
        08.     BLACK SAFARI
        09.     WAKEMANIA
        10.     TOUCH AS MUCH

A reissue of a great album, originally issued in 1977. Though there are guitars, drums,
bass guitars and -though sparsely- vocals, the music here largely revolves around the
synthesizer. The material features elements of pop and rock, but mainly early '70s soul
and funk. Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese or Klaus Schulze would certainly raise their
hats to this project, in deep respect.

        01.     KID BALTAN              SONG OF THE SECOND MOON
        02.     TOM DISSEVELT           MOON MAID
        03.     KID BALTAN              THE RAY MAKERS
        05.     TOM DISSEVELT           SONIK RE-ENTRY
        06.     TOM DISSEVELT           ORBIT AURORA
        07.     TOM DISSEVELT           TWILIGHT OZONE
        08.     KID BALTAN              PIANOFORTE

A superb reissue of a 1962 album (originally released as 'Electronic Music' under the
moniker of The Electrosonics) by the highly regarded pioneering duo from Holland, that
worked at the Philips sound laboratory. The music presented is a delicious electronic
cocktail of a.o. easy listening, free jazz, exotica and cosmic atmospheres. Anyone who
enjoys the electronic works of Pierre Henry, musique concrete, Stockhausen, or even
Silver Apples, should give it a try.

        01.     RASKOVICH               WHOLE
        02.     S. TOROSSI              SWEET-BEAT
        03.     A. TOMMASI              CAPRICORNO
        04.     G. MAZZA                ECCITAMENTO
        05.     NARASSA                 MACERO
        06.     SUBELLI                 DIATOMEA
        07.     COSCIA                  SCHIZZO
        08.     S. BRUGNOLINI           POLYPHONY
        09.     G. MAZZA                SOSPESI NEL TRAFFICO
        10.     F. BIXIO                DIAMONDS
        11.     F. BONFANTI             AMBIENTE ELEGANTE
        12.     G. MAZZA                LA GANG
        13.     SUBELLI                 GOSPEL 71

...EARLY '70S ITALIAN MUSIC LIBRARY' - A great compilation of obscure recordings from
the early '70s, very suitable for fans of psychedelic sounds. Among the featured
artists are Giuliano Sorgini a.k.a. Raskovic, Amedeo Tommasi, Gianni Mazza, Narassa,
and many others. The material ranges from fuzzed out psych to organ dominated beat, and
from space rock to funk influenced exploito-like weirdness.
FDLP    5012    MORT GARSON             ELECTRONIC HAIR PIECES          LP      12.2015
FDCD    5012    MORT GARSON             ELECTRONIC HAIR PIECES          CD      12.2015

        01.     AQUARIUS
        02.     FRANK MILLS
        03.     BE IN (HARE KRISHNA)
        05.     THREE-FIVE-ZERO-ZERO
        06.     HAIR
        07.     EASY TO BE HARD
        08.     WHERE DO I GO?
        09.     WALKING IN SPACE
        10.     LET THE SUNSHINE IN

A vinyl reissue of this 1969 album from Canadian electronic pioneer Mort Garson, famous
for The Zodiac's 'Cosmic Sounds'-LP on Elektra and projects s.a. 'Ataraxia',
'Plantasia' and 'Lucifer'. For 'Electronic Hair Pieces' Garson rearranged and
reinterpreted Galt McDermot's music for the late '60s tribal hippie-musical 'Hair' with
highly enjoyable and somewhat mind boggling results.
FDLP    5014    PUCCIO ROELENS          ROCK SATELLITE                  LP      02.2016
FDLP    5014    PUCCIO ROELENS          ROCK SATELLITE                  CD      02.2016

Funk is the magic word on this record here. Puccio Roelens (1919-1985) was an Italian
composer, orchestra leader and pianist active from the mid 1940s to the time of his
passing in 1985. You can easily place him in the "library music" category with his
heavily rhythmical instrumental funk with a jazz/fusion edge. Layers upon layers of
different rhythm patterns get shifted here and your body moves at full throttle to the
sensual, steaming hot grooves. Signore Roelens moves through a bunch of related but
still different styles where melody and rhythm become one stream of energy that rushes
through your physics to make you swing eternally.
FDLP    5015    NINO NARDINI & ROGER ROGER : JUNGLE OBSESSION           LP      02.2016
FDLP    5015    NINO NARDINI & ROGER ROGER : JUNGLE OBSESSION           CD      02.2016

Reissue of a noteworthy 1971 library album that is of interest for fans of the exotica
of Martin Denny and Frank Hunter. 'Jungle Obsession' is at times funky, easy and
psychedelic. Second edition on green/black/splatter vinyl.
FDLP    5016    STRINGTRONICS           MINDBENDER                      LP      02.2016
FDLP    5016    STRINGTRONICS           MINDBENDER                      CD      02.2016

From all the library albums, this is one of the most sought after by collectors around
the world due to the musical quality of its content. The Stringtronics take us on a
journey from the dark city gorges of any North American metropolis where steaming hot
funky and jazzy rhythms amalgamate and get clothed in a veil of lush string arrangement
to the banks of the river Seine where painters draw portraits of tourists and people
sit in the sun and relax to the typical chanson melodies full of melancholy but also
joy of life. In there is a tinge of the 1950 exotica music showing up here and there
through Latin grooves and some flimsy elements of rock shine through the whole
soundscape as well. Originally released in 1972. Second edition on blue/yellow/splatter
FDLP    5017    BARIGOZZI GROUP         WOMAN'S COLOURS                 LP      02.2016
FDLP    5017    BARIGOZZI GROUP         WOMAN'S COLOURS                 CD      02.2016

Giancarlo Barigozzi (1930-2008) was an Italian music maestro from the field of jazz and
related music. The album here is a 1974 effort of his band named BARRIGOZZI GROUP that
takes a more pop oriented direction with elements of funk added. Especially those funk
tunes have a hotter than hell expression and bring to mind muscle car rides through the
hills of San Francisco while grooving along to the haunting lead harmonies created by
flutes, lead guitar and brass section. You could easily think of any cool US gangster
movie from those times and either see moving pictures of Clint Eastwood or Michael
Douglas chasing criminals before your inner eye. The overall mood ranges from relaxed
to rather simmering and peppy, just properly fitting as a soundtrack for old action
movies. A rather colorful effort that will drive freaks of 1970s jazzrock and funk
music wild.
FDLP    5018    MORT GARSON : MOTHER EARTH'S PLANTASIA                  LP      01.2016
FDLP    5018    MORT GARSON : MOTHER EARTH'S PLANTASIA                  CD      01.2016
FDLP    5019    CECIL LEUTER            POP ELECTRONIQUE                LP      01.2016
FDCD    5019    CECIL LEUTER            POP ELECTRONIQUE                CD      01.2016

        01.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 1
        02.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 2
        03.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 3
        04.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 4
        05.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 5
        06.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 6
        07.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 7
        08.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 8
        09.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 9
        10.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 10
        11.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 11
        12.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 12
        13.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 13
        14.     POP ELECTRONIQUE NA 14

France seems to be the secret kingdom of electronic music, experimental music and movie
soundtrack music also known as library music. Roger Roger (1911-1995), one of the most
prolific composers and bandleaders in this field, took a turn on the progressive side
of the rather fresh electronic sounds back in 1969 under the pseudonym Cecil Leuter.
The album starts quite harmless with instrumental tunes that could be performed by a
typical dancehall band of the day just with creepy electronic noises added to the
entire picture. The further you get through the whole record the more crazy the
performances get. Take a listen and trip through these strange lands of sound if you
dare. The tracks are well performed and for this beautiful reissue everything has been
well restored. Worth to be worshipped by 1960s underground freaks.
FDLP    5020    ROLAND BOCQUET          PARADIA                         LP      01.2016
FDCD    5020    ROLAND BOCQUET          PARADIA                         CD      01.2016

        01.     FATE
        02.     PARADIA
        03.     DJERBA
        04.     LA SUITE D'ELSA
        05.     LA MARCHE DES CANARDS
        06.     L'ABEILLE
        07.     EXOTIQUE
        08.     BEE FLAT
        09.     L'ALLUMETTE
        10.     T'AIME LIBANAIS

Roland Bocquet who created this album has been the keyboard player for the French rock
band Catharsis from the late 1960s to 1977. 'Paradia' is a mostly instrumental record
with a very lightweight expression. Melodies and rhythms are quite gentle but sometimes
take the one or another dramatic twist and turn. Bocquet mixes samba, flamenco,
European folk and classics, chanson and dreamy space pop to achieve a music actually
easy to access but with a long - lasting effect on the listener. Latin music fans and
lovers of rather fluffy electronics from the late 1970s will be the main target group
for this album but also friends of obscure movie soundtracks from bands like GOBLIN
shall lend an ear or two to 'Paradia', for there are a few tunes with a rather
mysterious atmosphere.
FDLP    5021    CLARA MONDESHINE        MEMORYMETROPOLIS                LP      01.2016
FDCD    5021    CLARA MONDESHINE        MEMORYMETROPOLIS                CD      01.2016

        01.     CAESAR IN CAMERUN
        03.     METASAMBA
        04.     CHIPMANIA
        05.     O QUEEN OF SABA
        06.     MEMORYMETROPOLIS

Reissue of 1983 album. Easy listening melodies come in smaller doses here despite
Walter Bachauer's (aka Clara Mondshine) fondness for the pop oriented side of the so
called "Berlin School" electronics and the overall time in which he operated this
project. Clara Mondshine was spaced out electronics far from the average radio sound
with a clear progressive edge reaching into the avant-garde territory here and there.
Cool harmonies appear and commit themselves to body heating polyrhythmic grooves. But
right with the next tune this album takes a turn towards the darker sectors where it
strides the mystical gates with picturesque lines of sparkling synthesizer notes or
cold and majestic tunes. You will feel your blood freeze while listening to these
songs. You will experience many different moods that all lead back to the classic 1970s
cosmic and electronic music of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or Kraftwerk and Cluster.
FDLP    5022    TONIO RUBIO             RHYTHMUS                        LP      01.2016
FDCD    5022    TONIO RUBIO             RHYTHMUS                        CD      01.2016

        01.     LATIN LEITMOTIV
        02.     RED MEDIUM
        03.     DEAD SLOW
        04.     ROYAL SHUFFLE NA1
        05.     ROYAL SHUFFLE NA2
        06.     ROCK 73
        07.     BASS IN ACTION NA1
        08.     BASS IN ACTION NA2
        09.     PEPPER ROCK

A fantastic album (from France, 1973) if you love black funk music from the dirty back
roads of big American cities mixed with electric jazz and fusion rock that once was hot
by the time it was initially developed out of the slowly fading free jazz of the later
1960s. Both directions join together on this record in an utterly captivating way
making this album become a journey through landscapes of sound rather than a collection
of musical pieces. But there is much more to experience here. Funny pop tunes as well
as devastating dance tunes that make you spin around like mad and when Tonio Rubio and
his band let their creativity discharge into these hypnotic funk tunes each listener
will be grooving and moving.
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