FAZER                                   GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   :

FAZ     001     FAZER                   MARA                            LP+DLc  03.2018

        01.     FAZER                   Woody
        02.     FAZER                   Asante
        03.     FAZER                   Akom
        04.     FAZER                   Elephant Rave
        05.     FAZER                   Babel
        06.     FAZER                   Mara
        07.     FAZER                   Glow, Glow
        08.     FAZER                   White Sedan
        09.     FAZER                   Fon

Mara is the debut album from the Munich-based jazz group Fazer. The young musicians
combine African and Latin rhythms with dubby basslines and melancholic melodies.
The unusual lineup with two drummers (Simon Popp, Sebastian Wolfgruber), bass (Martin
Brugger), guitar (Paul Brändle), and trumpet (Matthias Lindermayr) leaves an open 
space for unfettered improvisation. Through the concept of repetition and finely
measured dynamics, Fazer creates a drawing energy that can be felt directly at their
live shows and has been captured perfectly on Mara. 180 gram vinyl; Includes download