FARM MUSIC                              Oxfordshire
**********                              UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie / electro / alternative pop / prog. /

Farm Music is a new label run from Farm Music studio in Oxfordshire, known for
recording many acclaimed alternative albums (Black Nielson, Goldrush, Danny &
the Champions of the World, Electric Soft Parade, The Dreaming Spires, Ralfe Band
& Co-pilgrim).

CROP    001
CROP    002 LP  CO PILGRIM              MOON LAGOON                     LP      07.2017
                (NOte : LP , blue coloured vinyl)
CROP    002 CD  CO PILGRIM              MOON LAGOON                     CD      07.2017

SIDE A  1       Turn It Around,
        2       You'll Look Pretty As A Picture When The Acid Rain Hits Ya,
        3       Cylindrical Fire Escapes,
        4       Moon Lagoon
SIDE B  1       Thank My Stars,
        2       I'm Not A Wallflower,
        3       I'm The Wall,
        4       Digging Holes In The Whites Of Your Eyes,
        5       Wouldn't You Like To Dance?