Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : world / ethnic / electronica /

OME     1001    MAYA DEREN : VOICES OF HAITI MAYA DEREN (1917-1961)     LP      02.2018

Maya Deren (1917-1961) was a Russian-American filmmaker and one of the most important
voices in avant-garde cinema of the mid-20th century. When she decided, between the
end of the 40s and the beginning of the 50s, to make an ethnographic film in Haiti,
she was criticized for abandoning the avant-garde film world where she had made her
place, but she was ready to expand to a new level as an artist. Deren not only filmed,
recorded and photographed many hours of voodoo ritual, but also participated in the
ceremonies. It was in working on this film that Deren recorded the Haitian musicians
found on these sides originally released in the very early days of Elektra records.
'Voices Of Haiti' (here repressed as a 12" with new mastering) -a beautiful artifact
of percussion and chant heavy ritual music- is one of the earliest and best Western
ethnographic documents of voodoo culture in Haiti. It is unmissable both for its
historical value and for the beauty and spiritual power of the music it contains.
Limited to 500 copies.
OME     1002    USTAD ABDUL/WAHID KHAN : USTAD ABDUL/WAHID KHAN         LP      02.2018

Even though the original recordings are crackly and in low fidelity (but also deeply
charming) it seemed necessary to repress this record for its immense historiographic
value. Here these recordings are made available with new mastering, in as clear
fidelity as possible. Fans of Indian classical music will no doubt know the name
Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan. He founded the Kirana gharana musical family with his cousin
Abdul Karim Khan in late 19th century, which was one of the most prolific and revered
gharanas in Hindustani classical music. A celebrated singer and sarangi player, Khan
forbade recording of any of his performances to avoid imitation by other singers. Only
these 3 pieces survived, recorded in secret for a radio broadcast in 1947, just 2
years before the singer's death. A truly stunning document that is essential to
understanding the modern era of Hindustani classical music, whose influential reach
is immeasurable. Limited to 500 copies.
OME     1003    JEAN-JACQUES PERREY     PRELUDE AU SOMMEIL              LP      02.2018

One of the pioneers of musique concrete and electronic tape manipulation, 'Prélude
Au Sommeil' is Perrey's debut recording but shows a composer already at maturity.
Originally released at the end of the fifties, as a private press under the fake
institutional name "Institut Dormiphone", it consisted of 2 side-long tracks played
on the Ondioline (a vacuum-tube based, spring-loaded electronic instrument). The music
contained in this mysterious vinyl is like something between dreamy church organ hymns
and the keyboard-based minimalism that Philip Glass and Terry Riley developed a decade
later. It was intended as sleep-inducing and tranquilizing for use in mental hospitals.
It is unclear if the copies pressed actually had been distributed to mental hospitals
or if the whole story was just a fantastical joke on the part of Mr. Perrey. Essential.
Limited to 500 copies.