Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : folk /

FTRC    1001    JON BROOKS              OURS AND THE SHEPARDS           CD      05.2019

        01.     JIM LONEY'S PRAYER PART I
        02.     MIMICO
        03.     TAJIK BOY
        04.     KIGALI
        05.     AUCTION DAYS
        06.     GROESBEEK
        07.     SGT. TOMMY PRINCE
        08.     CIGARETTES
        10.     THE PADRE
        11.     HILL 677
        12.     JIM LONEY'S PRAYER PART II
        13.     IN FLANDERS FIELDS

"One of the best albums I have heard ever." Penguin Eggs. On Ours and the Shepherds
singer-songwriter Jon Brooks examines the cost of Canada's war experience at home.
Thirteen songs inspired by Romo Dallaire, Jim Loney, Frank P. Dixon, Chaplain
William Davis, Sgt. Tommy Prince and John McCrae among others. "Neither a cry of
protest nor saccharine patriotic hoopla." ~ Toronto Star.

        01.     IDA MAE
        02.     LIVING OFF YOUR LOVE
        03.     COME FOR ME
        04.     OLD DOG
        05.     TES YEUX
        06.     GOOD LOVE
        07.     THIS LOVE
        08.     HELLO GORDON
        09.     THIS HEART
        10.     CARRIED HEARTS
        11.     MIGHT GET LONELY
        12.     MONARCH DRAGON
        13.     VOICES CALLING
        14.     BEAUTIFUL SIGHT
        15.     GET A LITTLE DARK

Chasing Tales (And a Few Other Things) is a tender freak-folk dance of early love
and passion from the Vancouver-based duo Logan and Nathan. The couple's music meets
at the confluence of Nathan Turner's west coast salt-water swagger and Logan
Thackray's wild Rocky Mountain meltwater. Guitar and banjo duel, vocals are shared
and swapped and lyrics are filled with intimacy, longing and self-doubt. Logan's
voice is unique. It floats airily along, pulling you up into the clouds to survey
their evocative lyrical landscapes. Nathan's voice is the perfect counter. With
initial strength, it trembles over the uncontrollable goosebumps erupting through
the couple's energy. Accompanied at times by drums, keys, viol, violin, cello and
saxophone, their sound shimmies along the border of folk with influences of jazz
and soul.
FTRA    1010    100 MILE HOUSE          HIRAETH                         LP      07.2019
FTRCD   1010    100 MILE HOUSE          HIRAETH                         CD      07.2019

        01.     INTRO
        02.     HIRAETH
        03.     HIDDEN SPRINGS
        04.     AGAINST THE GRAIN
        05.     PICK UP OUR BOOTS
        06.     BRIGHTON BEACH
        07.     LAST BRANCH
        08.     ALL WE HAVE
        09.     GO TAKE ME
        10.     YOU FEEL LIKE HOME
        11.     I'M A FIGHTER
        12.     OLD HAUNTS
        13.     SEEDS

Struggling to start a family, Peter Stone and Denise MacKay, the husband and wife
folk duo better known as 100 mile house, share their anguish and grief on their fourth
album Hiraeth. Hiraeth, a Welsh word meaning a nostalgic longing for something that
may never have been, encapsulates the emotions pulled apart throughout the releases
thirteen tracks. Despite the subject's pain, the couple lean on each other's love more
than ever as the fragile songs shiver the spine. Stone is known for his honest,
heartfelt lyrics and on this release he lets us into the deepest corners of his soul.
At times the songs are like wedding vows, reiterating love, finding comfort in the
companionship ("Hiraeth", "Go Take Me"). He reveals his love for his new homeland of
Canada, having moved from the UK ("Pick Up Our Boots"). We share a tear, as their
relationship risks crashing on the rocks off "Brighton Beach." 
FTRA    1013    JESSICA HEINE           GOODBYE PARTY                   LP      07.2019
FTRCD   1013    JESSICA HEINE           GOODBYE PARTY                   CD      07.2019

        01.     CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN
        02.     ASPARTAME
        03.     FIGURE IT OUT
        04.     I WASN'T HERE
        05.     EASY TO PLEASE
        06.     GOODBYE PARTY
        07.     BE GENTLE WITH MY HEART
        09.     WHEN YOU LOVED ME
        10.     TO THE MOON WITH YOU ALICE

Singer/songwriter Jessica Heine's dynamic voice shakes rooms. Yet on her third album,
Goodbye Party, her power is tampered by loss. With new fragility, she opens up about
her personal grief, threading gossamer cords between her painful divorce, the untimely
death of her nephew, the loss of her grandmother and the regrowth born in the aftermath
of these losses. Amongst the songs, dreams are celebrated and mourned. Dreams of the
future float away and new dreams surface in their place. Her own guitar work is
primarily supported by a full band consisting of piano, mandolin, bass and drums and
on the title track, "Goodbye Party," textured backing vocals offer a hand to their
sinking friend. Heine's voice may not quake the room in Goodbye Party, but she
harnesses powers that shake the soul much deeper. You're left seeing the buds of new
life poking through the ashes scattered on the ground, knowing that they, like these
songs, will bloom beautifully.
FTRA    1014    JON BROOKS              MOTH OR NOR RUST II             LP      09.2019
FTRACD  1014    JON BROOKS              MOTH OR NOR RUST II             CD      09.2019

        01.     WHEN WE GO
        02.     IN THE ALLEYS
        03.     THE CRYING OF THE TIMES #3
        04.     SMALL
        05.     THERE IS ONLY LOVE
        06.     WHAT'S WITHIN US
        07.     WAR RESISTER
        08.     SAFER DAYS
        09.     HIGH FIVE
        10.     WHEN WE GO REPRISE

Jon Brooks asks "What makes us human?" and discovers it's "All that neither Moth
Nor Rust can touch": love, hope, trust, forgiveness, vigilance, faith, curiosity,
memory, inspiration, courage, wonder and wonder's paradoxical willingness to accept
and embrace the ineffable and the unknown. Moth Nor Rust II, Brooks' seventh release,
revisits the themes and stories the Toronto-based singer/songwriter first examined in
2009 on his solo acoustic Moth Nor Rust release.