Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : psychedelic /

F       1601    AFR BAND : HISTORIEN LIGGER FRAMFOR OSS                 LP      10.2017

This LP vinyl is a remarkable release. It is a gift from fans to Anders F. Ronnblom
for his 70th birthday last year. The fans call themselves F-heads and they crowfunded
a recording session in the legendary Atlantis Studio. The fans were invited to join
the studio sessions to make a studio recording with live audience. Obviously the nerv
made a difference and some press calls this the best release from
F       1701    ANDERS F. RONNBLOM      FREAK SHOW                      CD+DVD  10.2017

Anders F. Ronnblom is one of the most personal songwriters Sweden has produced,
often with a folk-psych or popsike feel. He first recorded already in 1964. In 1980
Ronnblom's career reached a new level with a more rock-based sound and after scoring
big hits with Jag kysste henne langsamt and Det ar inte snon som faller. Ronnblom has
recorded over 20 albums and always with Swedish lyrics. This CD/DVD-box Freak Show is
the latest release and includes thirteen new songs as well as a film from the live
recordings of previous vinyl release Historien Ligger Framfor Oss.