Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure
Style   : psych pop /

EX      001
EX      002     THE GREAT UNWASHED      CLEAN OUT OF OUR MIND           LP      08.2012

LP      FLying Nun      FN ???          1983    NZ

(Note : culkt legend from NZ formed in 1989 by Brian & Maryrose Crook , 500 copies)
EX      004
EX      005     SIR RICHARD BISHOP      SALVADOR KALI                   2LP     06.2016

First ever vinyl edition of Sir Richard Bishop's Salvador Kali. Originally released
on cd by John Fahey's Revenant in 1998. This was released following a run of peak Sun
City Girls activity (330,003 Crossdressers, Dante's Disneyland Inferno) and came as
something of a shock; a stunningly beautiful instrumental album that was entirely
accessible! Composed and recorded free of the burden of expectation, his debut album
marked Bishop as a force operating on his own plane. A fairly significant departure
from the freewheeling nature of the Sun City Girls, Salvador Kali is a concise album
in which he explores the hallmarks of his style: North African influences, Spanish
flamenco, Indian raga and a fiery take on Django Reinhardt's Rose Room. The epic 14
minute solo piano fantasia, Al-Darazi is saved for all of side C. There is an
incredible cinematic feel to the album as it's vibe runs from pieces that could be
in a Satyajit Ray film to a lost Antonioni sequence set on the Mediterranean in the
1970's. Ironic that it was released by John Fahey, as it is was one of the few solo
guitar albums to be free of the long shadow cast by Fahey. My favorite Sir Richard
Bishop album on vinyl, at last! Edition of 500 copies."
[From: www.forcedexposure.com]