EVIL HOODOO                             Sheffield
***********                             South Yorkshire


Distr.  : UK - Norman/Big Cartel/
Style   : indie / psychedelic / space / stoner / garage / drone / noise /

HOODOO  001     39TH & THE NORTONS      ON TRIAL                        CS      11.2012

        A1      I Won't Hurt You                                1:22
        A2      I Can't Do It                                   2:52
        A3      Don't Look Back                                 2:48
        A4      Itching + Scratching                            3:07
        A5      Without Regret                                  2:00
        A6      Carefree                                        3:01
        B1      On Trial                                        2:46
        B2      Disconnected                                    3:21
        B3      On the Run                                      2:20
        B4      One Mistake                                     2:58
        B5      Dead Flowers                                    5:15
EH      2       THE COSMIC DEAD         INNER SANCTUM                   CS      03.2011

        A1      Gustav Björnstrand                              13:17
        A2      The Mass of Betelguese                          21:38
        B1      Inner Sanctum                                   20:02
        B2      Hello, Satan                                    18:40
EH      003     LOS TENTAKILLS          WE HAVE LEVITATION              CS      05.2013

        1       Where You Gonna Go                              2:27
        2       Beautiful Girl                                  2:44
        3       One Call Away                                   1:39
        4       Wolfman                                         2:42
        5       Life on the Mountain                            2:48
        6       Out to Play                                     3:47
        7       Indian Giver                                    2:43
        8       Can't Stand It                                  3:18
        9       Cat Scratch                                     3:42
        10      Many Times Worse                                2:49
        11      Have You for My Own                             3:56
EH      004
EH      005     THE COSMIC DEAD         INNER SANCTUM                   2LP     12.2013
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)
EH      2       THE COSMIC DEAD         INNER SANCTUM                   CS      12.2013

LP 1    A       Gustav Björnstrand                              13:36
        B       The Mass of Betelgeuse                          21:37

LP 2    C       Inner Sanctum                                   20:12
        D       Hello, Satan                                    18:50
EHS     5       THE COSMIC DEAD         INNER SANCTUM                   2LP     07.2016

SIDE 1  1       Gustav Björnstrand                              (13:17)
SIDE 2  1       The Mass Of Betelgeuse                          (21:28)
SIDE 3  1       Inner Sanctum                                   (20:03)
SIDE 4  1       Hello, Satan                                    (18:41)
EH      006     OS NOCTAMBULOS          CORSICA GARDEN                  LP+DLc  09.2014

        A1      Forever
        A2      Song For Olivier
        A3      It Scares Me
        A4      Forget Everything
        A5      Polly
        B1      Devil Don't Hide
        B2      On The Run
        B3      Wild
        B4      Bad Man
        B5      Walk On
EH      007     OLD TESTAMENT           OLD TESTAMENT                   LP      11.2014

        A1      Skin And Bones
        A2      Trip Light
        A3      Summer Grass
        A4      Key To The Kingdom
        A5      Movin On
        A6      Dallas 	
        B1      Let Me In
        B2      Josephine
        B3      Now As In Ancient Times
        B4      Time To Rest

LP      Cardinal Fuzz   CFUL 031        2014    UK


        A       Mugstar                 Breathing Mirror
        B       The Cosmic Dead         Fukahyoocastaluh
EH      010     SIEVEHEAD               DEMO                            CS        .2014

        A1      Desire
        A2      Tanned
        A3      Honestly
        A4      Cut/Torn
        A5      Energy
        A6      Shadow
        B1      Desire
        B2      Tanned
        B3      Honestly
        B4      Cut/Torn
        B5      Energy
        B6      Shadow
EH      011     SIEVEHEAD               INTO THE BLUE                   LP        .2015

        A1      No Grapes
        A2      Look Both Ways
        A3      Hoax
        A4      Dream Snatchers
        B1      Try The Mirror
        B2      Into The Blue
        B3      Weakened
        B4      Last Words

LP      Milk Run                MILK 006        2015    UK
EH      012     HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADES : PHANTAMONIUM               LP      04.2016

        A1      Dusted Pines                                    9:33
        A2      Phantamonium                                    11:31
        B1      Droned & Disowned (Pt 1)                        11:45
        B2      Entering the Lodge                              8:51
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on white vinyl)

Evil Hoodoo is excited to be releasing the latest album for Australia's instrumental
psychedelic noise rock duo, Hotel Wrecking City Traders. With a focus on the loud and
hypnotic, drummer Ben holds a tight, inventive and forever changing rhythem section
with guitarist and riff demon Toby unleashing a fuzz heavy onslaught on top. This
album contains guest guitar playing from Raul Sanchez i Jorge (River of Snakes/Magic
Dirt/Midnight Woolf) with artwork from Mike Eginton of Californian psych lords
Fresh off the back of a highly received split 12" with Hey Colossus, Hotel City
Wrecking Traders bring you four full length psych jam masterpieces on very limited
edition white vinyl.
EH      013     COSMIC DEAD/GIRL SWEAT : COSMIC DEAD/GIRL SWEAT         CS      09.2015

        A       Cosmic Dead             Trembling Balls
        B1      Girl Sweat              Tape Worm, Part 1 & 3
        B2      Girl Sweat              Scrape Her Out
        B3      Girl Sweat              Further Pluto 
EH      014     BLOWN OUT : SUPERNORMAL 2015 LIVE TRANSMISSIONS III     LP      04.2016

        A       Jet Black Hallucinations
        B1      Transgalatic World Eater
        B2      Transcending Deep Infinity
                (Note : LP/180g. , 350 copies)

A live album by Newcastle's heavy space rock explorers Blown Out, featuring members
of a.o. Bong, Drunk In Hell, Haikai No Ku, 11Paranoias, Khunnt and Pigsx7. As the
title suggests, 'Supernormal 2015-Live Transmissions III' was recorded at 2015's
Supernormal festival. Limited edition on 180-gram black vinyl.
EH      015     THE GHOST BOX ORCHESTRA : HIGH PLAINE                   LP      07.2016
EH      016     V / A                   FOR NEPAL                       2LP     09.2016

LP 1    A1      Mugstar                 Kabuki Skull            4:03
        A2      Hey Colossus            Another Head            4:01
        A3      The Myrrors             Eyes of Copper          5:15
        A4      Winter Drones           Luke's Dream            4:55
        A5      Flamingods              Quesso                  3:15
        B1      Sex Swing               White Worm              6:59
        B2      Spandril                Deoptimizer             8:24
        B3      Gnod : Creedon's Clear Water Revival            6:33

LP 2    C1      Dead Sea Apes           True Believers (Vers.)  7:36
        C2      Jason Simon             Hungry Ghostdance       5:08
        C3      Happy Meals             All Cops Are Bastards   3:36
        C4      Horrid                  Suicide                 5:34
        D1      Dechemia                Centers                 12:55
        D2      Carlton Melton          Small Wonder            9:19
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)
EH      017     MAX HALL                ABSTRACTITHICA                  LP      10.2017
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
EH      018     MUGSTAR                 COLLAPSAR                       2LP     12.2017
                [Skull Scorchers and Neuron Phasers–Singles & Rarities]

DOUBLE-PLATTER compilation that collects singles and rarities by Liverpool's Mugstar.
Taking in pulsating Krautrock, skeletal post-rock, bludgeoning psych and even an
idiosyncratic take on the folk classic 'Tam Lin' (made famous by Fairport Convention),
this set collates and unearths the hidden chapters of the band's ongoing intergalactic

'Hyper Rituals' is the debut LP from Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band. Forming
the foundations of The Pleasure Temple's mythology, 'Hyper Rituals' presents three
slabs of ritualistic noise, that sashay between heavy-psych, krautrock and free-jazz.
From the outset, frenzied walls of sound attack the listener with manic laughter,
crushing drums and wailing guitars; The Pleasure Temple are out to indoctrinate the
listener, screaming insistent mantras with sectarian urgency. Limited to 300 lucky dip
colour splatter vinyl.
EH      020     BOTTLENECK              IT'S A MIRACLE                  CS      10.2017

Bottleneck is the solo project of David Walker, guitarist and singer of Sievehead.
This cream cassette contains 4 tracks of dark psych punk. Only 50 copies made!