EUDEMONIA                               GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          UK - Bleep/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : electro / acid /

EUDEMONIA  001  PLANT43                 EDGE OF THE WOOD                12"     03.2017
EUDEMONIA  001  PLANT43                 EDGE OF THE WOOD                DL      03.2017

        1       Porcupine Meadow                                7:39
        2       Edge Of The Wood                                6:11
        3       The Toll Gate                                   11:53

Emile Facey lives in Penge, South East London. First inspired by Kraftwerk and the
Street Sounds hip-hop compilations in the early 1980s Emile was hooked on electro from
an early age. In 1998 he started promoting electro events in London and connecting
with other producers and DJs from the UK and abroad. This led to him building his first
bedroom studio and, after a few years of learning, honing and recording, Emile's
Plant43 project saw its first vinyl release in 2006 on Ai Records. Edge Of The Wood
EP is the first release on the new label Eudemonia.
EUDEMONIA  002  LEROSA                  THEME OF PERFECTION             12"     10.2018

        01.     Glider
        02.     The Minister
        03.     Plateau Rosa
        04.     Theme Of Perception

Lerosa's 25th solo EP will be released on German label eudemonia. Known for his
deep-house sound, the Dublin-based producer showcases a different palette for this
release. The four tracks gravitate somewhere between electro, Italo, synthwave and
imaginary film themes. "Glider" opens by combining acid drops and dystopian sci-fi
elements. "The Minister" is slower and serves as an emotional homage to those gone
too soon. "Plateau Rosa" connects Italo and Detroit with a rolling bassline and
glassy synth clouds. Cover by Irish artist Sibyl Montague.
EDMN    003     KOSH                    ENDLESS QUEST                   12"     04.2019

        01.     Endless Quest
        02.     Trespassing
        03.     Damn Frogs
        04.     Benefit Of The Doubt

Next up on Eudemonia is Moroccan born and based Kosh. The 28-year-old, who has prev.
released some highly-acclaimed music on his home label Casa Voyager as well as on
Mechatronica, delivers a versatile and funky techno/electro EP with breakbeat and acid
influences. Any profits will be donated to Musicians Without Borders.
EDMN    004     TOO SMMOTH CHRIST       DESTINY OF HORIZON              12"     07.2019

        01.     Density Of Horizon
        02.     Unprecise Thoughts
        03.     Fools
        04.     Angels
        05.     Traveling Through A Black Hole

Eudemonia presents a fresh EP by the always surprising Too Smooth Christ. The release
showcases five playful and versatile tracks ranging from house and electro to ambient
-- each with their own distinctive character.