Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : pszchedelic / progressive /

ET      1001    ARCADIUM                BREATHE AWHILE                  LP      06.2019

Originall released in 1969. Arcadium's ominous, cathedral-like organ, distorted guitar
and anguished vocals are clearly derivative of bands such as The Doors, Iron Butterfly
and Vanilla Fudge - very much in the 'downer-heavy' school of the genre that was
popular at the time. Their album is something of a bad-trip soundtrack that relies
on minor-key melodies, ghostly harmonies and anguished vocals. What with all its
flaws - bad production, sloppy vocals and doomsday atmospherics - its historical
significance is immense. The music's intensity and sense of urgency, the blazing
acid-drenched guitars, the tortured vocals and heavy nightmarish sounds all perfectly
convey the late '60s atmosphere.
ET      1002    ARZACHEL                ARZACHEL                        LP      06.2019

Reissue on vinyl of very rare one and only album by UK psychedelic pre-EGG legend,
featuring Steve Hillage on guitars. Weird psychedelic freak blues rock with great
acid guitars and psych-effects. Originally released in 1969. Includes 3 rare
psychedelic tracks from Uriel from 1968 as bonus.
ET      1003    BACHDENKEL              LEMMINGS                        LP      06.2019

Reissue of a prog rarity by an English band, recorded in France in 1970, released
in 1973. Very interesting for genre freaks!